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  1. Why are cruises still a thing? https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/cruise-ship-flu-symptoms-florida/index.html
  2. NJ is getting hit really hard right now despite being light years ahead of other sates. Things have been especially bad up in my neck of the woods (Bergen County), with my grandparents possibly showing symptoms. Both are in their 80's, so we're concerned. Had to stay off social media for a few days since I'm getting pretty close to my breaking point with this TLDR: Please don't test me
  3. Agreed. From an EM standpoint, this is an absolute disaster waiting to happen.
  4. By the way, the strat PV just broke a record. ###------------------------------------ Polar vortex status ------------------------------------### The strat. vortex is currently stronger than all other years in the ERA interim record!!! The zonal mean zonal wind at 10 hPa 60N is today (GFS analysis): 58.9 m/s Weakest zonal wind at 10 hPa 60N in ERA interim record for todays date is: -8.9 m/s 2001 Strongest zonal wind at 10 hPa 60N in ERA interim record for todays date is: 57.7 m/s 1988
  5. Pretty simple, there just isn't anything to talk about right now. If we had something, this place would be full like it has been in the past. People are taking it easy. Not just here, but across multiple platforms.
  6. Unsurprisingly, the +AO regime looks to continue, possibly even strengthening once again by D 7-10
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