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  1. Heavy snow here in the last hour or so here. Now turned to rain.
  2. Moderate snow here in Woodside, Queens. Visibility getting down to 1/2 mile.
  3. I have a little over 1.0" in Woodside, Queens. Snow moderately at about 1/2 mile visibility right now.
  4. Heavy snow here in Woodside. Visibility <1/4 mile.Roads getting covered,
  5. Snowing pretty heavily right now in Woodside, Queens. The middle of the streets are still mostly wet. But there are light coatings on the surrounding pavement.
  6. Nearly whiteout conditions here in Woodside, Queens
  7. It's been puking snow here in Woodside, Queens for the last 1-2 hours. About 10.5" so far.
  8. Snow is ripping here now in Woodside, Queens.
  9. I think the algorithm for sleet is exaggerated there. This skew-t still supports snow at 21z Monday, IMO. Good lift and moisture still in and just below the DGZ.
  10. Euro snowfall (Kuchera ) through 15z Tuesday.
  11. It's been snowing heavier here in past hour in Woodside, Queens. Tomorrow (Monday) will be incredible with 2"+ per hour rates..
  12. The 700mb low shifted east to south of NYC in the latest Euro too.
  13. Ripping 850mb jet with the CCB. Heavy, heavy snow!
  14. Incredible 700mb frontogenetic banding signal on the Canadian models tonight.
  15. This is much better for us. I agree it looks more like the UKMET.
  16. Very delicate balance between the confluence and PVA stream northward. It works out for the NJ, NYC, LI area on this run.
  17. As brooklywnx99 just stated, the confluence is trending stronger/further south on the GFS. It compresses the PVA and heights.
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