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  1. From the aforementioned logistics video. For the Pfizer vaccine, it seems that he was off by 2ºC... I know these things matter when dealing with such sensitive payloads, but I don't feel that for the sake of conversation in here it was an egregious error. But yes, I mistakenly had written F instead of C when referencing the Moderna -20º figure (thee lashes for me I guess...) There's a lot of great info you provide in this thread which is appreciated... I figured the video in question is a quality production for the lay-person in conveying the un
  2. I'm obv a little behind on the thread, so apologies if this particular topic was already covered a ways back. Though I thought this was timely as we've made such great strides towards several promising vaccine candidates & discussion around distribution has become more prominent in media circles as of recent. I think this challenge can be overcome, but there's going to be more risk than usual since QA/testing these new methods will be limited.
  3. Yeah, someone more versed in R&D could probably elaborate as to why it requires such an extreme temp for storage. Either way, I don't think that requirement is going to change at this point in the process, it's going to need to stay that cold. Reading the WSJ article from PB, the diagram on the left indicates the "cold box" can keep it at -70C. The article goes on to elaborate on the previously discussed points. I don't want to be a debbie downer, the vaccine breakthroughs have been outstanding. I'm just a little concerned about this piece considering our infrastructure isn't
  4. https://youtu.be/byW1GExQB84?t=312 If you want to skip a lot of the other stuff, just watch from this point in the vid which will save some time. It focuses on the typical refrigerated supply chain, the challenges of keeping the Pfizer vaccine cold enough (which they've innovated a unique solution for, though testing this method will be hard to due to time constraints) - But more importantly perhaps, the ability of facilities to keep it cold enough upon arrival for long durations & getting them administered before the doses go bad. All this in
  5. TL:DW; -90ºF for the Pfizer candidate. The Moderna vaccine (according to the video) requires a transport temp of -20C (edit), & others may even only require basic refrigeration which is more amenable to today's cold supply chain.
  6. It's not about the shipping. They have a good solution for that. Please watch the video to learn more.
  7. I watched this video a few weeks back & the article touches on it... I highly recommend it. Pfizer may be going to great lengths to ensure safe, properly temperature controlled distribution. But due to the abnormally cold conditions needed for this particular vaccine, there are still challenges on the receiving end for facilities that are to distribute the vaccine, especially toward rural communities. This video is a bit of a reality check, at least in terms of our current infrastructure. I'm quite curious to see if/how this is overcome. The video alludes to the idea that the Pfizer vaccin
  8. E3 is literally a Sandy redux. Several other insane solutions too close for comfort.
  9. Going to take a peak at some of these members today. The 500mb setup on a few of them are going to be wild. Mostly entertainment for now... But the likelihood of a tropical system developing in the Caribbean is high. A deep trough swinging through on the heels of a -EPO/PNA ridge is also likely. Neither of which are abnormal for mid-late October. Larger questions that loom will be the strength on the TC, timing & amplitude of the trough... And lastly, whether or not an Atlantic maritime ridge actually takes hold & is far enough west to meaningfully
  10. 0.70 here thus far, steady rain. Right on the edge of that heavier swath averaging closer to 1"
  11. Could be tropical thread, could be here... We'll go with here.
  12. Few... We'll call, em interesting members on the 18z GEFS.
  13. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/10/nj-reports-973-new-covid-19-cases-3rd-straight-day-over-900-hospitalizations-over-700-for-first-time-in-2-months.html
  14. This is kind of banter & also not a legit threat quite yet... So I'll just put in this thread for now. But the GFS-PARA into the long range was wild this morning. The GFS/GEFS advertised tropical cyclone develops & strengthens. It then gets steered westward near SFL by a strong WAR & pushes it into the Gulf. But then as the potent, deep trough swings through, it gets Dikembe Mutombo'd back toward its area of origin.
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