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  1. There is a low where we want a high in Canada, pattern not the models say no. Even if perfect track good chance its rain In the modeled pattern
  2. looks like almost all rain to me, maybe some upslope snow on Sunday after the storm exists. Possible some sleet or zr up in the highest elevations.
  3. Latest GFS is rain to the border, I’ll be shocked if you see snow at Stratton outside of brief start and then maybe some upslope on Sunday
  4. only chance i see is the Adirondacks, not goign to snow in Southern VT if 850s are above zero.
  5. Not sure I buy all the snow in the Adirondacks, NAM and GGEM rain and GFS isn’t much better. I’m torn if I should drive up tomorrow or stay home
  6. Avoiding 8 and 1, has that ever happen given how strong it was in 6? The Euro showed this two weeks ago and was dismissed in favor of the CFS....
  7. What happened to nw nj? Is it just me or another really bad Euro forecast?
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