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  1. 18z HRRR showed a pronounced break in precip from the initial WAA push Definitely going to be a nowcasting event to see how much dry air/disruption we see tomorrow afternoon
  2. Idk who these guys are, but this map seems pretty reasonable to me
  3. NSSL-WRF (which is one of the models used for the HREF) Still snowing at this point
  4. Point sounding around MMU during the "thump" still looks solid. Would love to have VVels plotted on these as well, but we could work with this
  5. Really nice thump on the 12z Euro for the umpteenth time
  6. Looks to be generally going with the rest of guidance (but again it's still the long-range HRRR) HRRR Snow
  7. I'm sure most of you know this, but each snow map varies from vendor to vendor. Analyzing them all day will only lead to headaches
  8. We'll likely see CTP and BGM raise some more advisories and watches over the Northeast later today
  9. It's certainly not bad. I'm more interested in the HREF when it finishes running in about a half hour or so. Some of the meso models are quite snowy (i.e the WRF-NSSL with 6-8")
  10. Yeah, it's certainly nice to see the sub-990mb low in the Lakes no longer a thing here. The strong LLJ that was prevalent a few days ago on the NAM/GFS has (as a result) calmed down some.
  11. Please keep all hot or lukewarm takes in the banter thread
  12. RGEM is coming out more white than wet for a good portion of the area
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