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  1. i think this map is more impressive lol 50 knt wind probabilities..haven't seen that since 2012 i think
  2. More than just breezy. Im seeing winds up to 75mph headed towards the south shore of L.I
  3. 70mph winds just off shore of NJ near Highlands
  4. It was an MCS , completed with a mesoscale convective vortex as well
  5. I was doing some research about this and came across a very interesting post in another weather community. They suggested that with not much vegetation in NYC, it limits the moisture and the rising heat creates capping and effects squalls/MCS. Im of the opinion that there's no way that's true but who knows. It makes sense on paper but NYC is so small compared to the atmosphere. Then again, time after time Ive seen storms weaken as they near NYC and explode over Long Island.
  6. That is the craziest lightning capture I've ever seen! Thor showing up in fashion for 2020
  7. Southern NJ about to get mauled again by a bow. Im going to go outside, drink a beer and curse at the sky.
  8. Warm front is currently pushing north through NNJ, NYC, and N PA. What this means in terms of storm activity later remains to be seen. 18z HRRR says yes
  9. Hmm maybe the bowing storm just NW of Scranton can make us NYC folks happy
  10. You guys want to see fun? This is for Central NJ. Very nice curved hodo. This is as good of a sounding as you can get in these parts. Look at those lapse rates. Solid EML in place. Shear could be a bit better but this is a sounding that makes me glad that the main storm mode is linear.
  11. Wouldn't have been snow in the winter if everything materialized the same way
  12. Yup, it also makes it harder for damage to occur in the most urban areas as alot of trees were cut down. So with that and the numerous storms, the ones we do have aint going noooooooowhere barring some crazy extreme wind event
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