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  1. My Phizer 2nd shot went beautifully no line in and out in 15 minutes or less. The only side effect so far is some fatigue. WX/PT
  2. Hope so! Probably as the winds are increasing. WX/PT
  3. Personally concerned. I have my second Phizer shot scheduled for 1:30 tomorrow. Last time, I stood outdoors waiting on a 2 hour long line just to get the paper work done. Last time it was 65 degrees and it was difficult. This time in showery precipitation of rain and snow, temperatures dropping through the 40s and into the 30s winds gusting to 40mph. Not happy. WX/PT
  4. BL a little warm but the remainder of the atmosphere is primed for 2-4" snow tomorrow at LGA according to 12Z NAM fous data. Just one run of one model. Don't bet on it but don't bet against it either. WX/PT
  5. 1-3" slush massive news on March 19th? I don't think so. WX/PT
  6. I think some areas in the immediate NYC Metro Region could get 1-3" of slushy accumulation. Maybe a one in four chance. But it's gone 24 hours later so it's not big news. By this weekend, spring will be solidly here. WX/PT
  7. Heavy snow here right now. It will go back and forth from snow to light snow to sleet to heavy snow maybe stop altogether briefly once in a while. But it will still pile up some. WX/PT
  8. While I'd agree there's a chance for some snow on Thursday, in the immediate NYC Metro region I don't think there's likely to be very much, maybe 2-4" tops before mixing and changing over. Points north and west, different story. WX/PT
  9. I think the rest of these are snow to rain or snow to ice to rain or just rain/sleet to rain. I do not think we'll see another pure snowstorm until the pattern reloads in early March maybe. But I am looking for a warmer March than we've had over the last several years after a stormy first week or two. WX/PT
  10. Better chance of snow, sure. Safe? Not sure yet. WX/PT
  11. Too early to be sure? Yes. But IMO most of the writing is on the wall for a switch to ultimately warmer model and actual weather solutions for a time starting particularly after Tuesday and even more-so after the late week threat which even now I suspect is mostly rain. But it's true we do not know for certain yet. WX/PT
  12. I think we here in the NYC Metro are on the verge of flipping back into an above normal temperature pattern for a week or two. Tuesday will be our last real shot until March. Most of these storms will move too close to us or to our northwest and we may get a thump of snow Tuesday before changeover to sleet and rain but the snow could stay to our north and west too. Both possible at this time. WX/PT
  13. We're in a somewhat different pattern now than we've been in. We have lost the confluence just about completely. I would not necessarily look for the same biases of the models. WX/PT
  14. With the blocking weakened and the 50/50 low no longer apparent, what is to keep the majority of the up and coming waves from moving too close to the NYC Metro for any or much of any snow to fall here? Notice how shallow the cold air will become. You have to a significant distance north and west of each wave of low pressure to get into the snow. You have rain to the south then a band of freezing rain and mixed frozen precip, then snow. The snow could be confined to parts of New England and upstate NY. Again, we are not talking about cutters or anything close to that. Just increasingly shallow
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