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  1. South of Watertown NY they must be getting 5-6 inches per hour.
  2. Central Park Had 6 inches of snow November 15 and they went December January and most of February with Very little snow and most places did not get 20 inches it was anywhere between eight and 15 inches I do agree with you on the cold we had to impressive outbreaks with no snow cover with a temperature that got down below 5°. What makes Last winter in this winter so bad is the fact that we have had not a single nor Easter in two winters everything has been crappy tiny shredded systems with not a lot of precipitation.
  3. Robert Moses State Park had a summer like crowd in the parking lot. Ocean is still cold so it’s not warm here like it is inland.
  4. OH yeah, I heard there are many ares in the Hudson valley with less than 10 inches of snow which is unimaginable to me.
  5. As am I. The cold goes right through me the older I get and I feel it more. I am looking forward to the warmer days.
  6. Add to this a Strong March or April Noreaster enhanced by the warm SSTs which upwells cooler waters to the surface thus retarding any effect enhanced warmth might have thereafter.
  7. I have not seen a flake of snow since JAN 18. In my lifetime I have never seen a FEB/MARCH combo go completely snowless. FEB 1998 remains the only snowless FEB in my lifetime but this month could be the 2nd FEB to do so. FEB/MARCH 1998 came ohsoclose....if not for the useless MARCH 22nd 5.5 incher. That winter still remains as the ONLY Calendar winter to go completely snowless for me. I still believe I see some snow in March....forget accumulation...just a trace would do. IF March goes completely snowless, that would be truly amazing.
  8. My nana was in Eastern PA during the March 1958 Blizzard and she said that was the worst storm she ever experienced.
  9. Since I joined these internet weather boards back in 2000 This is the quietest I have ever seen it for this time of year. Even during the horrible winters of 2001-02 to 2007-08 2011-12 there was still a lot of discussion. There is absolutely nothing and that is incredible in of itself. Forget the warmth and lack of snow the fact that there has not been a single major storm over the past two winters now is Is more alarming to me than the temperatures. I have seen winters gone by with no Nor’easters but not two consecutive winters.
  10. It will be very interesting to see whether this is the beginning of a decade long snow drought or just 2 ratter winters in a snowmageddon regime. The early and mid 70s and from 1983-93 was bad as well as 1996-97,98,99 2001-02. Hopefully this isn’t like those periods.
  11. Both FEB1989 and FEB 1990 had AO readings of +3. And the first 10 days of both March’s had brief snow and cold. other FEBs with a AO of over +1 had snow during the March that followed. I believe we do see snow and brief cold during the first half of March.
  12. I believe Riverhead NY had 18 inches from a Norlun trough and it got cold afterwards. The first week of March 1990 was cold With a snowstorm but then it hit 85° on March 15, 1990
  13. JAN 2019 and 2020 combined gave me 3 inches. That is a record low for 2 Consecutive January's for me.
  14. 2011-12 was an all out Torch from November to March with only the Oct snow and the Jan snow. I have 9.5 inches with 3 storms and one day of heavy snow squalls. it’s not great and it is still a bad winter but nothing near the top 3 worst.
  15. We had our “winter” it was from NOV 5-DEC 20. It was cold for November and We had the snow falls In the first couple of weeks of December so we did have a six week period of winter it just wasn’t when it was optimal unfortunately. As bad as this winter and last winter was this is nowhere near like it was in some of the really truly bad winters
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