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  1. Periods of at times heavy rain closing in on me from the south and west. WX/PT
  2. The end of this week into the end of the month looks quite stormy for most of us. As we head into July the pattern which earlier looked nice now looks to favor well above normal temperatures and very high humidity levels. The details *may* depend on what becomes of a tropical systems some of the models are moving out of the Gulf of Mexico. Since this system isn't even yet formed, uncertainty which would be high during that time-frame anyway, is even higher. For the rest of this month Central Park could pick up another one or two more 90+ degree days but if they occur it would most
  3. I think the argument for a very warm or hot summer is stronger over the mid Atlantic region than over the northeastern states where I feel from NYC points north and east will often be on the edge of the hot humid air mass and sometimes in the ring of fire that borders it. As summer progresses I think we can see more very warm to hot weather up this way come late July or August. WX/PT
  4. They tried to roll on through and for most eastern coastal sections it was not bad as they were weakening. NYC points n, s, and w got mashed. WX/PT
  5. Considerable amounts of haze and high cloudiness could hold back thunderstorm intensity this afternoon IMO. We are gaining 2 degrees/hour as opposed to the 4 degrees/hour heating yesterday. I expect less intensity and less storm coverage than yesterday and many coastal sections like yesterday could finish today with zip. WX/PT
  6. An educated gut feeling here also based on current model guidance # of 90+ degree days at Central Park this summer. There will be numerous mid-upper 80s days. June--4. July--5. August--10. September--2. WX/PT
  7. I'm slightly pessimistic about the 5-6 day hot stretch the GFS is showing. I think the Euro solution makes more sense with shorter-lived marginal heat. WX/PT
  8. It's still got a ways to go though today is an enormous improvement over the past 5 days. At least we made it back into the time of year we're in. But numerous showers and storms are likely to be more the picture than not for the next 3-5 days. Though the temperatures are up, the moisture is still going to be around in abundance. WX/PT
  9. It's filling in before it would have ever gotten to me. WX/PT
  10. It's trying to work its way into me but might stay just to my n and w. Close call here. I need it so I can run out and get something quick. If you can please send it my way. WX/PT
  11. Hope you're enjoying it for the short time you have it. WX/PT
  12. There's a little hole in the radar returns over northeastern coastal NJ. I'm not sure that it's real. Other than maybe that it looks like moderate to heavy rain until tomorrow morning at least. WX/PT
  13. Opposite trends for the weekend, NAM giving most of us 3.00+ rain, GFS trending a little less rain than on earlier runs with the heaviest over Connecticut up across Rhode Island and eastern Ma. We wait to see exactly which trends are correct. WX/PT
  14. The beginning of June starting to look warmer and more humid, trends detectable on not only the GFS. WX/PT
  15. As long as you understand its shortcomings, it's not a garbage model. Models are garbage if not used correctly, any of them. The idea of shorter-lived warmth or heat in May and June was detectable on the GFS. WX/PT
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