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  1. debatable. 3 of the last 7 days had daily case increases that were lesser than the day before .
  2. How could an individual or company support the medical efforts? How does one "help"?
  3. The age demo skew would be even more pronounced if adjusted for what percentage of the total population is 75+
  4. Regarding the Federalist article, is the writers assertion that the model projections were too high, based on not meeting the worst case curve (red arc)? Don you asked the important questions related to questioning the agenda. That's worth exploring and would be more useful for all of us rather than a "think red pile on." Understanding why conservative media is presenting things this way is important if anyone wants to reason with them in life or on the internet.
  5. AOC is a populist in a low-info district, and Lindsey Graham is for sale.
  6. This thread (last couple pages of partisan bickering excluded) contains lots of vital information and If be interested to know how many are reading it at any one time. I'm new here but there really should be almost zero scenarios where the thread is locked. You're not putting people in timeout after a heated model suite, you're cutting people off from information that can help make life or death situations.
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