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  1. Will Central Park hit 90? They have a chance to. Now at 86. WX/PT
  2. Pea Sized hail just lasted about 30 seconds here in Douglaston. WX/PT
  3. These little storms will be training over Manhattan and Long Island it appears for several hours. They're all lined up. There should be plenty of flooding and travel is going to be difficult. Sleep also difficult with that occasional unexpected clap of thunder. WX/PT
  4. The sites seem to be back up and running. It must have been a momentary outage. What was particularly strange was that it was all of them. WX/PT
  5. What's up with our radars? I'm being told that just about all of them are down, what's up with that? Does anyone know? WX/PT
  6. My thinking, changed from earlier, is along these same lines. I think if the NYC Metro Region is to see more, I don't think it's before the end of the second week or during the third week of August. WX/PT
  7. Agree 100%. I think we could have another shot at mid-upper 90s, maybe 100 in the second week of August. WX/PT
  8. Tonight will be one of those typical early to mid August lazy cold fronts which is supposed to cool us and dry us out but just becomes stationary nearby to our southeast or even possibly right over us and most of the rainfall will probably be behind it or right under where it sits as impulses/waves move along it. Rather than cool and dry us out, it will add dampness and lots of rain, as well as embedded thunderstorms, with temperatures 15-20 degrees cooler for two-three days. Heat may return for the end of the week after a relatively nice Thursday, and Wednesday could go either way. WX/PT
  9. Central Park will likely hit a high temperature of somewhere between 97-101 Saturday. This idea assumes pop-up type thunderstorms remain mostly south and east of the city. A seabreeze front may develop over the South Shore of Long Island and trigger some scattered to isolated pop-up type storms over Central and Eastern Long Island from 11AM on but I'm expecting more locations to be rain free than not even if this does occur. WX/PT
  10. Lack of extreme heat. The cool down it looks to me goes from the 22nd to about the 26th. Then, I don't know how quickly, but the WAR will probably try to build in from the south and east. It may initially encounter effective resistance but I think eventually it takes hold and we are hot going into August. WX/PT
  11. Over the passed 4 days the GFS has been on/off again with the idea of near century mark temperatures in the NYC Metro Region for next weekend--Fri, Sat, Sunday. As of tonights' GFS run (00Z 7/16) it's on again. The European model while on the hot side (upper 80s to lower 90s) for the same time-frame, has been nowhere near as hot. Usually reality comes in closer to the European's temperature profiles. We'll soon see if that's going to again be the case. WX/PT
  12. Currently it seems that most of the models are trending towards more heat after July 9th. WX/PT
  13. Little or nothing going on today or tomorrow. Any activity will probably be mostly to the northeast and south of NYC. Central Park I believe has yet to hit 90 degrees. They'll make another run at it today but I'm not optimistic they'll hit it. 89 should be the high temperature there. Today is the last day in this stretch of flirting with 90. The next stretch begins Wednesday or Thursday the 4th. WX/PT
  14. Over the passed two days the model guidance has trended significantly warmer for the northeastern U.S. I think Tom's summer outlook is looking far better. WX/PT
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