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  1. The Pattern supports suppression more than cutting for this storm right now.
  2. Ukmet was not as amped as euro and the gfs , ggem, and icon all snow . The majority of model runs for this threat have either been suppressed or shredded. Hope the euro and its family is just way over amped
  3. I still think our law of averages will win out once this year and we will get lucky. Who knows. I am grateful it is active so at least we have threats to track and pray.
  4. its 9 days away. Verbatim it is a low driving through Ohio or western Pa which as you know is not good.
  5. He does. He hasnt posted anything incorrect. All of the indices are terrible for us snow lovers.
  6. Even New England ski resorts are not at 100 percent. Thought they would by now. Even skiing on frozen granular. Hope Paul gets some powder when he goes. At least they have gotten snow there this year as opposed to a few years ago
  7. The big problem is we will most likely be dealing with a level or two that is not conducive to sleet or snow for those south of Albany. I would love a sleet storm but this looks like rain or zr for many. The past ice storm in my opinion had better environment than this one does. There is plenty of time for this to get better. But this year does not want to cooperate. Maybe our luck will change.
  8. Past albany. A few icicles on trees and mailboxes south of that. Maybe the 9th will work out.
  9. You know you have to go very far north for actual snow. Most freezing rain signal will be just plain rain.
  10. We have had better setup this year and they proved warm. Same here . This is not a setup for much frozen except upstate and New England again
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