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  1. however would we have known if those 7-8 players had COVID if they weren't testing weekly? That's probably happening in the general population but if you have no symptoms you'll never know you have it...so the vaccines are doing their jobs-turning those cases into non events....
  2. yeah business as usual in my area although prices have ticked higher-about $3.05 a gallon now.
  3. yeah my kids went last year-no masks. Guessing they are saying that now to be safe-can always say come June 1st-no masks....mine are 12 so they will be vaccinated by then so that could come into play for the 12 and up crew.
  4. We may. We still have 40K cases per day nationally. This thing is crazy contagious. We got lucky that the vaxx was quick to come and 90% effective.
  5. do you have a link for that-I want to see other states too....
  6. I am fully Vaccinated as is my wife Our 12 yr old sons are not yet but will be. We are back to normal except masks indoors where required by la w
  7. At some point, yes, I'd axe it. But I would vote to keep it active for another couple months...
  8. Agree. Hope we can get to 70% vaccinated that should do it hopefully. There's 20% or so that will never get it. another 10% on the fence that could be convinced.
  9. CT is ending restrictions in 2 phases-outdoors first,(outdoor bars can open) on 5/1/21 and indoors on 5/19/21. Masks will still need to be worn indoors but all other restrictions lifted.
  10. They will not be successful. Playing devil's advocate, why didn't Chauvin testify-he really had nothing to lose here and he's the only one would could explain what was going through his mind.
  11. LOL true. I got my 2nd shot Tues (PFE) no side effects outside a sore arm like the first shot.
  12. yeah dude! I don't mean this to sound patronizing but proud of you, your'e doing the right thing.
  13. I remember the days when the GW was $4 to cross and I thought that was expensive. With EZ pass I don't even really see what it is, but I think it's discounted to $12. Cash price is $16 for eastbound passage-nothing westbound.
  14. Make sense-this group is largely unvaccinated right now.... I'd doubt we peak higher with hospitalizations and deaths simply b/c most of the most vulnerable people (age 60 and up) are vaccinated and the vaxx #'s overall are climbing by 3-4 million a day-I think we see a steep drop off within 4 weeks....Israel noted big drop off once they got to 40-50% vaccinated
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