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  1. Fascinating article. Getting closer and closer with every passing day as we learn more...
  2. My 11 yr olds too-distance learning was a joke around here. Plan is for us to go back but of course that could change if #'s go up significantly
  3. not sure it would do much-if the virus is air borne it would float around anyway
  4. I've read a positive rate of 5% or less (ideally low single #'s) means the virus is under control-using their # of 23% -it's completely out of control.
  5. not happening. Too expensive and it's not needed on a national level
  6. I would think that will be the case here this winter too (lower flu transmission)
  7. I get what he's saying, but NY has managed 1% positive on testing for some time-that's the big win...they reopened correctly as did many of the NE states.
  8. That would be incredible. While annoying, but not deadly the colds can be brutal and last for weeks
  9. yep, train station parking lots here in CT are ghost towns-like 10 cars in the lot vs 1000. Everyone staying put at home for the foreseeable future
  10. In some ways, March/April seem like a long time ago. (Same deal here locally-cases are very low and hospitalization off 90%+)
  11. fire drills and lockdown driils would be history for the time being. Here they are telling schools to consider class outside. (this in the times of schools being locked up to prevent anyone from entering)
  12. Doesn't seem enjoyable. One goes out to enjoy the food and this seems cumbersome and not worth spending money on the experience... IMO
  13. it will be regional or state specific for sure. Doubt you see the whole country out at once....
  14. CT #'s are crazy low 20 positives on 2447 tests...been testing under 1% positive now for several weeks. Down to 66 hospitalizations
  15. still less than 2% positive-obviously need to watch that number, but so far just a tick up. The hospitalization # going up in the city could be a red flag
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