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  1. nobody decent wants to get involved in politics in this country. It rips you apart and ruins your life.
  2. Trump is running again. So she has no shot. He will get the nomination and lose again.
  3. Maybe in the future we shut down highways like we do for blizzards? Food for thought. The times they are a changing...
  4. Been getting crushed in the Poconos all day. Around 4" of rain, winds gusting to 25 and nasty.
  5. Psv


    Getting stormy out here, windblown rain, gusts to around 30
  6. Psv


    Surprised there aren’t widespread power outages with those gusts
  7. Psv


    Buoy in the eyewall only gusting to 40…
  8. Psv


    Winds gusting to 26 in Montauk.
  9. Psv


    Dead calm winds here in Suffolk county. Not a leaf moving.
  10. Psv


    Man the city is going to get crushed. Crazy bands in nassau now moving west. Jesus
  11. Psv


    Nothing shows it hitting the Hamptons now. Montauk to Newport is the zone now I think. Bob was a beast and we still didn’t lose power where I was in western Suffolk. The power grid can withstand 30 mph winds
  12. Psv


    30 mph winds won’t do anything to the power grid.
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