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  1. I said 2 days ago these upper level lows rarely pan out. NNJ should rejoice, they are about the only ones that overperformed outside if sundays warm air advection snows north of pa. border.
  2. This storm was a bust in penna. And models had it snowing til midnight. It is drying up and fizzling out. Get ready to the east, it is dying.
  3. Time will tell. These same mesoscale models showed insane snow amounts last night for northern poconos of 20 inches.....lol. Upper level Lows are overrated. Best part of this storm is across south central NY state into Mass. and that is due to the WAA snows today. Those WAA advection snows will be enhanced some overnight from developing coastal. The big wrap around bands into eastern penna won't materialize as advertised I am betting.
  4. I wouldn't classify 4-6 inches in extreme northeast Pa as being crushed. That is a nuisance storm.
  5. it's always " look to the Mesoscale models within 36 hours". But when they don't show the crushing snow storm any longer it is " Model noise", " Didn't initialize right", " toss that run". ULL Miller-B storms are notorious for surprises. Sometimes they just aren't the surprises you were looking for.
  6. I can agree with that. Miller-Bs are all about timing and placement.
  7. Bernie Rayno was burned by an upper level low in mid november. Hopefully it isn't the case this time, but be wary of upper level lows.
  8. It's why I never trust Upper Level Lows. 7 out of 10 times they are a letdown from what they showed on models 48 hours earlier. Give me a Miller-A storm anyday.
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