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  1. That's right I say the word forgotten because The majority of people remember only the blizzard of February 11-12 1983. However if it weren't for the February blizzard then this January storm will go down in the annals as one of the greatest bust in the history of New York City snowfall forecasting the fact when you look at all the factors it still is. January 15 had a forecast for New York city of rain changing over to snow and becoming very heavy with blizzard conditions with strong winds blowing snow. 12 to 16 inches of snow was forecast of fall by That night. Winter storm and hea
  2. 25 years ago right now as the wait and the preparation for the big blizzard was going on, the update in the models and snowfall accumulation came out and they went from 12-18inches to 24-30 inches!!! I had not experienced A true blizzard since February 1983 storm And here we were just 12 hours away from the first flakes falling. I will never forget the anticipation of the excitement and the crew euphoria I felt. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced with snowfall and as much as I love the snow, There was something that is truly special and beautiful when you go along time
  3. I am glad you mentioned 2009-10. Only two days freezing or below in January 2010 in February 2010 combined. These were above and we got very lucky with the Snowstorms. We had a lot of Atlantic blocking but Canada had little to no Snowcover.
  4. People forget that the last two winters we did not have a single nor'easter in the December January February time frame in both winters!! I don't care if we get 65 and rain I will take an active pattern over a dead pattern. Some people think cold is the only ingredient for snowstorms ask anybody who remembers December 1989 which is one of the coldest winter months I've ever experienced yet I finished with less than 2 inches of snow for the month and that only happens with a massive warm front during the last days of 1989. January 1990 was the second woman's January on recor
  5. I can hear the roar above the surface but so far nothing bad here in Bay Shore yet. I am hoping it stays that way but I believe we dob get into the heavier winds soon.
  6. I used to love strong winds until SEPT 16 2010 when a 122 knot gust hit my area And where I lived in Queens. Trees with down everywhere including in front of my house Woodhaven Boulevard was blocked With trees. It was a Macroburst/Tornado End it was by far the scariest weather event I have ever been through. The Boxing Byp Blizzards Hwy Thousands Home there was a wind gust to 68 mph and most of the wind was sustained between 45 and 50 mph for a long time. That blizzard had the most intense winds I have ever experienced that includes the Feb 1978 blizzard. I don't believe I will
  7. Northern Hemispheric Snowcover and especially Canadian Snowcover is vital if we are to even have a chance of having cold and snow for us. While this is not a 100% guarantee it certainly does help tremendously. Little or No Snowcover virtually guarantees us for warmth with little snow. This is why I get annoyed when people start complaining about cutters because the more cutters you get, the more snow cover is going to be laid down in Central and Eastern Canada and a better chances we will have for our own cold and snow as we progress into the winter. Obviously this is not a 100%
  8. Almost a carbon copy of Christmas Eve 2008. 60 degrees Melting the remaining snow pack from the earlier SWFE storm, then a narrow band of convective heavy showers with the cold front right after midnight then Christmas day was chilly but not brutally cold, this looks to be a little bit colder.
  9. Stiff NE wind now tells me that the HP is strong and still funneling in cold, low dewpoint air into the region. There is a big difference between fresh or take care and we treating arctic air right before a storm. The late Meteorologist Norm Macdonald said You can always gauge the strength of a high-pressure system by the wind as fresh arctic air Will increase the likelihood for an all snow event but a retreating high-pressure system won't have any wind that increases a chance for a change over to rain. I have followed this ever since I heard that the 1970s and it has worked out very
  10. It was so good to wake up to the first Pre Christmas Winter Storm Warning for The South Shore of Suffolk County since Dec 19 2009.
  11. My window was always in January. I had written DEC off a long time ago. I never expected to see the potential we may very well get next week. My main Analog this winter was 1999 -2000 so I was not expecting anything in December.
  12. It's still was not looking good at all. The pattern look like crap. I don't remember seeing the potential for Atlantic blocking like this I thought that would've been more help from the Pacific. To go from having 2.1 inches of snow for the entire calendar year in New York City to a potential for something big next week is a big deal. The fact that we have something to track is huge and now that I am recovering and almost better from the coronavirus it gives me a lot of reasons to be happy.
  13. The PV split is the greatest Miracle since the US beat Russia in hockey in the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. I cannot believe we are talking about a Potential major snowstorm for next Wednesday when just a few days ago December was gone, cooked and burned.
  14. Autumn 2020 finished with a temp of 59.9 for NYC which is the 9th warmest on record. This was also the first time that a T10 Warmest Autumn was achieved without either a 90 degree day in Sept or a 80 degree temp in October.
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