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  1. a wall to wall winter? in this climate?
  2. things to look forward to in summer: moderate rain from a large mcs in south jersey missing out on 90 because of a sea breeze convective debris that doesn't burn off til 3 pm 80 degree dewpoints instead of highs over 100 a squall line that falls apart over morris county supercells in new england while it's 95 with scattered GV storms here an enhanced risk that busts a marginal risk that results in 200 wind reports
  3. the squirrels aren't fat anymore
  4. how far inland? will there be ageostrophic flow? where will the secondary low develop?
  5. i wonder how long okx will wait to issue watches
  6. it amplifies the ridge to our east which slows down the progress of the tpv lobe
  7. that big line of convection is planting the seeds for thursday's snowstorm
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