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  1. LOL. January is toast for the most part. Maybe we get lucky but this could really bad, like Jan 06 bad
  2. just when you thought it couldn't be worse than last year....
  3. drizzle and 39 here-snow cover is slowly disappearing
  4. spiked to 55 here, before we fell off with the winds...warm start to the month for sure.
  5. Story of the winter-it's really killed the ridge that we need out there...
  6. it's about done-maybe we get a lucky storm, but this is one heck of a disaster-the SSW was a bust outside of 2 in and out arctic blasts...(no blocking to lock in the cold air) Oh well, maybe next year.
  7. This. We had an issue with this last winter-MJO got stuck in an unfavorable phase and killed Feb.
  8. climo's a bitch! I think I would actually get tired of snow if I lived in Breckenridge or the Tug Hill Plateau. Part of the fun of living on the coast is tracking storms-if everything was a sure thing like it is there, it would not be as much fun...
  9. it's a tough month when you look at climo-most places see more snow in March than're fighting still warm SST's among other things. Dec 95 was incredibly rare and special in that regard-it's the king of Decembers. Let's hope we get a rockin' January-would be nice to build a snowpack during climo's coldest
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