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  1. 1/2" hail here...first time i have seen hail here in 6 years
  2. Took this from my drone not too long ago
  3. Not when I got it. I was like 28 and stupid. I have gotten it every year since lol
  4. The flu is not mild is my point. Maybe a mild cold like symptom. When I had the flu I legit thought it might kill me.
  5. This. The flu is terrible. Most people who say they got don’t actually have it. It knocks the shit out of you. And yes, much worse for kids. But anyone who actually had the flu would never say “mild flu like symptoms”. There’s nothing mild about the flu. It f***s you up
  6. Who gives a shit that we are Americans? What does that have to do with it? That we are stupid and stubborn? If that’s what you mean then yes I agree
  7. There are many people out here still taking masks seriously. My observation it’s more people of color and from Asia wearing masks. The white folk around here really don’t wear masks. draw your own conclusions on that one
  8. Why not? They do it in many parts of the world.
  9. Yes, we should wear masks if we have the flu. The flu is also deadly.
  10. Kids are outside without a mask…
  11. My kids 7 and 3 went to school all year, didn’t miss a beat. Virus had no impact on them. me? I’m much more anti social for sure…work at home full time and leave my house much less. I just hate driving and sitting in traffic, as well as being around random people…nothing to do with the virus, I’m just ok with staying at home
  12. Torrential rain and thunder, but winds 20 or less
  13. I am in commack so i think the worst is sliding to my south...lots of loud thunder so far...it is a supercell so i will be checking the radar for any rotation...
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