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  1. He has a point. We have many posters who live in NYS/SNE, just as we do in the Mid-Atlantic. So it is helpful to qualify those statements with some specifics.
  2. Friendly reminder. Some banter during lull times is fine. When model play by play analysis begins, we ask that you continue those discussions in the banter thread. Thanks!
  3. Pro Tip: It's usually a good sign seeing nearly the entire New York Metro/Empire Weather team perusing & chiming in on the forum.
  4. It's becoming clear that the first TPV lobe interaction/evolution is highly unlikely. Regardless of that 12z GFS run, the second scenario has become less likely too based on ensemble guidance... So I'm going to cross off #1 for now. I debated pulling the trigger & crossing off #2, but will hold off out of an abundance of caution until we're a little closer to the event. The elongation of the vortex is a welcome sight (as @Nick Psomaraspointed out) & lends against the idea of scenario #2 (btw, look at that ridge bridge from the -NAO block into the Arctic). The la
  5. Thx for posting in here instead of the main thread.
  6. Fair question. Totally different evolution (Miller A in that case vs over-runner/re-developer here). There will be a degree of de-amplification here as the system will likely run into some flavor of strong confluence across the NE (TPV lobe/50-50 hook-up), whereas in 2016, the system was able to stay sufficiently amplified as a strong/massive ULL over the eastern half of the US - Though your mention regarding totals is noted. As the evolution stands, this will likely be more of a west to east swath, instead of SW to NE like we saw in that setup... Details remain regarding where that cutoff wan
  7. I was just googling this actually... Does this fit into any CIPS analogs? Looks like there are some similarities with the setup, notably the block & resultant gradient... But not perfect overall.
  8. Great snow growth this morning. Picked up about an inch with flurries continuing.
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