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  1. IVT’s just give me headaches and nightmares, unless you happen to be under one then they are amazing!
  2. Not sure if this can be posted here and if not mods please delete but I ran across this and thought everyone might find it interesting...
  3. Nahh really don’t most of everything melted until 8pm or so and I can currently see my sidewalk. Has stuck a little on the street and very light coating on my cars.
  4. Hat a difference in a short distance I have maybe 1/2” at best and have been reduced to flurries for about an hour now
  5. Problem most likely wouldn’t be at the surface, problem would be a warm nose in the mid layers in which snow cover wouldn’t assist with. What it could do is create a freezing rain situation in some areas..
  6. anyone have a good blank map for the NJ, Eastern PA, and NY/Long Island Area. Accidentally saved my current thoughts over my blank map and am struggling to find one. Thank You..
  7. Well that was a bust and a half if I have ever seen it. Terrible terrible guidance by all models on this one. Too notch play by play and now casting by everyone here though really great job from start to finish from our top notch community here. Here’s to severe season!
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