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  1. Aside from some cold weather, maybe some colder than normal weather for early March with the risk of a light snowfall then, stick a fork in winter 2019-20. IMO this winter season in the NYC Metro Region for significant snowfall is pretty much done! WX/PT
  2. The maps of the last day or two do not make me more optimistic in terms of wintry weather or prolonged cold in the NYC Metro Region. Yes, some of the most recent forecast maps were slightly colder and offered some ice/rain/snow lines nearby us but we were usually on the rainy side within another run of two of whichever model indicated it so the relatively mild boring winter continues. There is a period of colder weather it appears likely at some point around 7-10+ days away but it's still not conducive to anything like major nor'easters or the such. During the cold 4-7 days it looked mostly dry. Anyway, we continue to look periodically damp if not wet when we get the mild weather like in the next 2-3 days so it may not be at all enjoyable either. WX/PT
  3. I think the odds for any significant wintry weather in the NYC Metro Region for the next 3-4 weeks at least are rapidly declining. WX/PT
  4. Here in the NYC Metro Region I think we're looking at widespread 2-5" amounts with many locations reporting 3-5". WX/PT
  5. As I've said earlier, a decent thump for most areas that the precipitation would have to arrive earlier not later. The trend has been to slow the arrival of the precipitation here which means the the odds favor more rain and much less frozen precipitation. Indeed for the coast, almost none. WX/PT
  6. If this set up were to yield measurable snow for our region, chances which appear to be increasing, I suspect it would start late Friday night. The slower it moves in the more time the cold air has to get out of the way. WX/PT
  7. I'm skeptical that it occurs particularly near the coast and in the city. The initial tracks of these Miller B's are too far north, winds s-se. Temperatures will probably trend upward on future guidance. WX/PT
  8. Finally, signs are increasing for some minor pattern adjustments which could signal a better chance at colder weather and potential snow beyond day 7. A little bit of ridging out west days 6-10 followed by more prolific ridging out west from the 19th/20th onward. Then again, this doesn't mean anything certain except that east coast regions could possibly turn colder and stay cold for a longer duration which could increase the chances for significant snowfall here. Nothing certain just yet. WX/PT
  9. This one's a Miller Lite, not a Miller B. It will produce (lightly) only for southern NJ. Others will see less than an inch if any accumulation at all. WX/PT
  10. Any observations over extreme inland sections with regards to what is probably a band of thunderstorms moving through ne Pa and interior southeastern NY State and portions of the Catskills in the next hour or two? WX/PT
  11. There's not going to be much of anything if anything at all during that time-frame. There should be some better chances as we get to the January 18th-31st time-frame assuming possible changes in the overall pattern do occur. WX/PT
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