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  1. Uh , our Ohio governor shut down playgrounds 3 weeks ago. Doh
  2. It's been said for weeks by all the doctors that the peak wouldn't be until late april or beyond so I don't know why the steady increase in cases is so damning . It's the course it's taken since we first learned about it in china and then the EU countries
  3. Well, its settled then if Wikipedia says so. And I thought it was climate variability
  4. Since mid Jan or so it's been rather obvious reading met's posts that for them the pattern has been one of the easiest winter patterns to forecast and going into march that looks to continue
  5. Even though winter has been comatose, I still come here and look forward to any analysis given as to the wherefores of this or any pattern. Many still want to learn as much as can be learned in forums even in boring times, so if it's bad news I still gain some k knowledge.
  6. I'm proud of the mets on here for not giving false hope intentionally when there isn't any, like some do on forums and paid sites. They would lose all credibility like those that do.
  7. Those EPO graphs have been proven useless passed 7 days over and over this winter.
  8. The fat lady has entered the building.
  9. Wow , was wondering why no posts but after seeing the 500mb maps , I know why. The winter that never came , will never end.
  10. For this weekend , we just went from a snowballs chance in hell, to when hell freezes over. Sometimes you got to stop and smell the roses.
  11. The "circling in p6 " is irrelevant at this point . GFS/EU were wrong for a few days and then took it to the end of p7 and to the brink of p8, which will be extremely close to happening , while the CFS was wrong for 7-10 days taking it to 8 /1
  12. Unfortunately there are no matches to the upcoming 500mb pattern
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