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  1. Yea. He does that all the time relies on models too much..not how Henry forecasts..hate it..but not much else I can do about that. I don't listen to his forecast anymore.
  2. Yea. I thought about that. I agree. But we can certainly still see measurable snow if things line up properly.
  3. Over the next 10 days look pretty much snowless..but beyond day 10 may feature our last shot of wintry opportunities..GEFS says wait till the week of Saint Patrick week! Deterministic models (GFS/FV3 and ECMWF) are beginning to latch on, on day 10.
  4. Been talking about this for a couple of days now. GFS really picking up on the idea of a sharp PNA..(see my next post)
  5. Thoughts anyone? I know GFS is in lala land but it's interesting to see them both have somewhat of the same PNA spike out west.. MJO also interesting..
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