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  1. it got down to around 32 this morning. woke up to dad placing turkey in smoker. Smoked turkey for thanksgiving tonight! Went outside into the chilly crisp morning air with the strong aroma of pellet smoke and slight hint of apple.
  2. Whatever snow falls in the region, enjoy it since i'm leaving for Florida this weekend and spending the winter down near Lake Okeechobee. Will be back beginning of April.
  3. Almost Right around the same timeframe. I am not nearly as skilled enough to predict patterns farther out than a week but I still do have the general idea. I just wish my knowledge was more extensive than just the basics. But what we have here is a potential snowstorm pattern for the northeast US, for the higher elevations in this pattern. We also have a 50/50 low to block the storm from going too far north, but the -NAO is a little far south for anyone who wants a decent sized snowstorm. That plus late November climo will make this potential storm that much more trick
  4. Mom and dad are boostered up as of today. It's been 6 months since we've all had our second dose. it's time.
  5. I am eyeing the period of the 28th - 30th for a possible storm. We have a relaxing -NAO block that is gradually retrograding west. There is also a PNA spike, and a 50/50 low. Then the PNA dips into negative territory by the end of the run and the central US is flooded with mild Pacific air. However, in the east, the residual west based blocking tempers the Pacific airmass. The -NAO is forcing a trough off the east coast and is not allowing the southeast ridge to flex.
  6. Not too far away from having lake effect snow in Lake Okeechobee
  7. https://t.co/C6qQjKF8lc?amp=1 DT WxRisk has come out with his 2021-22 winter outlook a few days ago. He emphasizes that the QBO trend this year argues for a colder and snowier winter in the eastern U.S. This is literally eye candy for cold and snow enthusiasts. Wow. It would be fitting if Delaware gets slammed by a monster snowstorm while I'm spending the winter down in Lake Okeechobee until probably early April.
  8. This is good to know, thank you. I was worried for a second
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