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  1. Was thinking exactly about this sort of thing for NYC, interesting!
  2. Wish I could say the same about "sign of things to come," however after last year's November storm we had a slow winter, achieving just under 5 inches of snow, or even the earliest snow back in October of 2011, with that whole season achieving just 7 inches in total, it is really is a toss up, especially given that we are in the NYC area.
  3. Same in the Bronx, roads and sidewalks are getting decent covering but prob 1.5 inches total accumulation maybe 2 at the most.
  4. Light flakes starting in Bronx, Central Park had I wanna say just over an inch
  5. 10 minutes ago in Central park South, originallly meant to post this in this discussion board but posted it in Long Range by accident whoops, snow yet to stick to paved surfaces
  6. My first post! Central Park south has Accumulated, roads yet to be covered
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