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  1. One of the people I follow on twitter is epidemiologist @DrEricDing. He has commented that weekend counts are often lower than weekday counts.
  2. Before ‘stay home’ restrictions can be eased it is important to know if the number of new cases/deaths per day is trending up or down. This interactive map uses authoritative data from Johns Hopkins University to give you the answer at a glance. Different overlays show whether the number of new COVID-19 cases/deaths are increasing or decreasing over the prior 14 days or prior 7 days in a county, state or country. The map is automatically updated once per day at 12:05 a.m. Pacific time. Each location on the map has two symbols. Circle = prior 14 days. Triangle = prior 7 days. Red = count is trending up. Green = count is trending down. The map has several COVID-19 overlays you can turn on/off. When the map opens the overlay “County bad trend in cases” is ‘on’. Each symbol is a county where the number of cases reported over the prior 7 days is increasing. To learn about the data and get the most benefit from the map, please read the “Map tips” - link in upper left corner. Open GISsurfer map: https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=37.157050,-96.328125&zoom=4&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=County_boundaries,State_boundary,County_bad_trend_in_deaths&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/disaster/coronavirus/covid_14_day.txt
  3. When this map opens the layer with RAWS weather stations is ‘on top’ and therefore clickable. Click any colored square, then click “Display recent data”. You can see near real time wind speed and wind gust data. Open GISsurfer map: https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=36.899373,-77.255859&zoom=6&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=Tornado_watch,State_boundary,Tornado_warning,Tornado_report_last_24hrs,RAWS_weather_station_label&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/special_maps/disaster/USA_rain_flood.txt
  4. The weather watches and warnings and looking quite colorful. For the NOAA details, click any colored area and follow the link. Open GISsurfer map: https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=36.530213,-96.767578&zoom=4&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=Weather_watch_warning&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/special_maps/disaster/USA_rain_flood.txt
  5. When this map opens the overlay that is ‘on’ shows how good (blue) or bad (red) each county is doing on social distancing. Click any county for details. To search for a county click Menu > Search. For help using the map and to learn how this data is produced, click "Map tips" upper left corner. When that page opens, click "About the data". Open GISsurfer map: https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=37.157050,-96.328125&zoom=4&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=Social_distancing_by_county&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/disaster/coronavirus/john_hopkins.txt
  6. Doc was on our radio this morning saying do not use vacuum bags to make masks. They are made with chemicals that can mess with you.
  7. The map link I have posted now includes a layer showing locations doing COVID-19 testing. If you turn that layer on and click any symbol then you can see the details for that site. That info is collect by volunteers with "GIS Corps". Their disclaimer says "All information is sourced from the websites of local governments and health care providers and is not aulthoritative." But at the same time, this is the only dataset for testing locations that covers the USA. If you have updated info about a testing location you can open this GIS Corps webpage. You will see a popup on top of their map. At the end of the popup is a link to submit updated info. https://giscorps.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=2ec47819f57c40598a4eaf45bf9e0d16 Open GISsurfer map with test location layer 'on'. https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=37.157050,-96.328125&zoom=4&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=County_boundaries,COVID-19_testing_locations&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/disaster/coronavirus/john_hopkins.txt
  8. Here is an interactive COVID-19 map showing deaths by county. Currently 1000+. Data from John Hopkins. Multiple GIS overlays you can turn on/off/restack. Want legend? Need help? Please read the “Map tips” - link in upper left corner. If you take a moment to read the “Map tips” then you can learn (1) how to make your own custom map links, (2) how to make any overlay clickable and (3) learn more about the data the map can display. https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=37.157050,-96.328125&zoom=4&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=County_boundaries,COVID-19_deaths_by_county&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/disaster/coronavirus/john_hopkins.txt
  9. Here is an updated interactive COVID-19 map. Previous maps I have posted are no longer being maintained and should now display a message that directs you to the link you see below. Very recently John Hopkins University resumed making county level data available for all USA counties with COVID-19 cases. That data is hosted on a GIS (Geographic Information System) server and available for anyone to display. The new map I am posting in this thread displays data directly from that server. Each time you open the map you will see the most recent data. The map has 4 COVID-19 overlay layers that you can turn on/off/restack. When the map opens, it shows the COVID cases by county. Each symbol has the data for one county. If you zoom in one step then county boundary lines should appear. Click a symbol and data for that county will appear. Please take a moment to read the “Map tips”. That link is in the upper left corner. On that page you will find the map legend and learn (1) how to make your own custom map links, (2) how to make any overlay clickable and (3) learn more about the data the map can display. Open GISsurfer map: https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=43.817262,-120.585937&zoom=6&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=County_boundaries,State_boundary,COVID-19_cases_by_county&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/disaster/coronavirus/john_hopkins.txt
  10. A first responder I know in Florida sent me this link. Very informative. Very thorough. https://medium.com/six-four-six-nine/evidence-over-hysteria-covid-19-1b767def5894
  11. Utah was messed up on the map I posted yesterday. All fixed now. The map might be a day behind today while I spin up volunteers to help with data entry. Open the map https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=36.528462,-98.437500&zoom=4&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=County_boundaries&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/disaster/coronavirus/_virus_most_recent.txt
  12. The map I have posted now shows all counties in the USA where COVID-19 cases have been reported. Click any circle for details. To see the legend you need to click “Map tips” in the upper left corner. I have some volunteers lined up to help with data entry but could use a few more. This would be no more than 1 hour per day. Requirements: 1. Must use Excel 2. Good attention to detail Best way to reach me is email via my contact page: https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer-about-contact.html Open the map: https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=36.528462,-98.437500&zoom=4&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=County_boundaries&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/disaster/coronavirus/_virus_most_recent.txt
  13. New map is up. Reminder - each circle shows data for 1 county. Open GISsurfer map: https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=36.528462,-98.437500&zoom=4&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=County_boundaries,State_boundary&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/disaster/coronavirus/_virus_most_recent.txt
  14. Here is a map that shows COVID-19 county level data for all USA states west of the Mississippi. Work is underway to add county-level data for the rest of the states. Events are moving quickly so you may see minor differences in numbers among various sites reporting county data. The map will be updated daily. If you are looking for the legend, please click “Map tips” in the upper left corner. For case details and the data source, click any circle. Open GISsurfer map: https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=36.528462,-98.437500&zoom=4&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=County_boundaries,State_boundary&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/disaster/coronavirus/_virus_most_recent.txt
  15. Map was updated a short while ago. It also shows more states. https://mappingsupport.com/p2/gissurfer.php?center=41.244109,-118.916016&zoom=5&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=County_boundaries,State_boundary&txtfile=https://mappingsupport.com/p2/disaster/coronavirus/_virus_most_recent.txt
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