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  1. It’s actually much more special when you’re away from home. There’s nothing better than going to a foreign country or a different city and seeing the snow covered sights. Makes everything more romantic as well.
  2. Yea it’s frustrating, but snow is always just a car ride away. I think I’m going to drive to Maine one of these weekends, and spend a few days up there and remind myself what snow looks like LOL.
  3. Well, there goes that. Game set match. Happy for Coach O though, he deserves it, hometown hero. Will be interesting to see how Burrow fares in the NFL. Though, I think Trevor Lawrence is a much more exciting prospect in 2021.
  4. Sadly yes, took the moneyline on Fanduel. Total BS, these soft rules are ruining the game. I get we have to protect players from injuries but that foul was far from egregious and wasnt a late hit either. I guess it’s karma for the call vs Ohio state though
  5. , that’s the million dollar question. Go.... Clemson LOL Heck yea!! thrilling game so far, but I think Clemson’s experience is going to prove to be the difference maker as the game goes on. Well I hope at least, I have $100 riding on them .
  6. Agreed, although one thing I'd like to see start showing up on the GFS is the availability of colder air for the 24th-25th threat. But still too early to ponder about. Otherwise, that period is the first LEGIT period of the season to get a BOSNYCPHLBALDCHECS.
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