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  1. SebagoWx

    October 2018 Discussion & Observations

    Wind gusts here just topped 46 MPH! 3 AM lake run to secure the boat and a tree just landed on our back deck! Gonna be a fun AM picking up debris at our accounts!
  2. SebagoWx

    ***Winter Countdown Thread 2018-2019***

    Hot toddy WX
  3. SebagoWx

    Tony's Birthday

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope your wish of a snow FREE winter comes true
  4. SebagoWx

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    How do you rebuild after something like this. Its one thing trying to after a tornado in a small area but THIS????? It takes A LOT to render me speechless and this is one time it has.
  5. SebagoWx

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    Where do you begin to pick up the pieces? I've run out of words. And this is only a tiny piece of the destruction too.
  6. SebagoWx

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    Just saw it there GFS = Got Flask of Scotch
  7. SebagoWx

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    We made the call today to start the slow decline in the lake level. Its time to take it to winter low anyways. Starting at +1 above summer high right now and who knows what is on tap in the following weeks. Totally exhausted with this one. Not a good feeling when my Alerts go off where my daughter lives with a high end Tropical Storm Warning. She just dealt with Flo. So many prayers to strength for those to our south I cant imagine dealing with what they are going through. Going through the Ice Storm of 98 was enough for me.
  8. SebagoWx

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    Thank you for this. I have an anxious dam keeper here on the lake wondering if he should start letting some water out of the lake. Anything under 1.5 inches and were good to go. anything over we need to dump fast.
  9. SebagoWx

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    Wow! and effects with some of those tracks into the Gulf Of Maine. I can see a trip to Cape Elizabeth to watch the surf !
  10. SebagoWx

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Thank you @33andrain! The wx doesn't stop in NJ and NY
  11. yea not me . just delivered our snow pusher for its tune up to the welding place today
  12. Hearing chatter about a SVR day in the NE ….. can anyone here confirm or deny it? The stations here are not saying anything but SPC has us in a threat. This is for Friday
  13. lol ya see that .02 yup we need rain and cant buy it right now
  14. God Bless you! I will still be working but the snow management will be handed to someone else.