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  1. Light non-accumulating snow all morning. 36*. scenic
  2. Psv

    Banter Thread: Winter 2018-19 Edition

    True, the mud has been annoying
  3. Psv

    Banter Thread: Winter 2018-19 Edition

    Worst possible winter weather is cold and dry. Ranks are as follows cold and snowy warmy and snowy (2016/2017) warm and dry warm and wet cold and dry trough in the east is useless to me without snow
  4. What's up bro. Maybe next time you lie down on your stomach while taking the photo, make the snow be over your head. J/K of course, congrats on the big start to winter! Keep the photos comin
  5. 1.70" of rain today, cant remember this many 1.5" events in a fall season, every event is so wet
  6. Big difference tonight with calm winds. 22 here and 28 at FRG. With a light nw flow we don’t do well
  7. Even islip only bottomed out at 14. I think early in the year the warm sound keeps us a bit warmer
  8. 13.8 this morning, wind stayed up a bit. Hannukah was white last year, no complaints if we repeat...
  9. salt and sand, not liquid. Im not sure they do liquid out here
  10. Roads were pre-treated out here in Suffolk, as i was driving behind spreaders. 3 hours later complete snowpack on the roads. Came down too fast.
  11. From exit 68 on the LIE (where forcsst was for all rain)
  12. Islip coming in at 4.3”, upton 4.6”, when forecast was for “little to no accumulation.” incredible. 5.0” final here