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  1. That is touchdown debris still falling. You dont see that too often.
  2. Top 3 April Thunderstorm here. An inch of rain in 30 minutes and the most spectacular nocturnal lighting display I have seen in decades. Strong winds as well. This may very well be the most intense storm I see this year, going to be tough to top it.
  3. The snow that morning stuck to the roads as it came down very heavy and it remains the latest I have ever experienced accumulating snowfall in my lifetime.
  4. I received 3 inches on APRIL 19 1983 where I used to live in Queens and that was the closest I have come to doing that.
  5. That storm had Heavy sleet Thunderstorms with 65MPH winds. One of the most intense Nor’easters I have ever experienced
  6. I have nothing here. Only got 2.5 for the event and now have 14 on the season.
  7. Hopefully we get something decent. I believe we get about 4-5 inches here.
  8. Where is the Cold Front currently? Hopefully there will be some decent wind by the time it gets here.
  9. Here is the 2018-19 winter. This stat is just incredible. NYC Central Park had 6.4 inches of snow on NOV 15 2018 in roughly a 6 hour period. DEC 2018, JAN 2019 and FEB 2019 so far have 3.6 inches of snow!!!!!!! 6 hours in NOV have held and 90 days of true winter with cold and moisture laden systems can't even match the total.
  10. Presidents Day Feb 1975 was the first time Most intense lightning display was FEB 11 1983.........JAN 26-27 2011 doesnt even come close. Loudest Thunder was Presidents Day 1975, JAN 22 1987 storm and the FEB 4th 1995 storm ...(that one knocked me out of bed it was so loud)
  11. This January, NYC had 2 separate outbreaks of cold with single digits below 5. FEB 14 2016, NYC reached -1 for the first time since JAN 1994. All 3 times, there was no snow cover at all. Many believe that with snow cover the temps would have been even lower. I dont believe this to be true at all, I believe that a snowless ground yields the coldest temps, not for a prolonged time, but at the height of the CAA...let me explain. Think back to all of the times since JAN 1994 when we had CAA with snow cover, sometimes quite substantial, yet we couldn't go below 5, let alone 0. Snowcover contains heat. Deep Snowcover contains more heat. The water in the snow is what creates the heat (When I say heat, this is a relative all probably knew that but in case you didn't, well here it is) This is just enough heat to prevent temps from really crashing like they should, the temps near the surface can't get as low because as the water content evaporates from the snow, it creates just enough water vapor to prevent severe cold. When the ground is snowless and bare, the CAA doesnt have a heat source or moisture to contend with, this is why temps can go as low as they do. The dry surface translates into lower dewpoints hence more diurnal cooling. The reverse happens during the summer when you have a heat ridge over a drought area. The dewpoints will be lower, but the temp will now be able to go higher. When there is a lot of rainfall (Summer 2018) the dews are high but the actual temps remain below what they would have reached. I dont care if the snow cover is 2 inches or 200 inches, each snowpack emits heat, thus limiting evaporative cooling.
  12. Great Post Tom and what is amazing is the fact that NYC had 2 separate arctic outbreaks where the temp dropped below 5 degrees and yet they sit under 10 inches of snow. I cannot find a winter that did this. I have never seen so many opportunities to get snow end up with nothing. 2 winters ago though we had 3 snowstorms a day after temps were in the 60s. Last March was simply incredible and I received 17 inches of snow on MARCH 21-22 2018 AND 5 inches on APRIL 2 2018. Many times this decade we got lucky. Our luck ran out on us this winter in a big way. What is ironic is I wish this had been a blowtorch warm winter. If its not going to snow, it might as well be warm.
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