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  1. Thanks @PB GFI for all the info. I think we all have reason to be excited about the upcoming pattern. Fun times ahead!
  2. Wind picking up in Jackson. Big gusts here and there blowing all the snow off the trees and roof
  3. I know its 2m temps but I would imagine theyre somewhat tied to upper levels... out to 3 hours the latest HRRR gets colder yet again. Last 3 runs -
  4. I can confirm the ocean effect band in central Jersey is producing light snow thats coating cold surfaces currently... Nice having lots of cold air ahead of a storm for sure.
  5. Would I be wrong to assume that the rain and sleet issues are due to lighter precip rates that either still need to pick up or just didn't get their act together "on time" for folks down in VA and soon the DC area?
  6. 6z should be even more telling... after that I would imagine we’d be in mainly now casting mode like a few of you already have mentioned
  7. When available could someone post some comparison frames from the RGEM, I would assume it ticked SE but would like to see some comparison. Appreciated!
  8. I would imagine there would be more mixing there along the R/S line because it can’t pick apart the individual boundary layers, would that be correct to assume?
  9. Alot of sleet on the edge of the big snows... happens a lot in these types of storms, I recall waiting hours and hours to work out the warm layer. Regardless that was one hell of a run and I look forward to the next 00z models!
  10. Huge thanks to the ones who run this forum and keep it "tidy". Very easy for things to get out of control, I used to be a regular lurker at Accuweather Forums so I know that firsthand. Really enjoyable experience here on this site. So thanks to those who keep up on it!
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