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  1. Hurricane season could get interesting for the east coast this year.
  2. At least the weather looks good for the Daytona 500!
  3. We had a banana high January 2016 in a s*** pattern and it produced. now clearly this won’t be of the same magnitude but there’s always some hope they can produce something. but knowing our luck this year, this is all moot and the storm will cut and caucus in Iowa.
  4. If February is going to be warm, I hope we torch massively. Give me 60s and 70s all day long. Been itching to get back out on the tennis courts.
  5. Screw the models. I’m changing my approach. Not even gonna look at them past day 4. Within 48 hours, I’ll really start to get interested and only until the first snow bands appear on radar will I start to get excited for an impending snow storm. Wasted countless hours over the last few months tracking BS.
  6. I understand each model has its biases, but the whole notion that a storm out to sea is right where we want to be or an overamped solution is right where we want to be hasn't been boding well for years now. IDK about everyone else, but it would be nice to be in the jackpot for once on almost all models, bc in this pattern we are currently in, there is no middle ground it seems. its either an overamped GLC/inland runner or a fish storm.
  7. It’s actually much more special when you’re away from home. There’s nothing better than going to a foreign country or a different city and seeing the snow covered sights. Makes everything more romantic as well.
  8. Yea it’s frustrating, but snow is always just a car ride away. I think I’m going to drive to Maine one of these weekends, and spend a few days up there and remind myself what snow looks like LOL.
  9. Is a La Niña looking likely for next winter?
  10. Well, there goes that. Game set match. Happy for Coach O though, he deserves it, hometown hero. Will be interesting to see how Burrow fares in the NFL. Though, I think Trevor Lawrence is a much more exciting prospect in 2021.
  11. Sadly yes, took the moneyline on Fanduel. Total BS, these soft rules are ruining the game. I get we have to protect players from injuries but that foul was far from egregious and wasnt a late hit either. I guess it’s karma for the call vs Ohio state though
  12. , that’s the million dollar question. Go.... Clemson LOL Heck yea!! thrilling game so far, but I think Clemson’s experience is going to prove to be the difference maker as the game goes on. Well I hope at least, I have $100 riding on them .
  13. Agreed, although one thing I'd like to see start showing up on the GFS is the availability of colder air for the 24th-25th threat. But still too early to ponder about. Otherwise, that period is the first LEGIT period of the season to get a BOSNYCPHLBALDCHECS.
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