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  1. it's been ok for them with the storm track b/w us and them. Buffalo has average snow for the winter (maybe going to above after this event) as does Syracuse, Burlington, VT etc.
  2. Not much to get excited about there. A shutout rest of the way is looking more and more likely
  3. certainly possible. Not much cold air to be found globally-Europe, parts of Russia and a good chunk of the US basking in warmth
  4. brief cold yes-like the end of the week, but in and out in 24-48 hrs (like last Fri/Sat) and then back to warm/rain-same pattern since end of Dec. And if you notice the airmass is trending a bit warmer as we get closer-the hallmark of a mild winter
  5. No blocking, all tellies unfavorable-there's a trend-no snow with any of that-just a horrid pattern with no end in sight
  6. At least the AO might get back down to neutral, that could help a bit
  7. reminds me of 11-12....just nothing to track (not counting day 10 fantasy)
  8. hopefully we just torch right into the spring. I worry the blocking shows up in April like last year
  9. what could have been if we had a good pattern that was stuck on repeat forever. This is a disaster-can't even get an amplified rainstorm with some wind...
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