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  1. To a very very small audience. 99.9999% wouldn't care The massive news is what was predicted 1-2+ " of QPF didn't materialize But nobody cares when the liquid equivalent busts... only the frozen type
  2. I think this is a bigger brood than 2013.
  3. And when the soil temps warm to the mid-60s, Brood X Cicadas will emerge.
  4. Do you have a wood deck or anything? Could just be the water freezing/expanding
  5. The Emerald Ash Borer has just wreaked havoc on about 25 million Ash trees in New Jersey. There's plenty to keep coming down for the next few years
  6. SNOW SQUALL WARNING NWS STATE COLLEGE PA 815 AM EST MON FEB 22 2021 PAC037-037-041-041-043-043-071-071-075-075-081-081-093-093-097-097-099-099-107-107-109-109-113-113-117-117-119-119-133-133-221445- /O.NEW.KCTP.SQ.W.0004.210222T1315Z-210222T1445Z/ 815 AM EST MON FEB 22 2021 Columbia County-Cumberland County-Dauphin County-Lancaster County-Lebanon County-Lycoming County-Montour County-Northumberland County-Perry County-Schuylkill County-Snyder County-Sullivan County-Tioga County-Union County-York County- The National Weather Service in State College PA has issued a * Snow Squall Warning for.
  7. This is the most important quote “It was another wintry day in <wherever you are>”
  8. No, for me as soon as the heavier echos on radar got closer we switched to sleet.
  9. Temp down to 24 dewpoint 18 sleet / freezing rain
  10. Radar is blossoming have mixed sleet and freezing rain 3 miles east of Lambertville nj temp now 25
  11. 26 degrees mix of sleet and freezing rain 3 miles east of Lambertville nj
  12. Is the nam bringing this in earlier and earlier? This was the Sunday wave now looks Saturday daytime?
  13. oops. i misread that as starting evening. glossed over the 'not'
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