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  1. Yeah, it was informative, but many years back now. So I'm not sure if the curriculum is the same. When I went, much of it is spent on identifying severe storm cloud formations (shelf/wall/funnel/tornado delineation) - They'll also spend time on what constitutes an event worth reporting & how to take measurements regardless of event (snowfall, hail, ice). They also went over basic storm safety, what not to do when a storm is approaching etc.
  2. People were over ten day digital snow back in January, let alone April 2nd. Let's go Spring
  3. Dime sized hail, strong gusts, drenching rain, constant cloud to cloud lightning. Awesome.
  4. Some weak rotation evident over Long Valley. Sky is lighting up over here pretty good.
  5. Love or loathe... Winter isn't quite ready to give in.
  6. Modest, amplified trend for the mini Friday/Sat event. 250mb isn't perfect, but support for light accumulations are increasing.
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