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  1. Question: in thr eay there is a -NAO East and s -NAO West, is there something similar to the +EPO? All +EPOs aren't the same. Some absolutely burn us while others are very tepid
  2. The Warm and terribly humid last 20 days of Sept and October here were not caused by the +EPO but rather by the -NAO being displaced so far South. This is why the southeast actually was cooler compared to us I'm here in the middle Atlantic in Northeast where we had a very warm September and October many areas had one of the warmest Octobers on record. The +EPO may be the highest it has been but it may also have minimal effect on our overall pattern. Sometimes the EPO can overwhelm the Atlantic signal and sometimes it doesn't. I like the continued drop in the -QBO. You can s
  3. My biggest concern is the current 63 degree water temp Off of the south shore of Long Island. That water temperature is going to have to drop significantly over the next several weeks because we can have system with arctic air in place and all of the ingredients but if we get any kind of flow off of the water it is going to change anything at the coast to rain and very quickly.
  4. That is just incredible when you consider that there was never a November tornado before On Long Island now there is a recordat six in one day and one day in November. Somebody I know tried to downplay it saying they were weak tornadoes and I told them how about you go to the places that were affected look at the damage and tell the people exactly what you told me.
  5. 4th Confirmed tornado in Suffolk County. That is the most ever for a single day on Long Island in Nassau and Suffolk County just incredible and the fact that it happened at this time of year is even more astonishing although November is the second severe season.
  6. That has got to be one of the most prolific lightning produces for the month of November. But it does go with what has happened this year I have seen so much lightning in the year 2021 I've never seen lightning as frequently and on as many days as I have seen this year 2021.
  7. I was driving on Sunrise Highway Westbound by Connequoit River State Park at 326PM When the wind hit the car and rocked it it was a little bit scary and there seem to be some twisting I thought it was just ones with the straight line winds but there was so much debris coming down for a brief time I wonder if anyone has a radar shot of that area at that time if it wasn't a tornado and it was definitely the beginning of one or the Sciphone of one because I don't remember ever feeling that the car got rocked like it was going to flip and it was scary. Then again I was actually storm ch
  8. That Has to be in one of the most intense November thunderstorms you've ever seen living in either Nassau or Suffolk County.
  9. Warm SSTs Really add to the storms explosive development.
  10. I believe with the warm ocean waters just offshore that if we get a Nor'easter it is going to be an absolute monster and become one of the strongest on record.
  11. One of the most wicked November thunderstorms I've ever seen intense blinding rain intense cloud to ground lightning and wind over 50 mph.
  12. Excellent research and discussion. I agree with you I do not believe we have a fast start to winter either that's just the way it has been I hope at least we have a decent Christmas week with at least normal temperatures and maybe some snow but I don't want 65° and rain.
  13. The colorful tree was on NOV 7 2020 and the green tree was today NOV 7 2021. This has got to be one of the latest foliage years on Long Island.
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