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  1. this thread cooled off in perfect tandem with Covid. Too bad Murphy doesn't base his policy responses off 33 thread activity. It's make for more appropriate reopening.
  2. plus seasonal climate hostility to virus particles plus anyone infected is very likely unable to be reinfected.
  3. Biggest model run of the winter...oops I mean biggest press conference of the last month going down in 20 minutes for Gov. Murphy. NJs numbers were excellent last several days...today should be the day we learn if that was weekend/holiday reporting lag.
  4. Extremely doubtful. We've adjusted transit habits, workplace routines, social norms, and our treatment efforts are better for those who do wind up in the hospital. And now we have tracing mechanisms in place. If the same strain/mutation is around in the fall, how possible could round 2 be worse?
  5. NJs last two day death total is under 75. Good grief, let the restaurants open already.
  6. I'd say wow that escalated quickly but it's kindve always been bubbling under the surface a bit.
  7. Also I wanted to say I sympathize for you, and LTC workers in this situation. I saw the breakdown of deaths of staff for each facility and you must collectively feel like a military unit at war. Everyone praises docs and nurses but LTC staff deserve more attention for doing it with an arm behind your back PPE wise.
  8. The only thing I have heard is that they would be fined or penalized if they didn't take the patients back. Are you suggesting that the operators took them back happily to collect the fee for housing and caring for them? Or was there an incentive to take them back that I'm not aware of?
  9. It's not a contest of who sucked more. Old people are at the greatest risk. So Murphy and Cuomo send contagious people into buildings staffed by people who have regular close contact with both the infected and the vulnerable, knowing well that the staff has little to no adequate PPE? If you were in a LTC facility in NJ at the beginning of Covid,there's a 1 in 13 chance you're dead right now. What are we debating,exactly?
  10. He has to say that, he is a politician and showing sympathy towards constituents is part of the job.
  11. tf are you talking about? I have a MIL in "one of these places," and the mismanagement of LTC facilities in NY and NJ increased the spread, cases, and deaths. Would we still be in lockdown if the numbers in those facilities matched those of the general population? 7k deaths in NJ instead of 11k makes for a VERY different reality.
  12. Seton Hall will welcome students back in person in the Fall, and a Fox sports CFB analyst tweeted a season will "100% happen."
  13. It's really not a lot. Cuomo said that it's practically typical.
  14. Not to mention Cuomo did this knowing that LTC facilities were getting the shit end of thePPE stick. Terrible.
  15. BdB's leadership is like the Steward of Gondor who sets himself on fire and jumps off the cliff when the bad guys come in Lord of the Rings.
  16. https://www.politico.com/states/new-jersey/story/2020/05/15/demand-for-covid-screening-was-falling-as-new-jersey-rolled-out-testing-tracing-plans-1284088 Correct me if I'm wrong and Judy (the woman who needs no introduction) would want me to say this... enough with the charade, Phil Murphy.
  17. Good. Someone needs to tell Americans to lay off the WackArnolds and hit the treadmill.
  18. NYC cases and deaths are at their lowest since early March ... makes perfect sense to do this now. /sarc
  19. Most new hospitalizations are of people who have been staying at home What to make of this?
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