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  1. Leaves on trees in late October are changing and falling off vs early August, its not remotely comparable
  2. I had much stronger winds in Sandy for much longer duration, if Sandy had leaves on the trees I can’t even imagine the destruction
  3. not even close to Sandy, not even a little bit. Much more comparable to Irene
  4. correct, it verified further west than almost all the models.
  5. got lucky most of the area avoided the big Tornado threat
  6. I would say peak winds have passed for NYC
  7. most of the jersey shore has lost power
  8. Over the past several hours, rain band arcing from about 80 miles northeast of the center to about 130 miles due east of the center has been responsible for numerous low-topped supercells, a few of which maintained enough strength once ashore to produce tornadoes. The deeper cells within the band offshore do not currently appear to have the same structure or intensity as these earlier storms. However, the environment remains strongly sheared, particularly at low-levels. Recent KDIX VAD data has 700-800 m2/s2 of 0-1 km SRH and weather spotters recently confirmed a tornado in Ocean County NJ. That is literately what I said earlier and got blasted for saying.
  9. We have over 10 active tornado warnings when this line was over Delaware and southern NJ
  10. no one is downplaying the tor threat, the line has lost some of those discrete cells that it had. That is all...stay safe.
  11. also the pressure is 993mb, not the 980s or 970s the UKMET had.
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