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  1. Someone going make a thread on Gonzalo?
  2. Positivity rate in PA has slowly been creeping up. Nearing 7% after today. Very concerning. Wouldn't be surprised if PA was added to NY Quarantine list soon.
  3. I think way too much focus is put on death rates and not enough on the long term effects of this disease which for the most part we have yet to understand the full extent of that. If you survive but you have permanent lung damage/neurological damage that's pretty bad as well. It would be interesting to see the stats in the future of everyone that survived Covid-19, then ended up dying from an illness that they would normally recover from because of the long term effects/damage from Covid-19.
  4. Dude do #/# then times it by 100 to get %. 121,135/2,357,261= .051*100=5.1%
  5. https://www.cnn.com/world/live-news/coronavirus-pandemic-06-15-20-intl/h_14ea0e20add8e8e731062f452bf15f14
  6. That is amazing..... but I don't believe it. Oldest confirmed person to ever live is not that old. I think record is 118 years old.
  7. The situation in Brazil is deteriorating . Over 1k deaths today, the most in 1 day to date.
  8. Unfortunately I believe you are right. We are generally a reactive species instead of being a proactive species. It is kind of analogous to the issue of climate change. Because the issues with climate change will play out over many years and will not happen quickly, people will be inclined to dismiss it until the consequences of climate change have already arrived and at that point it would be too late. The only difference is with the virus it will play out over months not years but the idea is the same, until the deadly consequences of the virus are here, there will always be a portion of the population that will not take the virus seriously.
  9. Anyone know how many new cases NY State got today. Worldmeters says +395 but I suspect that is an error. Or would have to be a significant reduction in testing.
  10. This part of the article I thought was eye-opening. The only thing though, is couldn't this be avoided by allowing less people in "said" stadium so that it isn't crowded. That is kind of what was done in NY State at restaurants before they closed down completely. They allowed half-capacity so that people could be "socially distant" but still able to eat in the restaurant.
  11. You would think this would complicate efforts to make an effective vaccine.
  12. I believe saying NY State had decreased was premature? Earlier today it looked like it was below 7,000 but according to world meters, NY State finished the day with +10,468 new cases. Unfortunately, New York City's death rate has creeped up north of 5%. Hopefully it can start going back down once the apex of this outbreak has passed.
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