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  1. Those that get the snow tomorrow will get .3 or .4 in about 4 hours or 5 hours . So basically an inch an hour is possible which would accumulate on the roads
  2. I know this ain’t the duration of feb 1 st but that was also looking like .75 liquid over the couple of days and it way over achieved
  3. If it’s pouring rain you will not accrue as fast or as much as light rain . Like what all snow and forky just said.
  4. Last year freezing rain maps were much greater than what Tuesday is showing and nothing really happened then. It’s a very difficult thing to get an ice storm in nyc , central Jersey . Poconos and upstate by will be a different story.
  5. It won’t accrue on the main roads Tuesday at 31 or 32 degrees. It would have to be much colder than that . The precip will be much heavier. Sidewalk maybe and and a parking lot . Last year was much worse for the freezing rain and it was a nothing burger for the main roads .
  6. We will take the 4 or 5 inches on the euro if it is correct for Friday
  7. You liked a post about Tuesday two hours ago on the previous page.
  8. This should be a classic 6 inch snow to ice storm.
  9. Nam is always over done with precip. As a rule you need to take 25 percent off it’s output.
  10. Click on his map and use your fingers to zoom in. It’s pretty clear what he posted . Kuchera is junk anyway.
  11. It tries to recalculate based on its forecasted ratios. But no matter what both snow maps are typically inaccurate
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