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  1. Good NYC/LI coverage @WxLover, @Adam, @ModRisk, @Intensewind001, @Psv, @dmillz25, @Snowman11, @Analog96, @Wxoutlooksblog, @Event Horizon tonight. Quite an event as it was & we appreciate the contributions.
  2. Weather related, kind of. The timing was just too good, lol.
  3. Guess I'll need to crack another brew. Liking the gust front here.
  4. Not sure if that was a blip of bad data, but even if it was close to reality, that's right near the surface! Prob safe to say hurricane force was reached.
  5. Go Ry - these will fizzle for the most part, but looks great from a distance.
  6. I just got to Wildwood, but the Davis registered a 39mph gust at home. That's the fastest recorded since install.
  7. I honestly didn't see them pulsing up this much. But I suppose a steep front & a potent right entrance region jet streak can get the job done with minimal instability. Northeast thunderstorms be northeasting, lol
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