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  1. The "circling in p6 " is irrelevant at this point . GFS/EU were wrong for a few days and then took it to the end of p7 and to the brink of p8, which will be extremely close to happening , while the CFS was wrong for 7-10 days taking it to 8 /1
  2. Unfortunately there are no matches to the upcoming 500mb pattern
  3. I think sniffing a weak 8 for a few days is a good compromise , certainly not the strong 8 then 1 advertised. A weak 8 won't change the base state unfortunatley
  4. Thank you all for this discussion. This is why I come here!!!!!
  5. It's been a rough winter for nobody, but BAM. Remember they doubled down on a cold eastern half of the country for Dec. updating there call even after the first week was over
  6. Isn't it doing what its supposed to do from 13 days out as it gets closer to marked date
  7. Isn't there a lag time in respects to where the MJO has been and its effects on downstream patterns
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