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  1. Finished with about 2.2" & a prolonged power outage. While the winds will continue to howl today, that was enough of an event for me. This was one of the more impressive northeastern storms I've seen from a structural perspective in recent memory. The vertical stacking was well forecast & the LLJ wrapped around from the NE coast backside to NJ, bringing strong winds overnight & intense rainfall during the transfer earlier in the day. Many trees on houses in the area, a few roads blocked by downed power lines & large tree limbs. Crews did a nice job overnight getting everything cleared up. I-287 blackout last night behind me: Strom structure was nicely forecast by most reliable guidance:
  2. Hard to say, no lighting/points of reference. Though I'd say 50mph would be on the high end of my estimates. But they're periodic, every few minutes.
  3. Lost power in Morristown after a few nasty gusts. I can see towards the center of town from my place & it looks like a total blackout. Just hear the winds howling.
  4. Jerry is recovering from the shear earlier & is becoming more symmetrical. Convection continues to develop & wrap around what appears to be an eyewall structure. I'd expect more strengthening tonight.
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