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  1. Not only is the OCT 15-NOV 30 2018 period the coldest 2nd half of Autumn this decade and probably the coldest going back to 2000, but the 2018 Autumn will also ends the streak of 3 Consecutive TOP 10 and TOP 5 Warmest Autumns of 2015, 2016 and 2017. The change of the pattern from warm to cool to cold which began on OCT 12th after the endless warmth and high dew point stretch we had was as dramatic as I can ever remember and it is probably the most dramatic turnaround I have ever seen. To go with the warmth and consistent 70-75 degree dewpoints (The dew point was 75 on OCT 11) to the overall chill with only transient warmups is not something we have seen for a very long time.
  2. The models never see the correction but the pattern will dictate it.

  3. WOW!! Thank you for the compliment. Look at how awful and I mean AWFUL the models were this past summer for us. Every cool down ended up verifying hot with dewpoints of 75+. The pattern dictated heat but i virtually guaranteed a cool summer. I had the worst summer forecast in the history of the weather boards but I learned my lesson and will never make that mistake again.
  4. The ridge will rebuild back over the top. Ever since I saw JB discuss that several years ago, it has been easy to follow and you need not be concerned with what the model says. The models never see the correction, but the pattern will dictate it.
  5. Andrew Maddis

    Playing with my 2 favorite ANTI-LOGS

    Great stuff Joe and just like you, I get frustrated and want to pull my hair out when people dont see this stuff but rather make a groupthink comment about it. my top analog for NOV and DEC was 1983. Many people might say "You cannot use that it was a completely different ENSO Blah Blah Blah when in fact it is an appropriate analog in terms of Actual weather....and while not exactly like that autumn, close enough to verify. DEC 1983 had an extremely wet first half and then came the cold and of course the frigid Christmas, second coldest in my lifetime to Christmas 1980.
  6. I LOVE Cutters and Runners. They help to BUILD the Canadian snowpack, which means it helps build the cold, which in turn helps to deliver the cold to us, which in turn helps to sustain snow, which in turn helps to build a snowpack, which in turn makes the 33andrain crew happy. This is a Field Of Dreams winter, it is building and it will come. The rains for this afternoon will be brief but could be like tropical downpours as the radar is just exploding in Central NJ. Flooding likely in places again.
  7. WOW!! and to think we have NYC snow lovers who complain even if they get 20 inches. This really puts things into perspective.
  8. I love this look and it will only get better. Wait until the 1040 HP builds in Eastern Canada with a GOM LP getting ready to ride up the coast.
  9. Andrew Maddis

    November 15-16th -- First Widespread Frozen -- Forecasts/Obs

    When was the last time NYC had at least 4 inches of snow in both April and November in the same calendar year?? I believe this may be a first.
  10. Congratulations Newman!!! Good luck with the courses you be taking and really try to soak up the atmosphere and make the most of the college experience. Find the winners and keep away from the slackers. Success is contagious.
  11. This brings tears of joy to my eyes.
  12. I believe they regenerate as they cross the coastal waters and move into Nassau and Suffolk Counties like it has been doing since August. We shall soon find out.
  13. Andrew Maddis

    Teleconnections: A More Technical Discussion

    33andrain IS The Harvard of the Internet weather discussion boards. I have NEVER seen so much articulate, brilliant, informative discussion about anything and everything to do with weather as I have on this board. I have learned more in the past 12 months than I learned in all the years I have been on all of the other boards combined.
  14. Andrew Maddis

    October 2018 Discussion & Observations

    The line developed to my East and the flashes were very frequent. While it is normal for the best Thunderstorms to be from AUG-OCT for LI because of the warm SSTs enhancing any type of atmospheric disturbance, this year has been very active and. This is my first year living in Suffolk County and I have never seen so much lightning as I have from August to now and even the best storm years when I was living in Queens and The Bronx doesnt even come close to this.