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  1. I would not move Machado for Sheffield, period. He could be a major asset a down the stretch. I would be more comfortable moving Frazier, Drury etc. where impact players are already entrenched.
  2. 3.20" and counting for the day. Lots of reports of 1.00-3.00+ so far in C/SNJ.
  3. I can confirm those reports of drifts up to 4' down the jersey shore(I just shoveled them)....
  4. Just went out to measure. 13.5" in Point Pleasant with drifts up to 3' in some places.
  5. Easily over a foot of snow here with rates that compare to BDB.....
  6. Had -7*F at K1P1 yesterday. Went back down to 0*F this morning. Radiating really well in sheltered areas in the Whites.
  7. Had almost a foot on the dot with this storm in Plymouth (1.05 LE). 19 miles ESE at the house mixed with sleet and Freezing rain and only had 6.5" with an LE near .70.
  8. I agree 100%. This is something you learn forecasting up here. A majority of the time with a setup such as this the CAD holds firm and surface temps are significantly lower than suggested on guidance, especially with heavy precipitation involved (especially with such a strong surface low with isn’t always the case).
  9. Depending on how this system develops (with respect to the transfer to it's secondary), it has the chance be a nice CAD event in the valleys with the retreating high. This will be an intriguing storm to track over the coming days for a wide range of reasons (due to the number of possible outcomes)...
  10. I agree. Some hints on the SRM's and via obs of maybe a few hours of light frozen precip up in these parts. A early sunset and cool temps may allow for a quick dusting on low specific heat surfaces, especially at elevation. Then we can turn our attention to the "fun" snow squalls Friday....
  11. Power has been out here 3 times in Moultonborough. I was just woken up by what sounded like a tree hitting the house but I checked and it just missed. Getting pretty bad here.
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