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  1. I really hope people in the tri-state are eating outside today. It's perfect weather for it.
  2. He doesn't care about people just Christianity and corporations.
  3. I'm cool with private companies censoring dangerous opinions of nut jobs and idiots for the good of the country.
  4. I completely understand where you're coming from and it's a slippery slope but they are a danger to our country by intentionally spreading misinformation on a massive scale. What can we do about that?
  5. It's not about growing a set. They need to be educated on this but you know how that goes in this country. Your overall premise is correct though. We need as many people as possible vaccinated. More than half the workers at my place say that won't take it.
  6. I was told by DOH the second shot would be on the 21st day but they could be wrong.
  7. The Russia thing wasn't a hoax. Just bc they frame it that way doesn't mean its true. I'm not going to get into a discussion with the other side about. The facts are there in the open for everyone to read if they wish. The one thing I will say is they proved Russia interfered in the election for Trump but they did not prove collusion. That's a fact. But they also stated why they couldn't prove it.
  8. The dem "wackos" are AOC and Bernie. Williamson is an interesting one though lol.
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