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  1. Happy to report that whatever I had, I am fully recovered. The dry cough and subsequent runny nose that developed went away a few days ago. I never did get a fever. So I'm thinking that I most likely never had it and if I did, it was very mild.
  2. Im just going to bump this again. For anyone that lives in PA, what exactly did he mean by "must stay at home unless someone's life depends on it" because obviously you will need to leave the house to buy food.
  3. That is so confusing, the messaging. So what.... "residents must stay home unless someone's life depends on leaving" does this mean I can no longer go grocery shopping unless I run out of food. My location may say Geneva, NY but I currently am residing in Delaware County, PA. Edit: I would assume no but the messaging is confusing.
  4. https://www.cnn.com/world/live-news/coronavirus-outbreak-03-23-20-intl-hnk/h_b4bfad8f43309accd779d0c243ad01c8
  5. If this were to be true, wouldn't that make the current measures being implemented around the country excessive? I am asking because if it truly has been here since September, it should have in theory caused a strain on the health-care system a while ago. This is all speaking in hypothetical terms obviously.
  6. Yeah heard the same thing watching CNN. Awful just awful that it has come to that.
  7. This part of it I thought did a good job explaining why we need to continue doing what we are doing. The only caveat is case isolation. I feel like that would be difficult without being able to identify everyone that has it. So in order to effectively be able to do that we would have to significantly ramp up our testing which fortunately, we have seen some progress in that department but still not nearly enough.
  8. I had not had a chance to read it. I took the persons summary verbatim. Is it not accurate.
  9. Sorry if this was already posted, A good read. Explains why social distancing is very important and why relaxing it could have dire consequences until a vaccine is developed.
  10. Hopefully with the measures in place, this curve starts to flatten soon. What I find interesting is according to the site, only 12 are in serious/critical condition out of the 4744 total cases. Albeit, don't really know if that number is accurate. Source: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
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