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  1. I'm even getting some good snow rates here! Slushy coating on cold surfaces.
  2. These are either the biggest or second biggest snowflakes I’ve ever seen! This is nuts!!
  3. I jinxed them Awful loss last night, though sometimes you just have cold nights!
  4. ICON has a gorgeous look at 180 hours. With shortening wavelengths, all you need is a bit of a splitting flow downstream of the Pacific Northwest trough and you get a bowling ball under a Southern Canada ridge...
  5. There's still a lot of individual variability among the members with how they bring the snow. Some big thumps, some big coastals, some in between.
  6. This is why I much prefer the hobby/tracking side of weather to the operational side, that's for sure!
  7. It seems like there are three scenarios now. 1) The big thump and a dry slot/sleet...quicker shutoff (NAM) 2) A solid thump with some trailing coastal snow on Thursday night, like the HRRR...no real shutoff between rounds, snow ends Friday morning (like the HRRR and to some extent the RGEM) 3) An okay thump with a fairly long break of only sporadic snow, then the coastal is its own separate entity like 12 hours later to continue light snow on Friday during the day (Euro) There is also a 4th scenario that is somewhat of a hybrid of 2 and 3, like the UKIE. I'm d
  8. Thicknesses and heights do fall as the coastal develops, so I'm hoping that any warm layer that does initially develop can get eroded and we get a nice long duration light snow after the thump. I'd be lying if I had a great feel on this, though.
  9. We keep getting closer to a more consolidated trough on the Euro for a better coastal. I'm just not sure if it is too late though, especially considering how elongated the initial PVA is. I'm still hoping for the "happy medium" scenario of some thump and some coastal.
  10. I thought H5 was closer to consolidation and phasing to lead to a more expansive coastal on this run. It trended toward the Canadian suite. Verbatim, the phase is a tad late and a bit too much PVA streaks too far to the northeast and strings out. But this was definitely an improvement from a coastal low perspective.
  11. Any Knick fans here? They’ve been great lately! What a fun season so far in what was supposed to be a dreadful year.
  12. As long as the surface low is to your south in this setup, there is no way you are getting plain rain. Too much low-level cold drainage.
  13. So I was having a losing streak in online chess. I really needed to get outside and clear my head. So I then went on one of the most peaceful, relaxing, gorgeous jebwalks in quite some time at around 1:00am...a 45-minute walk with my dog. I came back so relaxed that I then proceeded to win 4 of my next 5 matches. Amazing what snow does for my mind
  14. Model QPF is the least accurate model parameter. But the normalization of snowmaps has led us to go further down the road of evaluating model runs based on QPF and not the mid-levels. It honestly really annoys me. Enjoy the snow, everyone! Looks fabulous outside.
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