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  1. nice run, this isn't done trending in either direction but i am not in the suppressed camp on this storm. Burned me in December, not doing that again.
  2. Three months of a positive PNA one of the longest positive stretches in many years, got one good storm out of it in December where we had a well timed artic high pressure and 50/50 low. Honestly it was our coldest air still this winter even on an absolute basis. After that we blocked PAC air for the next month and here we are
  3. Zero in Lake George, snowstorm just up the road. Hit Gore today I’m exhausted and was a fun drive this morning
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2021/01/11/controversial-climate-skeptics-release-papers/
  5. The problem is some Mets were calling the upcoming pattern Snowmageddon and the best pattern in 10 years. You can’t have that and no storms or cold since December 18th at the same time. Last year we knew the pattern was trash very early on
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