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  1. yeah the home depot garden section here is packed...yet no haircuts till 6/1....yeah makes perfect sense
  2. Starting to get a bit ridiculous there-the curve has been flattened...time to begin opening (slowly)
  3. Steady drop here in CT going from a high of 1972 on 4/22/20 to 648 today....great progress
  4. yeah, those days are over-back at the beginning, no one was doing anything-life was normal and the virus was spreading-that's max potential. Won't see that again.
  5. it's a bit behind here too-smaller state but they want 900 by that time frame too-they were hoping for late may but it will be 2-3 weeks behind that
  6. Makes sense-although we're in summer weather in most places where virus transmission decreases b/c we're outside more....(think common colds and flu-much less prevalent in the summer time)
  7. Good news there. CT phase 1 reopening is going well. Most abiding by the rules.
  8. Same in CT-they tried to regionalize a few years back-parents freaked and it died a quick death....
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