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  1. I don't know what to make of this piece. This piece is further west this run. My guess is this piece would act to suppress the flow so being further west is probably a good thing depending on where you live. Also I would guess is that piece would restrict the NW expansion of the precipitation field so the precipitation this run should be less expansive.
  2. NAM is already less amped than 18z through 16 hours with the SW. However, confluence is pushing less. Might offset this run. Edit: Heights are slightly higher along the east coast as a result. Again but the SW remains less amped than 18z through 20 hours. Lets see what the rest of the run has in store.
  3. My college has a pretty legit cluster on their hands bordering on outbreak ugh. @WxInTheHeights do you know if. Cuomo’s 100 cases in 2 weeks rule is still in effect for a college having to go remote?
  4. I can confirm via ground observations that at least part of that map is off. And I am a trained spotter.
  5. I will increase to 1$ per inch so 14 dollars coming your way. @33andrain
  6. The event is ongoing. Currently lake enhancement related to the low pressure system. A final total will probably be available by tomorrow morning I hope.
  7. you are still looking good for at least 6 inches. I personally take the euro as our maximum potential and the blend as what is expected. By no means imo is there any "gut punch" yet. Also the 18z RGEM came in and looks really good again.
  8. And still going at the final frame. Epic!
  9. @MesoBanding so I have been looking over the models and it seems like the best chance for WNY and the finger lakes regions is from the CCB when it pivots? Doesn’t seem like we really have a shot at the WAA snow it seems like. I have a feeling it might come down to now casting figuring out where the CCB stalls. I have a feeling there will be a sharp cutoff.
  10. True so then I guess you can’t really make a conclusion about the 6 inland members?
  11. Question for the experts. Does this cluster mean the storm could shift more NW?
  12. You think the finger lakes region gets anything from this?
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