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  1. Today is the 30 year Anniversary of the greatest Cold Front I have ever experienced. ON the evening of NOV 20 1989, a low precipitation Derecho developed over Western PA and moved Eastward eventually crossing the NYC Metro area. Shortly before 9PM where I was living in Queens at the time there was intense CTG lightning but just aa bit of rain then the gust front came through with winds of over 70MPH. I believe K:GA had a gust t0 74MPH. Port Jefferson LI had a gust to 100MPH and that remains the highest official wind gust on LI since then. Trees and Power lines were down. Searingtown Road in Nassau County had power lines down for a long stretch. The winds in this derecho were even greater than the Labor Day 1998 Tornado. Damage reports in PA/NJ and CT were similar. The cold front bought in the air mass that would set the stage for the White Thanksgiving.
  2. Excellent Analysis. What I am beginning to wonder is if we are entering a period or rather, have now been in a period where DEC is going to be overall warm and with less snow for several years to come. (I am talking about NYC/NJ/LI) The Decembers of the 1960 were cold and snowy, just like the majority of the Decembers from 2002 to DEC 2010 and just like the Decembers of the 1970s were virtually snowless, but cold...the Decembers since 2011 have been overall warm and less snowy, with DEC 2013 and 2017 the exceptions.
  3. WOW!! Snowlovers in Atlanta must have screamed through this. I cannot imagine living there and watching the counties South of there get slammed while I get little to nothing.
  4. In MY Opinion the greatest second half of winter was the 2014-15 winter. I had less than an inch of snow up until JAN 23 2015. From there on through the rest of winter I had 63 inches including a 22 inch snowpack on March 5th which was the biggest snowpack for March since the March 1888 blizzard. The fact that we weren't in the bullseye made it even more impressive. Boston got clobbered with 100 inches in 30 days and they were paralyzed beyond belief. I was living in Pelham Bay The Bronx and it was like living in the tundra. The Cold FEB and the 6 inches of snow cover that lasted over 6 weeks was not only incredible because it was the 2nd consecutive year it did that but it was the 3rd year to do that in this decade and it was the Latest it had ever been done. To see the rivers frozen in early March was a sight to see. The picture was taken on March 5 2015.
  5. It was in FEB 2018. I remember in the 2nd warmest JAN on record in 1990 where I was living in Queens at the time there was a wet snowfall mid month that gave me 4 inches.
  6. The word Torch has been so overused...people do not know its meaning at all anymore and I get so annoyed at the complete misuse of it. FEB 2018 was the last Winter month that we had a Torch. Having a period where temps are above normal is NOT a torch...it is simply temps that are above normal. There is NOTHING in the future that shows anything near a torch. We may get a period that is above normal and even that isnt set in stone yet. Last winter was not a torch. Many areas had less snow and DEC was the warmest month...but it still wasn't a torch. I believe we will have a Cold DEC. And if by chance it isnt cold and it ends up "warm".we will still have snow chances.
  7. The bottom map reminds me of so many 1970s and 1980s storms. It happened more often than not back then.
  8. Another incredible sunset. This is the kind of red I like to see........in the sky at sunset, not on a cool seasonal temp prediction map.
  9. I have never seen a frozen body of water this big frozen this early. Obviously living in New York City up until a couple of years ago I didn’t get many opportunities to see this so it is probably happened before in the more rural areas but even then I would say this is still One of the earliest freezes on Record like this.
  10. Not since 1879 has there been 4 low temps in the 20s before NOV 15th in NYC. 3 record low temps in 6 days. ANYONE who believes this isn’t Historic should be forever removed from weather discussion!!
  11. NYC broke the record set for this date in 1986. This is the 4th day before NOV 15 where nyc has a low temp in the 20s. When did that happen last? NOV 1976 I believe.
  12. 22 for a low by me which is officially the lowest I have ever experienced cold like this so early in the season. The 24 in NOV 1976 was the previous record.
  13. I just turned 53 a couple of weeks ago and I just want to say that I absolutely love it when you younger people who are starting out in Meteorology develop a mind and opinions of your own and dont follow the herd. I to believe the Euro weeklies suck....they have for a long time and it is so good to see it said by you. You are going to be one of the great Meteorologists!!!!!! I can see that already. Do not let anybody alter or diminish you thinking.
  14. Getting to the low and mid 90s on OCT 2nd is Historic. getting to the low and mid 90s with a dew point of 70 and above on OCT 2ND is beyond anything I could imagine.
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