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  1. There should be some amazing sunset pics looking south from NYC from that storm.
  2. I'm not the best photographer by any means, but photo taken ahead of a severe warned cell currently heading towards me.
  3. Overperformed on temps today. Reached a high of 94/DP 71 and third 90 degree day in a row. Finally got our first heatwave here, after failing twice in early and mid June.
  4. I see you Little cell just popped to my south, going to activate full weenie power and track this cell. Could just be a flock of birds. Edit: 10 minutes later and it's pretty much gone. RIP small shower 2020-2020.
  5. 90/57 temp/DP split! Humidity too low for me to swim in my pool comfortably though.
  6. This is the third time models advertising a cutoff low under a ridge in the 7 day. I'm getting sick of this crap. Just give me sustained heat already.
  7. Big storm to my west is slowly backbuilding towards Dover. Beautiful towers to my south as well with a newly developing cell. Distant thunder.
  8. Could be a very epic sunset if we time it just right. Storms to my north. Can hear thunder from this cell. Satellite looks tasty
  9. Thundershower developing. Picture taken from backyard
  10. I don't know about an excessively hot summer, but I have been noticing frequent ridging going all the way up into Canada bringing a backwards weather pattern (cool south, hot north). Maybe a sign of a hotter summer than a cooler one? Second cutoff low over the southeast within the past 3 weeks and getting stuck due to ridging to the north.
  11. Hello! This is my first post on the 33andrain weather boards, joining a few weeks ago and have been lurking since. There is a good chance that I am the youngest person on this board, considering that I am only seventeen! I have always been interested in weather since hurricane Irene of 2011. Will be turning eighteen this November. Current weather here is 92 degrees, with a dew point of 75. Downright muggy.
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