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  1. Breaking news: Trump has changed his name to Joe Biden in his final bid for victory
  2. Biden leading by over a point in Nevada and most of the votes have been counted
  3. This is a very important video. You won't understand it unless you watch every single second.
  4. Oh this is 2012-13. I think we had one decent snowstorm and that's it
  5. all i remember was having flurries some time in march and it being 70 degrees a couple days later. That winter was complete crap
  6. Imagine if the snowstorm 8 years ago today happened today, while awaiting the election results. Remember the post Sandy snowstorm?
  7. No matter how you splice it, Georgia always seems to have the same counties blue 2008 election results were impacted by the ancient Cretaceous coastline, which existed tens of millions of years ago. You can see it outlined by the blue counties in Alabama and Georgia. I bet Biden has taken the lead in Georgia because of this. 2020 Georgia counties right now Again, you can kinda outline the ancient coastline by how the blue counties are lined up
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