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  1. 1.50 in about 15 minutes with an incredible lightning display. Definitely one of the most intense Nocturnal Thunderstorms I have ever experienced.
  2. As warm as JUNE 2020 has been, the fact that it only hit exactly 90 twice at the park is very unimpressive. The 90 degree temp has to be one of the lowest high temps for this month with a departure above normal like it is.
  3. https://www.ustornadoes.com/2015/05/31/may-31-1985-a-tornado-outbreak-out-of-place/ This produced the most intense, vivid display of lightning I have ever seen during a Nocturnal Thunderstorm event. Those who remember this will agree with me.
  4. 5th consecutive night with thick fog here in n Suffolk county.
  5. You couldn’t pay me to go to a Jersey Shore beach anymore. I want to keep me almost 10 years ago in fact in 2011 and it was awful not because of the beach or the water but because of the obnoxious people there. It’s just like the Hamptons with the same level of obnoxiousness which I do not want to tolerate. Give me Robert Moses and Fire island, in fact I am only a 10 minute drive from there And I will be happy. That has always been my favourite place to go now I will be there every weekend during the summer.
  6. 3 Consecutive May days with low temps in the 30s in NYC. When was the last time that happened?
  7. This is the 2nd time I have seen it snow in May but today was easily the most impressive with the squalls.
  8. Just had a moderate snow shower here in Bay Shore. Incredible.
  9. Historical Day today Don. 33 degrees where I live in my part of Bay Shore LI. Earlier the wind chill was 25 which is the coldest real feel I have ever felt for May. snow earlier which ties May 9 1977 for the latest snowfall I have ever experienced. Also of note is the fact that the 2 least snowiest winters of the decade from 2011-2020 had the earliest accumulating snowfall and the latest trace on record. (OCT 29 2011) (May 9 2020) Quite astounding when one thinks about it. I also believe this is the first time NYC has had at least a trace of snow in every month from JAN-MAY.
  10. South of Watertown NY they must be getting 5-6 inches per hour.
  11. Central Park Had 6 inches of snow November 15 and they went December January and most of February with Very little snow and most places did not get 20 inches it was anywhere between eight and 15 inches I do agree with you on the cold we had to impressive outbreaks with no snow cover with a temperature that got down below 5°. What makes Last winter in this winter so bad is the fact that we have had not a single nor Easter in two winters everything has been crappy tiny shredded systems with not a lot of precipitation.
  12. Robert Moses State Park had a summer like crowd in the parking lot. Ocean is still cold so it’s not warm here like it is inland.
  13. OH yeah, I heard there are many ares in the Hudson valley with less than 10 inches of snow which is unimaginable to me.
  14. As am I. The cold goes right through me the older I get and I feel it more. I am looking forward to the warmer days.
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