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  1. Depends, if it was 20% fatatilty for the unvaccinated and say .001% for the vaccinated, I would think there would be a-lot more people willing to get the shot.
  2. also, say 20% or higher death rate, we would still be in lockdown.
  3. Yeah I have to admit I am tempted to extend my stay in Germany to a year and get an internship/work visa. Then again, I have not yet given up on our country.
  4. It is funny the difference, here in Germany it is standard for every restaurant to check vaccine cards or proof of a negative test with no problems. Does not seem to effect turnout, places still packed. Also there is an app where you have to check in when you visit any place like a museum or restaurant called Luca. Don't know if you all have heard of it, might just be a thing in Germany but I assume it is for contact tracing. https://www.luca-app.de/nutzeluca/
  5. I mean it is not just America that has had issues with getting people vaccinated.
  6. I am guessing probably just a really bad cold but I guess I will not know for sure.
  7. It turns out It was not covid thank god for that.
  8. I am actually screwed though if it is covid. I am supposed to fly out to Germany on Sunday to go abroad for the semester. So am praying it is not.
  9. Nvm the question I see now.... 2-14 days so well within the expected range if it is covid.
  10. Quick question here... what is the typical timeframe from exposure to onset of symptoms. I started feeling off this Friday. Now am running 99.9 F with a runny nose and cough. Still have sense of smell and taste though. Scheduled a covid test tomorrow just to be safe. The only day I could think of when I was potentially exposed would have been the Saturday before the Friday. My guess/hope is that it is not covid but once again am getting the test just to be safe. I am fully vaccinated by the way.
  11. Should we be concerned about this new Vietnam variant? Apparently it is the most dangerous variant found so far....
  12. when you close the political section where will this topic be moved.
  13. IMO, I would keep the topic open for at least another year but I think it is clear even at this point COVID will still be around in the year. In regards to axing the political section, if you do not mind sharing what led you to the opinion that axing the political section is the best for this community? Best Regards, Upstate 25
  14. masks will still be require indoors after June. What a misleading article.
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