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  1. JAN-FEB 1990 Couplet is the Warmest on record for NYC. Just beating The JAN-FEB 1998 couplet. JAN 1990 41.4 FEB 1990 39.8 JAN 1998 40.0 FEB 1998 40.6
  2. In just 19 hours the snow is gone. That has been the most frustrating theme the past 2 winters for me.
  3. I never expected anything more than a coating and to get 3 inches with snow covered roads made this an excellent event for me. 9.5 for the season which is better than last winter by a half inch. Think about it, we got accumulating snow from a cutter during a ratter winter. Not bad at all.
  4. The only other times NYC had 2 consecutive January days With a high temp above 65 was in JAN 1932 and JAN 1916.
  5. This is exactly what we needed to happen to not only snap the pattern back but to have the second half of winter really make up ground like it has in so many years. In almost every case where winter made a comeback, there was warmth and in many cases, near record to record warmth...just like it is doing now. PB can explain why this is........he has been Excellent in his analysis.
  6. MY favorite storm of all time is the FEB 11-12 1983 Blizzard. at 1230PM there was a thin overcast with the sun shining through and I thought that's it....its not going to happen (forecast was for 4-6 inches then) Lo and behold as I watched this dark cloud bank approach from the South at 1245PM. It looked more like an approaching Thunderstorm than a snowstorm. By 1PM the cloud shield was overhead and it was dark...the snow came in like a squall....I have never seen any of the wall time great storms do that...it was already snowing heavy and it just got heavier as the afternoon went on. At 630PM the first of the Thundersnow came in and at one point, I saw a close CTG Bolt...I have never seen that before or since during a snowstorm. The Thundersnow lasted 6 1/2 hours and had the most vivid lightning I have ever seen. 24 inches fell. 2nd favorite was the Boxing Day Blizzard. 22 inches in Queens where I was but it was the nearly 70MPH winds making it the most severe combo of wind and snow I have ever experienced. 3rd Favorite was the JAN 1996 Blizzard.
  7. I hope we get record warmth over the next couple of weeks. there will be a lot of cold that will be building up North but let it torch here for awhile. This isn’t a warm zonal North American pattern, Canada will get frigid this month. Siberia will be an icebox. Plenty of cold to be tapped once everything flips. whether you want it or not or like it or not, a cold FEB/MARCH is likely. Hopefully we can get decent snowfall but let’s get the cold first.
  8. JAN 2000 had a warm first half then the second half was cold with snow. JAN 1992 and JAN 1993 both had a warm first half and a colder second half...1992 was very cold the second half but with little snow. JAN 1993 had a bit of snow but the snow came thereafter in FEB and March 1993. While these winters were not historic, the change to colder and snowier overall was better than the first half. JAN 1997 had a mild first half with cold and some snow in the second half. JAN 2005 had a mild first half with the second half snow and cold and the rest of that winter was cold and snowy. JAN 2007 had a record warm first half with a high temp of 72. Cold and light snow events followed the second half of the month with the 2 sleet storms in Feb and March. JAN 2015 was actually the exception because the first half was cold but not snowy. The second half of the month the snow came and it ended being a historic 6 week period.
  9. Comparing a CAT 5 hurricane as “no big deal” to a busted HECS is 2 entirely different things.
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah. Here are my thoughts about the upcoming pattern. I hope the first half of JAN is an all out Torch. The warmer it can get the better chances we have of plunging into a very cold and potentially snowy pattern thereafter. Many of our greatest cold periods have come after insane warmth and that is what I want to see happen. I don't like marginally above normal temp regimes before a pattern change. The more extreme the warmth, the better chance we will have for a tundra like pattern to develop.
  11. Does the cooling trend in the EPO region any cause for concern going forward?
  12. Here are highlights from all 3 snow events for DEC 2019. Along with the cold so far, this will be known as a very good December for many posters and even the warmup coming for the rest of the month won’t change that. Whoever forecasted warmth this month busted. It’s as simple as that. Admit it and move on. Nobody is going to trash you or destroy you or make fun of you. But when you make excuses and get upset with the backlash to it, that is what draws the negative attention to you. The fact is DEC 2019 will go down as one of the BEST Decembers of the 2010s cold and snow wise.....not because of any major accumulations but because of several lesser events and a memorable multiple snow squall outbreak. NYC recorded its lowest DEC temp between DEC 1-20 for this entire decade with the 16 degrees on the morning of DEC 19.
  13. The crippling ice storm in NYC of DEC 16-17 1973 wasnt supposed to happen like it did....temps trended colder as the storm approached and the storm began as snow but quickly went to sleet and freezing rain. JAN 1978 was bad for LI. At one point during the storm, temps were in the 20s at the surface with heavy rain but 1000 feet above the surface, it was in the 50s. Thousands of trees were destroyed in Queens County. The destruction to trees was the worst I have ever seen in my lifetime. I would rather see 1000MPH winds than 1.5 inches of ice. JAN 1994 doesnt even come anywhere near near what DEC 1973 did. I HOPE there isn't anything like that again.....I certainly will not be rooting for it to happen.
  14. This is what I love to see. ENSO 1+2 cooling after a brief warm flare up. This is one of the most significant things we need for the winter to be cold and snowy. Last winter 1+2 was warm and that is what contributed to the malise we had for the winter. Good things going forward. I am confident the winter of 2019-20 ends up being the coldest since 2014-15.
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