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  1. SNJ across the river from northeast philly 36 and rain with wind really beginning to crank up had around 3 inches when I got home at 5. likely compacted
  2. So discouraging to hear "colder surfaces". Sun angle is equivalent to late January now.
  3. Define "remotely". Lets go Philly 9.8"!
  4. People will claim 4" but it will be officially a Trace.
  5. I am right on the 25-36" line that happens to fall on the border of PA/NJ.
  6. Raysoto19

    October East Coast Storm

    Any higher elevation folks changing over?
  7. If the ridge is not as strong as expected, it would still be able to keep it away from DELMARVA on north? sorry for my ignorance on this
  8. Secondary roads began covering around 12:30 here in nw burlington co. Side streets already plowed twice im surprised how well it stuck here compared to central/ north jersey i think the icy stuff yesterday helped
  9. Getting at least an inch per hour and i am between two bands. They must be getting destroyed. Anyone in Burlington NJ or philly who can confirm? They gotta be getting 3/hr
  10. Raysoto19

    The Banter Thread

  11. Raysoto19

    The Banter Thread

    Winter weather advisory and winter storm watch ? Nw burlington
  12. Raysoto19

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    needs to be heavy but got 6 inches on March 20 2015 in south jersey, stuck sloppily on roads
  13. Raysoto19

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    I recall in 2014 I think, walking on Ocean City NJs boardwalk around St Pattys Day with drifts of snow. Really messes with the spring mentality until it melts that afternoon
  14. Raysoto19

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    March seems to have had a decent amount of these southern sliders in past years I am not surprised if we waste the cold
  15. Raysoto19

    Winter 2017-2018 -- The Encore

    When do we get decent sampling of this? Saturday?