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  1. Today is not BN, its AN. Yesterday was about Normal. BN was really 5 days, 1/17 to 1/21. We are AN going through February 1
  2. camelback has the water park and tubing for the kids and is an easy ride with a 2 year old lol.
  3. Yea they were cranking out snow all day and night. Still i would say half the trails at least are closed. Only about 3” of a natural snow at the summit
  4. Could sure use some snow here in the Poconos. Half the trails are closed and the open ones are very icy.
  5. Lmao on track for potentially top 5 warmest January and people are saying “what torch”. we dip below freezing for a few days in late January and people lose their minds. We will be back in the 40s Thursday moving forward, 5-10 above average
  6. We’ve already had a blowtorch. Top 6 warmest January so far. A few days of cool before we warm back up. and that map is troubling as our source region is well AN.
  7. I’m dumbfounded as to how we are still all snow. Keep checking and still are. 32.8
  8. Not sure how, but still all snow here and pouring snow, 32. 3.0”
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