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  1. Yes a epic winter pattern setting up. This is the first time in a long while I have been this excited. A -EPO, +PNA, -AO, and a big -NAO. You couldn't ask for a better winter pattern.
  2. The 18 GFS OP is showing you get it done. A nice snowy pattern there.
  3. Seeing signs of that already of the negatives moving out of Alaska. Courtney of the 12Z GEFS
  4. Hmmm, from Anthony Masiello on Twitter. lol... 12:28 PM · Jan 16, 2021·Twitter Web App
  5. Mondays long range pattern analysis & the WHY behind the multiple failed attempts to get cold. -EPO issues tied to MJO. -Much warmer trends. -7th warmest DEC/JAN since 1953 -Possible 8th warmest DJF since 1953 -February thoughts. #natgas #AGwx http://youtu.be/B14w9k5qh1M?hd=1
  6. This winter may mimic the 2015 winter that was very epic.
  7. I see a Pacific interlude. Darn hopefully that storm on the 19th-20th of this month produces.
  8. That is a huge change on the EPS from earlier on. Where it was trying to push a trough in Western Canada and trying to lift it up to Alaska.
  9. Paul Roundy has a good response to the 11-15 EPS
  10. Usually these Major SSW's impacts on the atmosphere lasts a very long time weeks on end. That is why I find it hard to believe in the Euro Weeklies wanting to bring in a La Nina pattern by the 5th of February onward.
  11. So were feeling the effects of the SSW now?. Cool just like I thought, those weeklies don't make any sense come February. Because Major SSW events last a long time in the lower atmosphere.
  12. Yeah that La Nina hope it fades away. It's actually the GFS op models that are not so good.
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