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  1. Up here in Boston I'd give it a solid B. It'd be an A- or A had 12/5 and 2/1 busted (forecast 7, measured 0.6" and forecast 12", measured 4.2", respectively). I'm at 47.8" which is basically right at average.
  2. 0.0" in Boston from today's system which brings the seasonal total to 40.5"
  3. BOX is favoring a track far enough SE for Boston to be all snow Tuesday FWIW
  4. There actually is some subjectivity to advisories, certainly much moreso than warnings. If it poses an outsized threat (such as first snowfall of the year or something), NWS offices may issue an advisory. For example, the forecast was 1-3" on October 30, 2020 for most of SNE, but since it was the first snowfall of the year advisories were issued (the technical definition did also verify with a widespread 4-6" falling)
  5. Late-week storm totals, followed by totals through the weekend storm, followed by totals through the midweek storm
  6. It'll likely be a 4-8" storm in the bullseye barring a continued weakening trend since banding won't show up on global models and with the airmass there should be enough of a temperature gradient to cause some heavy snow
  7. Don't forget that kuchera ratios just use the warmest temp in the column (down to 925 mb I believe). If it were -15c throughout the column kuchera would say ratios above 20:1 but without strong lift maximized in the DGZ you don't get ratios that high.
  8. One thing that's been unique this year, at least in recent years (I surmise 2014-15 was the last time), is how high the ratios have been. The average ratio for the year is 11:1, 12:1 for just the 1"+ events, and 14:1 subtracting one 5:1 ratio storm. All the snow has been super fluffy including yesterday which had a 19:1 ratio. Hopefully that continues and it looks like it would with the immediately upcoming threats
  9. Final total in Boston is 3.3". Seasonal total 40.5"... on to the next!
  10. Since the high is further NW it doesn't lock in the cold air as tightly so at the mid levels with east or south wind temps go above freezing
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