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  1. Yes. This GFS version is the same as the parallel that showed 50" lmao!
  2. GFS is trending colder for midwest. Thus slows down fast WAA to the northern states.
  3. SNE still in the ballpark. Me as well as @Henry are very interested to see how tonight/tomorrow's models pan out!
  4. @33andrain You got 144 hour snowfall map per UKMET for the northeast? Thanks!
  5. In theory 18Z EURO was south. Thus causing a south shift in ensembles. This is not always true but that's what I thought.
  6. Now can the GFS scenario happen? Sure! I think the mesos will kinda clear the temp chaos.
  7. No hype but I think the EURO/NAM combo makes sense. Cold air is tough to break. Hard to believe the GFS/GEFS because cold just flies out.
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