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  1. with no hospital surge until the spring seems weird doesn't it?
  2. @Snowman11 I hope at the very least this disturbs you. Please tell me you do not support this.
  3. So this means @Snowman11 is a traitor? by what you are saying just curious...
  4. won't work would require the law to change in the state which the democratic governor would veto.
  5. what do you think happened to the first strain. Do you think the issue with the first one is that it was too deadly maybe a 10 % IFR so it burned itself out.
  6. It seems like it was not even decided by him so maybe not a good post dude.
  7. If that is correct, maybe my spring semester in college can actually be normal. That would be a relief.
  8. at least until next time (next pandemic) but hopefully this pandemic taught the world valuable lessons so that we are ready as a civilization for the next one. We need to be ready, we might not be as lucky, the next one could be much deadlier and have a 20% IFR. And now it looks like we know that mRNA vaccines work so that is good news for making any future vaccine.
  9. LOL you speak as if it is a certainty. You already have it in your head that Biden will fail which tell me that you do not think Biden will actually do a good job no matter what. Talk about giving someone a chance /sarcasm.
  10. it easily could have gone the other way mistakes like this will not always benefit trump so what is your point.
  11. truly are you okay? I do not think all this hatred is healthy. The democrats are not going to ruin this country. But hey do you know what will, partisan bullshit like this with people hating and not willing to listen to the other side.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong but can't at least some of these excess deaths be attributed to people dying of things that hospitals can typically take care of because some of the hospitals are overwhelmed /people are reluctant to go to the hospital for typical problems because of this pandemic. Edit: This has already been talked about my bad.
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