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  1. Too much of "do as I say and not as I do" from government leaders...
  2. cases seem to be leveling off somewhat right now-let's hope that continues-world o meters had 175K yesterday down from 200K late last week
  3. without monetary help/stimulus-hard to shut things down again....
  4. Seems that new cases are down a bit though--was pushing 200K late last week-yesterday about 175K and closer to 150K today...a blip or maybe the start of a trend?
  5. and then he doubles down by saying he won't get the vaxx (which could also prevent transmission to high risk groups)
  6. yeah I read the article-would make sense why spread in the US was initially slow and then went much faster by early March....
  7. Tend to agree-I hope we can heal some-we are so divided. I agree on the outcome, there was no way Trump was surviving COVID and his handling of it. Too much to overcome for him. No COVID he's a shoo in for a 2nd term.
  8. 50% is doable. Especially if the vaxx is 90% or more effective.
  9. people need to grow a set. We need alot of people to get vacinated in order to get back to life pre-covid...
  10. positive rate in CT has leveled off somewhat and hospitalizations, while increasing have increased at a lesser rate the last 5 days. The week after Thanksgiving will be interesting to see what kind of bump there is....
  11. it really is. If it was 500 votes or something like the 2000 election I could see it. Plus you'd have to overturn multiple states. Just absurd at this point and damaging to the transition in the midst of a pandemic
  12. No one is listening anywhere-pandemic fatigue and feeling the rules don't apply to them, that's why cases are through the roof as people head indoors with the advent of colder weather.
  13. it's interesting-the half dose, then full dose booster was better than the full dose, then full dose booster combo....
  14. some of that may be college kids heading home until the spring semester....
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