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  1. Jake732

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    been very busy with work..are we getting rainfall from this monster or wind? if yes when? thank u. would appreciate an answer. thanx to all
  2. Just had the holiday, haven’t followed in 2 days. Looks like NC landfall. Do we see rain or wind from this this weekend?
  3. Watch this baby come more north these next couple days
  4. Only next Tuesday Wednesday?! How can this spin in the Carolinas for that long??
  5. Shabbat shalom to all. Push this thing north plz
  6. Interesting how nj is sharp cutoff no effects.
  7. as per euro what would nj be seeing as far as rain and wind?
  8. Jake732

    August 2018 Discussion And Observation

    I’m in Lakewood. Crazy situation. Cars stuck everywhere. Major flooding.
  9. Srefs?
  10. Euro?