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  1. When they mention thunder tomorrow here …………………………..
  2. Yea, now that the white crap is gone for the next few months Im back Had a great round of storms here the other night and a beautiful squall line of storms last week while I was in SWFL #BRINGONSUMMER
  3. Our foliage was awful this year. Went from green to brown on most of the trees. Had maybe a handful of them that were somewhat colorful.
  4. This should finish all the leaves on the trees after tomorrows wind event. (all the ones that turned, we still have 90% of our oaks green) Fired up the old generator today. Living on a grade D road on the lake has its perks …..not. Power goes out here all the time. But it has its payoffs in the summer so ill take the hum of the generator for a few days
  5. One of my Wx friends went to nursery school there as a kid. He's now attending Penn State. @Jack Sillin knows him too... @matthoenigwx . he grew up in Wakefield. So sad to see such a work of art in the craftmanship of that building gone in less then 2 hrs.
  6. https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2018/10/25/plan-church-parishoners-vow-after-fire-destroys-historic-building/zLPFPFtDht6xSgqWW1tPzL/story.html
  7. Did you see the footage of the church in Wakefield? Unbelievable and heartbreaking. ?
  8. The mountains can have it all Besides @Jack Sillin isn't home and he wants snow and can have it in NY . Win / Win for both of us.
  9. Yea that snow is gonna hurt in Northern Maine. We still have a lot of foliage on the trees here and snow right now would be awful. I know all you here want a big snow event but lets get the leaves off the trees and picked up first.
  10. I wonder if they counted the snow white sand ?
  11. They can have it all in the ski areas. Rain/Snow line FTW!!!
  12. Ill take maps like this all year long Give it all to the ski areas. Sunday River is opening tomorrow
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