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  1. Now to pop an illusion. Personally, that is not going to indear me to those who "believe." Q is a CIA proxy.
  2. If you call someone a liar, you got to bring it. Just like in winter you got to explain trof amplification, if you are using climatology vs.models.. Hope we get that far. Your ego my want to attack. That's normal.
  3. Truth. They are trying to shut down our Country. Truth, there is no presidence. Truth, they want to dystroy and bypass the Constitution of the United States. Truth, ain't going to happen... Be glad...
  4. Now that's what I'm talking about. It's about to get ugly, real ugly...
  5. Wanting real information is natural. We want to know. Unfortunately we make a world that is true to us. Reality can dissolve it. This results in a period of disorientation. Reality is not for those that love thier illusion. If you behold the world, the truth is lost to you.
  6. What you believe is true to you, but there is only one truth. Belief is the foundation of Mind Control. All they need to do is make you believe it.... This is a Magic principal. This is the first time the "healthy," have been quarintined. This is the first time America has been shut down. The nation death rate has not increased durning this, "pandemic." Now call me a liar.....
  7. I joined this forum because of the title. 33 and rain is the kiss off death for winter weather guys like myself. The current Civil War will make politics toxic. Blue States will continue to hold America hostage. They will remain at 50% open or less untill Trump writes the check. Civil unrest is creating a powder keg. President Trump will visit my hometown, Baltimore, on Monday. I will be there to salute, the greatest President of all time...
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