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  1. The SREF mean for BOS is out of control (19"), most members clustering around 20" with only 5 members below 10"
  2. I always lose the link to this, do you have it?? Thank you
  3. Gotta be honest, I never thought this forum could be so awesome! Love the community feel and everyone helping everyone out and making everyone feel welcome! It’s pretty great!
  4. I know you’re focusing on nyc area but how are they looking for BOS? Thanks
  5. Agree with this. If the trends east continue at 00z tonight, looking like nothing more than a 6-10” event
  6. Thank you, been waiting for a monster storm like this all year!
  7. HI everyone, How y'all doing?! It's my first day on here and so far I'm LOVING it! So informative!
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