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  1. I think they or the president will lock everything down further next week. They have to.
  2. My brother said he heard sirens all day long in Bayside. Then a friend sent me thism. Social distancing yall.
  3. Hospitals are trying to unload covid patients that arent critical into skilled nursing/sub-acute facilities. The DOH is mandating that these facilities cannot deny covid patients nor can they ask for testing before any such patient is transferred from the hospital to a sub-acute setting. This is terrible and will end up killing many long term residents who are old and sick. These facilities are not able to provide proper ppe anymore so staff will catch it and being it home to their families.
  4. To embed the tweets, I delete "mobile" from the link and repaste it and I click the thing that pops up and says "paste as plain text". Try it out. See if it works.
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