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  1. The file is too big, but my friend in southern Delware sent me a video with some nasty hail. The stones have dislodged several of his roof shingles, so he's looking forward to submitting his insurance claim with the video as evidence, lol.
  2. Just a few thoughts on why I think setups like the past few days have tended to deliver vs. fizzle. Not everyone is guaranteed to see flooding rains or severe wx, but you usually see something by days end, ironically due to the lack of steering flow.
  3. Looks like a decent setup for @Jake302 though either way today, send up those shelf cloud pics later!
  4. Don't see a total repeat of yesterday, there's just less lift available despite the solid instability & high dewpoints. But conditions are still ripe for an afternoon/early evening filled with some strong, albeit somewhat more scattered/isolated cells.
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