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  1. Amen, and same to you! What you just described is what makes snow that much more special this time of year. No accums here in southeastern FfxCo, VA -- we started out with 1-2 hours of snow TV around 10 a.m. yesterday followed by moderate to heavy rain the rest of the day/evening. Temps hovered in the 32-34 range entire event. Even our typically snowier N/W suburbs of DC only got between 3-8", vs. the 12+ inch forecasts the mets were calling for early yesterday. Glad you all cashed in up there...enjoy, and thanks for sharing all of the great pics!
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  3. Good luck to y'all, hope that rain/sleet line stays SE of you! We are kinda winding down here in DC/VA, where it's been moderate to heavy rain since just before noon. Could be a switchover to snow briefly on the wraparound, but I never count on that..in fact, we've gone up TWO degrees to 34 in the past hour here in NoVA.
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