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  1. got outside today and felt much better. At the park people were having tailgate parties in the parking lot, was astounding to me. Some people are not taking this seriously at all
  2. Beautiful day for a run, sunken meadow state park. As long as the sun shines we can make it. The weather being awful has made it worse.
  3. My kids are 2 and 6 and don’t go to bed until 930. Need attention the entire day. We get 1-2 shows in and then pass out. Another week I can do. Another month i don’t know
  4. Losing my mind with this quarantine. Yes yes, I know why it’s important and I’m following the guidelines. Yes I know it’s saving lives, etc etc. Doesn’t take away from the fact that being social is a part of my life, both business and pleasure. I’ve never had a job where I wasn’t going to court, meetings, etc. Sittinf in one place all day every day is a crazy shock to my system and it’s been very hard to adjust to. Also doesn’t help that the weather has been horrendous so we are trapped inside. If my kids were older and less needy it wouldn’t be so bad. Yes I know, it’s a blessing to be closer with my kids, I get it. But to have ZERO break for a month is really difficult. I think the above is all worth it to save lives. But, it’s also important to recognize the significant mental and emotional toll this is taking on millions of people. It can’t be ignored
  5. This explains why the CFR in the Netherlands, Belgium and France are so high. Less testing.
  6. agreed. The facts are in plain sight. The spin machine can’t change this one, the body bags tell the story.
  7. This is just horrendous. Cant even see pretty ladies anymore. Brrruttalllll
  8. I was pretty sick in late December. For about 7-10 days, on and off fever, lingering cough. Seemed like a bad cold, but my HR was pretty elevated during that time, about 20 BPM higher than normal, came back down a week after. Not sure if it was Covid
  9. Oh i get out, i run, went to the beach today. But thats it, outdoor parks for me. Thanks Don. Tough time for all.
  10. Yup. im not going anywhere public for the next 2 weeks, other than an outdoor state park
  11. Welp, starting to hit home. My grandfather's wife's nephew just died of corona in Dallas, 54 year old male, no health problems. Their senior center's manager just died, their rabbi is sick, their neice is sick, very bad. My other neighbor's mother has it now, found her on the floor yesterday, on oxygen now. The wave is hitting right now, crashing, and we all should hang on the best we can, and save those around us.
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