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  1. Currently 5 with a wind chill of -16 in the Southern Poconos near Jim Thorpe, PA
  2. Yes, that wasn't modeled anywhere. For some reason, east central and NE PA always seems to get these dry slots. Unfortunately this looks to be another bombed forecast in these parts. Nothing much you can do!
  3. Hell of a dry slot in eastern PA, definitely a bust it is looking like.
  4. 26.8 degrees here at 1640' elevation. Southern Poconos near Jim Thorpe. Expecting 3-5" with up to .30 of ice
  5. Even with the south push, it is only a couple inches of snow at most for east central and NE PA...3-6" with a glaze of ice.
  6. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd have to move from the Poconos to see snow. It is depressing
  7. Looks like another non event in the Southern Poconos. I swear it is snowing everywhere but here this winter
  8. Let's hope we get a good 6 inches of snow here in the Southern Poconos and even the Northern Lehigh Valley...I got elevation on my side but this winter I've gotten stiffed so far!
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