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  1. pouring in the mid 50s, welcome to fall in the northeast.
  2. Friday forecast, particularly bad three day out forecast
  3. It had a Nor’easter a few Monday’s ago that verified partly cloudy. GFS had nothing at the time
  4. Looking south with the high circus from what was once delta
  5. Wow I mean that’s just pac jet torch across country. At best maybe sneaky high pressure north and snow to rain but everything I’m seeing says front loaded to torch
  6. Nice winds last night with no advisory, JFK: S 31 G 46 HPN: S 26 G 45
  7. September is September this year, not another month of summer, the low was 21 degrees in lake placid...
  8. 29 this morning for many hours up in Saranac Lake
  9. Thought I saw Denver was forecasted to receive 8 to 12 inches?
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