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  1. Getting to the low and mid 90s on OCT 2nd is Historic. getting to the low and mid 90s with a dew point of 70 and above on OCT 2ND is beyond anything I could imagine.
  2. 48 where I am which is the coldest SEPT temp I have experienced this entire decade.
  3. Recurving East Coast Hurricanes are a very good sign for cold and snow.
  4. OCT 2017 was the warmest on record, and we had a decent winter with a colder NOV DEC and first half of JAN.
  5. I believe we get our rain from the PRE as most, if not all of Dorians rains miss us.
  6. This event is very similar to the SEPT 16 2010 Storm which was the most intense storm I ever lived through when I lived in Rego Park in Queens NY. That storm was a Macroburst and it produced a tornado as well in Queens. a 122 knot wind was recorded 3 homes from me at that time. Thankfully I missed the worst of this one but I still got 60MPH winds. The NWS has to send a team out to survey the damage and the winds were probably 100-110mph.
  7. Those storms really blew up as they reached the South Shore. Warm SSTs do the trick. I picked up 1.06 by me in a very short time.
  8. Yes they do. The cooler waters are in ENSO regions 1+2 in both cases and this helps to create a much better chance of snow and cold for us. When the waters are warmer in regions 1+2...this leads to milder weather for us and it needs not be a raging East Based NINO or a raging West Based NINA. The 1998-99 and 2007-08 NINAs were West Based.
  9. Looks like an East Based NINA is beginning to develop. This is exactly what I want to see for a cold, snowy winter for us. The +QBO is dropping and will be going negative in a few months so that is good. That PAC jet needs to relax....hopefully it will do so in the coming months. The NAO isnt what concerns me, its the EPO. It was positive last winter and that really was what killed it for us. We need an -EPO to deliver the goods. Its only August and there is a Long flight ahead but so far the takeoff was good.....lets hope the rest of the flight is good as well.
  10. After going 0-for the summer the storm earlier tonight made it 2 consecutive days with a storm here. Very vivid CTG lightning and .15 of rain in only 3 minutes. Nice storm.
  11. The South Shore of Southwest Suffolk County has been void of storms this summer but that streak was finally broken tonight by me and drsnatically enough it happened as soon as I got off at my stop on the LIRR. 1.28
  12. July 15 1995 remains the hottest day I ever experienced in my lifetime where I used to live in Queens NY. Temp 105 with a dew point of 82 Nothing since then has even come close. I got heat exhaustion and felt awful. JULY 1993 and AUG 2006, I had 3 consecutive days of 100 and higher where I used to live.
  13. 96 here earlier now back down to 94. As much as I dont like the heat and I still sweat a lot, I no longer get the heat exhaustion I used to get when I was younger. Heat like this would make me feel dizzy and nauseous but that doesn't happen anymore.
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