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  1. 1.5" total here. Few miles to my west received 6" as I was driving to work. Guessing this was an elevation event.
  2. Must have been some major snow hole around here. North, West, and South reporting much more. Was able to see the grass the whole storm.
  3. That is what I'm hoping for it's been cloudy for about an hour and a half now.
  4. Radar shows dark blue over me yet nothing is falling from the sky. Got really unlucky
  5. Seeing a flake or two every minute or so down to flurries. Not even an inch on the ground, can't wait for the next storm now. Glad I finally found one of these weather forums thought these things didn't existed!
  6. Nothing is sticking we had a period of heavy snow I'm in University Heights as well. The tables are wet, pavement is wet, roads are wet.
  7. Back down to light snow. Nothing on the tables either, campus was closed today not sure how they'll explain this when nothing is accumulating on the streets.
  8. I'm not sure if the temperatures are too warm or if the sun angle is just bad but the snow is even struggling to accumulate on tables. Heavy snow now thankfully.
  9. Radar shows heavy snow over me however it is a moderate snow here at best. 1" so far.
  10. Snow is finally picking up after hours of snow with nothing to show. We are now experiencing moderate snow.
  11. Nothing impressive so far in Newark. We had a brief period of flurries and now it's just light snow. This won't do anything if this keeps up.
  12. The snow has become very light down to flurries now. I am assuming we are in a dry slot.
  13. Hello, long time lurker. In Downtown Newark we are experiencing light snow, sticking to the grass only. Temperature is at 32F.
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