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  1. Just some red meat for you animals. CMC: Because why not:
  2. Been ripping moderate to heavy snow right from the onset.
  3. This backside band ripped! Finally some dendrites.
  4. You guys took the first one. We're taking the second here in Somerset
  5. Little lull, but more backbuilding underway in PA which should advect in. Good stuff.
  6. The 3k NAM may have been overzealous going off of the snowmaps - But its soundings continually hinted at that dry layer/poor snow growth issue over NNJ which kept amounts closer to 4" instead of 6-8 in many places like CNJ/LI
  7. HRDPS going to take the big L on this one, lol.
  8. Looks nice out there now, solid light snow as the bands smooth out & the lift is more evenly dispersed.
  9. I'd bet against Brady anyway, but mostly out of spite. (still tip my cap to him regardless, dude is the goat)
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