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  1. would be wild if I get more snow this month in Wilmington than you guys up in NYC!
  2. does it seem that it's taking a sharp east turn in the last half hour? looks like it's going to slide just south of Cape Fear
  3. Thanks for checking...some big storms early morning, two different tornado warnings for my town.
  4. After Florence I don't seem worried about this one, maybe I'm being naive though
  5. Thanks for this. Waiting here on the coast south by Wilmington...
  6. I hopped back on the board a few days ago to listen and learn from you guys, especially as I have family near Cape Canaveral and wanted to keep them updated from the safety of Wilmington, NC. A little different story today!
  7. Just wanted to thank everyone for their tireless work this past week on the storm. The eye went over my daughter's house just across the causeway from Wrightsville, my wine shop in Leland caught the brunt of the eyewall and my house is in the thick of it now. You've kept me informed and slightly sane and for that I'm grateful. If you ever come and visit the beautiful Wilmington area, drinks are on me!
  8. eye going right over my house...yeah that would get me to leave town! ?
  9. Being just south of ILM in Southport I'm finding myself slightly relieved today compared to yesterday (pending Euro of course)...am I crazy?
  10. as of 6Z all models are north of ILM towards Jacksonville/Hatteras except for the Euro...I'm hoping to see the Euro capitulate at 12Z!
  11. I put a hotel on hold a few days ago in Greensboro just in case...with that precip forecast not sure I'd be any better off leaving Brunswick County...
  12. Canadian with a big jump north now showing OBX hit
  13. is the 06/18Z GFS more useful in summer than in winter where it's useless for snowstorms?
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