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  1. Liz. He needs the progressive wing of the party to come out and vote.
  2. Exclusive: Husband of Reopen NC leader ‘willing to kill people’ in resistance to emergency orders https://www.rawstory.com/2020/05/husband-of-reopen-nc-leader-willing-to-kill-people-in-resistance-to-emergency-orders/
  3. The use of racial slurs (regardless of context) or homophobic remarks will result in an immediate ban. We lost 3 people this morning. Let's be better.
  4. lol Biden is a mess. The fact we ended up with him as the dem candidate is just about right for the dems. They can never get out of their own way.
  5. It has a crime problem in certain areas but it's an awesome city. I love it there. People dont understand the socioeconomic stuff which would take all day to explain (and not one of them would listen or understand).
  6. I'm not sure how i can help you if you don't understand the history of these places and the people who live there
  7. And these places aren't shitholes. Detroit does suck and Chicago has a real murder problem but to blame it on liberals is so beyond ridiculous.
  8. He called it a project. We both know what he meant. I'm not playing these games anymore.
  9. He's a clown. I never care what he has to say. Fwiw, I can't stand Cuomo either but they aren't in the same league.
  10. It's a disenguous talking point. If anything they're still undercounting deaths but I'm really not going to get into that now.
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