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  1. Park hit 90. About to get crushed here in Suffolk
  2. park doesn’t seem to be as off as other years. So much for the zero 90 degree day calls.
  3. Getting crushed under this cell. Blew up. much needed rain. Tons of lightning
  4. give it a month. You’ll get your 75 degree dew
  5. Like when last year? July? We didn’t hit 90 by this time last year
  6. can’t win them all. Metro area scorcher today. Never sell heat
  7. 92 here. So much for those predictions of zero 90 degree days for the park.
  8. Could be worse, you could actually live in Philly. I kid, I kid...
  9. This pattern has been common the past few years and by late June we snap into a hot pattern. I wouldn't spike the football just yet.
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