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  1. We shall see . I am totally with NSFW and his interpretation of what is going to happen. Right now I have had 2.25 inches of snow and am currently sleet with occasional flakes. Even that product probably isn't capturing the totality even in the NYC area. Monday afternoon into Tuesday will be must see viewing out the window for all of us lol.
  2. Jim Edds and Josh Mongerman are in Marsh Harbor. I don't know what will happen but holy hell on earth.
  3. I would say, models had Worcester near 40 think they are 15.
  4. 33 and Rain I have a new logo for you. 33 here in Moosup Ct rain, 2.8 new before frzn now rain 1.39
  5. Ended up with 12.5. Biggest story was the incredible storm surge in EMA
  6. Where and when does the trend stop, last 6 GFS runs, 2 more before go time in SNJ 3 further North
  7. Looks pretty dynamic. What's the RPM look like up the coast
  8. So some may know but I am part of a dog rescue group. In 3 years we have fostered in my home so far 46 pups. Sometimes we have foster fails, meaning the foster family adopts the foster. It's a great thing. We now have 7 dogs 5 little guys and 2 brutes. It all works. Anyways have to tell you about my big guy Tigger. Total weenie dog. We rescued him as a pup in Jan 15, so right away he was in snow. He is nutz about snow, woke me up this AM earlier than usual. I though maybe deer in the yard, nope it was snowing and he wanted out. Keep in mind he hates rain and won't go out in it. Anyways he has been outside running jumping catching flakes all morning. I let him in and turn around and he is outside through the doggie door. What a weenie. This is Tigger black and Mia Brown on one snowy day 20170131_163431.mp4
  9. 30 degrees It snow , visibility dropping, surfaces covered
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