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  1. I grade this winter a C. It would be at least a B if it wasn't for the December and the jan 31-feb 2 storm missing north. It would have been lower if it wasn't for the constant snow events every few days for the better part of 2-3 weeks
  2. My favorite kinds of summers minus the hurricane part I want 95 degrees with 75 dews for 5 days a week, followed by one day of thunderstorms then one day of cool and dry
  3. A goal of mine is to have at least 70% of the population fully vaccinated and Fix the obesity/overweight problem in the United States. I say with an unscientific guess that a majority of the deaths weren't just elderly people, but an untold number of deaths can be attributed to American's unhealthy lifestyles. This article, updated on July 29, 2020, states that at least a third of the U.S Pop. is obese. https://www.healthline.com/health/obesity-facts#1.-More-than-one-third-of-adults-in-the-United-States-are-obese.
  4. Vaccines will be developed to combat the mutations, just as we develop new flu vaccines every year to compensate for new strains. I highly doubt we are seeing another 200k-300k deaths.
  5. You say that enough have been infected and vaccinated that transmission rates should "go down and continue to go down", yet at the end of that post, it says another few hundred thousand deaths in the U.S? Makes absolutely zero sense to me. Edit: If you are quoting a prior post that predicted another few hundred thousand deaths from back in the fall then it'd make sense.
  6. I think we will be seeing cold shots, potentially strong, in an otherwise sea of AN temps for most of March. The cold shots should last about a day or two before temps skyrocket to 55-60 in southern areas, and 45-55 northwest of the fall line. With the chance of the usual March snowstorm of course. But other than that I agree that spring and probably summer is warmer than average.
  7. Sun angle has reached 40 degrees here 43 degrees on Feb 28 50 degrees on Mar 18
  8. Localized snow band development has dropped a dusting so far. It will be over in about 20 mins or so. Moderate snow
  9. It's going to be difficult to get a significant snow with the polar vortex stronger than normal. The MJO looks to go into Phase 6 but it may go towards phase 8, but that's way out.
  10. Never did get above freezing last night. I am sitting at 30
  11. It was not supposed to sleet this early. I only have a dusting of snow on the ground. This looks like a bust for my area.
  12. Light snow with a dusting on the ground. 27 degrees
  13. Nobody tops my expertise in the field of meteorology
  14. I think it will start snowing in Philly at around 6:43 AM, tomorrow morning
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