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  1. Pretty soon you are just going to have a massive wind field of cat 1-2 strength.
  2. They could be in a holding pattern, or sampling air aloft
  3. I agree, I think you are going to start seeing a lot of models keeping this off the coast.
  4. Isn't the GFS pretty unreliable at this range for tropical systems?
  5. Started sticking to surfaces in the last 20min here in eastern Morris County.
  6. I know - pictures and driving and all that, but this was too crazy not to capture. Was on 287 when it rolled through.
  7. Just rain here in eastern Morris county. This winter has been very underwhelming.
  8. I find it sort of crazy that we are in mid Jan and we are talking about ice and sleet vs. snow in NNJ.
  9. Roads are a mess, I haven't seen any snow plows of significance in the area, and the municipalities overall seemed ill prepared for this event. Some folks's offices were not encouraging them to leave early.
  10. The sooner this bombs out the better, ups the chances of it hitting ERC and some shear as it approaches the coast.
  11. Just getting caught up on this one. Looks like a bad situation developing for the gulf coast.
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