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  1. WeatherJeff1019

    The Banter Thread

    Well that was a bust and a half if I have ever seen it. Terrible terrible guidance by all models on this one. Too notch play by play and now casting by everyone here though really great job from start to finish from our top notch community here. Here’s to severe season!
  2. @33andrain We going to just miss out on this or what?
  3. Parachutes in Union currently, streets still wet
  4. I’m in Union as well and wouldn’t call this anywhere near ripping. Lost the coating we had on the roads and the sidewalk with that dry slot. Should pick up again soon but maybe an inch on colder surfaces currently
  5. Currently a Flizzard in Union Township
  6. Wow that is bust city for the NWS in Central/South Jersey
  7. WeatherJeff1019

    March 20-22 Winter Storm Threat Part I

    Had reports of Sleet in Toms River, Light Snow earlier in Lakewood, and Sleet in Bethlehem, PA.
  8. Then somebody better catch it!.... lol... no?...
  9. I am thinking after this next storm might be a good time to close this thread and lock it to start a new one 317 pages Madonne!!
  10. Will be fun waiting till midnight for the gfs on Sunday night and 2 for the Euro as we track this potential beast!
  11. When are we fully sampled on this? Also will they be flying recon?