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  1. We need a freeze to kill the bugs. They are out of control.
  2. and the tarrifs have hit hard. Farmers are already getting billions in aid to offset the effects.
  3. Droughts out here has led to early leaf drop. Brown, dead leaves everywhere
  4. 92.0 here, classic west flow day, warmer out east a bit, shocked how warm we got, and my sensor is in full shade right now
  5. 90 out here, haven’t hit up since early August. Really impressive, and the dews are oppressive
  6. Incredible day. Had my son's 2nd birthday party in the backyard today and couldnt have asked for a nicer day. Put some cucumbers out and for the most part it kept away the yellowjackets.
  7. Would like a hard freeze to kill the bugs and then roast
  8. Heavy wind driven rain here in Suffolk county. Some nice wind gusts too, maybe 30?
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