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  1. Edit: Just look at these winds, wow. This would be blizzard conditions verbatim if you are snowing.
  2. If that plot ends up being true, then it's lights out for the rest of winter.
  3. Nice to see our tax dollars being used for something useful like this
  4. National Guardsmen sleeping in U.S capitol. My next door neighbor is army national guard so he might be in there for all I know.
  5. IIRC a PV lobe over eastern Canada is the best spot to get the most out of it. I remember DT saying something about that.
  6. The models are starting to throw out some crazy solutions.
  7. It seems like the models came back for the 18th threat, and the 12z GFS is close to something big. Will these trends continue or will they trend back the other way.
  8. Even though I am liberal, I don't like how twitter is just censoring thousands of Trump's supporters. I was genuinely shocked this morning how many were banned. Like tone it down a little. Are they even giving it second thought? They're just banning Trump's supporters by the thousands despite them not doing anything wrong (minus the rioters who attempted a coup)
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