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  1. 3-7" fell across the south shore of Nassau and western Suffolk.
  2. Still a lot of slabs though. Awful.
  3. @CCB! If Laura comes in 20 miles west nothing is left.
  4. Torrential downpour with winds to 40 mph here
  5. Still nothing out of the hardest hit areas.
  6. Holly Beach isn't built to survive the right side of large a Cat 4.
  7. It 100% made the difference. If the track was 20-30 miles west the surge wipes Holly Beach clean imo.
  8. Holly Beach https://video.foxnews.com/v/6185052036001?fbclid=IwAR1gWAcIugScglcGPtv20v_RePBlSv7U3KcPXoNcZ1Vr5-GlraSG-2ohPTE#sp=show-clips
  9. The news out of Holly Beach is pretty good. A lot of damage but not wiped clean. Areas further east of Cameron are likely a different story and there's no info at all coming out of thise areas.
  10. Lamdfall looks like it'll be at Holly Beach or Cameron
  11. Extreme wind warning issued. Cameron and surrounding areas are about to get rocked.
  12. That western eyewall was legit. I would say Mexico beach but a lot of that was from the storm surge. Mexico beach also saw the strongest winds from the eastern eyewall.
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