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  1. Next Thursday week 1 then the 14th is week 2..after that is warm.
  2. 00Z ECMWF Weeklies: Week 1 and 2 cold, then winter's over..
  3. Looking at euro day 10, suggest a snowstorm for the 4th-6th period as the cold air is established with limited ridging out east. Something to watch once that day gets in range.. Surface does depict that as well.
  4. Euro looks suspicious to me at hour 192..let's see what happens.
  5. Maybe we can start delaying the torch like they did with the cold?! Lol
  6. New 00Z ECMWF Weeklies week 2 is cold before the ridge is back..
  7. MatthewFerreirawx

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    Ohh yea I follow him. I thought you did because you posted a tweet from Ryan Hanrahan..
  8. All you guys can share on any site really..
  9. MatthewFerreirawx

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    00Z NCEP WRF's beefed up. With some heavy onset snow, NYC goes over to a mix/rain while SNE stays all snow..
  10. MatthewFerreirawx

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    New UKMET gets better.
  11. MatthewFerreirawx

    Southwest Flow Event Potential 2-17/2-18

    UKMET goes a bit snowier than last run..comparisons of new 00Z and 12Z..
  12. NWS thought process for the 2/19-20th period..