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  1. lets extend that SLGT to the coast please
  2. i imagine putting new shingles as an apprentice will be pretty difficult in tomorrows heat and humidity. I figured it was time to start a career after graduation.
  3. going on a 3 day camping trip at a nearby campground. 57 this morning for the low. one more cool night like this tonight then drastically warmer friday night with a chance of showers sat. morning
  4. i have never seen the sky so blue before
  5. made it to 82 for the high today when I thought it was gonna be 79 for the high never underestimate mid-June sun
  6. 1500 J of MLCAPE around these parts today. haven't been paying attention to the weather until now and there's a SLGT risk, for storms late this evening
  7. Might be another heatwave potential starting next weekend
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