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  1. Off topic (ish), but way back in 2006 I made an interactive hurricane tracker for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. It had real time alerts, sat imagery (from the old GOES overlaid on a Google Map,) and allowed people to report damage / request help. From the year I built it until tomorrow, it was never necessary in the state of Florida. It looks like Sarasota could get hit pretty hard. I've since moved to New York, and the newspaper was sold and the website shut down. But we had everything we'd need to cover this storm from the ground and to help people. But the business is dying and no one has the ambition to do something like it any more. Kind of makes me sad, but I'm glad it wasn't necessary for 11 years. Anyway. Thanks for the great discussion the past couple of weeks here, reminded me of being immersed in the minutia of hurricanes again, even if I'm a journalist and don't know much about the weather. Write up: https://www.poynter.org/news/hurricane-tracking-making-ibiseyecom-sarasota-herald-tribune Some old screengrabs..
  2. Remember folks, we shouldn't try to nuke Irma: http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/tcfaq/C5c.html
  3. There's gotta be something like a 50/50 chance something flying by hits him the head and that's that.
  4. The one question I have is why don't many of the charts have units next to the scales on the right? I can guess that "red" is "30" or whatever. But 30 what? I know it's a silly thing, but sometimes I look at the numbers and I have no idea what they could me. Especially because I'm a noob and don't understand what I'm looking at most of the time. (Not all charts behave this way, but many do.)
  5. Ha! All I remember is that we bought data cheaply from Weather Underground before they had any idea what it was actually worth. Here's an interview with a colleague of mine at the time (and now we're both journalists at Reuters): https://www.poynter.org/2007/hurricane-tracking-the-making-of-ibiseye-com-for-the-sarasota-herald-tribune/82683/ , and here's a Google search showing what it looked like: http://bit.ly/2kSQ8dR. I did the most of the programming and design (which, while decent at the time, makes me cringe now.)
  6. Hey, no problem. I enjoy reading the boards, but I do find myself looking up a lot of the terms. In a previous life I made one of the first hurricane tracking google mappy websites for a newspaper in Florida (We'd parse the full text of tropical discussions and created our own KML for tracks and such, it was pretty neat -- it has since been shutdown, sadly,) but haven't kept up with weather data since then.
  7. I don't know a fifth of what y'all are saying most of the time, but here are some pictures!
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