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  1. Sorry this 2-1 storm needs to miss. I have a flight so weather needs to hold off from 2-1 to 2-7. Thanks in advance.
  2. Modeling here just northeast of Philly was also spot on for many days leading up. Sleet came quick once it did but the frontogenesis did its work and overperformed in interior south jersey where places like Medford to Glassboro got 4 inches or so when expecting 1".
  3. Blizzard's are hard to officially come by. Even this here meets blizzard criteria with the winds at 3:11 (sustained above 35 mph) but the visibility was not a quarter mile at 3:11 so this example may not even be considered a blizzard (KACY 3-7-18).. winds slowed after this point btw
  4. Good point. So it includes the 0.5 inches that falls tmm/Tuesday lol
  5. Are FGEN maps available at this range or is that short range guidance? Sorry I don't know if theres a different term they go buy but they show the forcing available and I think seeing that might give us an idea of precip intensity.
  6. After this stretch of possible snowy weather, I am gonna be ready for this...
  7. Yes, you deserve it. I'm willing to give up some for you but not all. I have 5-6" this year and got less than one last year so not all of it lol. I think next week can help us all.
  8. Can someone smarter than me compare this to the outputs we have been getting? Now that Feb 2010 has been mentioned a few times. IDK what I am looking at. Lol.
  9. With the number of hits on here, there should be less worry around here.
  10. Thanks. I thought so especially once I saw the 180 frame with a closer low to the coast.
  11. What's going to stop all the moisture from escaping with that 1002 in the atlantic??
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