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  1. One of the other experts on here will have to specifically answer that for you but I am fairly certain that the preferred base of a Nino vs a Nina is the opposite of each other. In other words, if you want a cold snowy winter potential, you would want a Nino to be west based but you would want a Nina to be east based. An east based nino is the kiss of death for winter on the east coast, especially if it's strong (winter 1997-98). I believe a West based Nina provides the same misery for winter weather lovers. Of course, there are always other wild cards at play but this is true as a blanket statement in general.
  2. Also, any correlation to the winters that have followed a year when Alaska has had these similar stretches of heat?
  3. Are other places in Alaska breaking any records such as Fairbanks, Barrow, or Juneau?
  4. I know it's not gonna happen but it wouldn't take too much more of a drop to get a few wet flakes to mix in. Perhaps in the higher terrain. Absolutely love the cool weather. On the bright side, less than 6 weeks away from the exciting start of losing daylight.....inch by inch at first but accelerating as August arrives in less than 3 months.
  5. 1994 featured a brutally hot June although the rest of the summer wasn't too bad heat wise.
  6. Interesting how the cool summer of 2000 was sandwiched between 2 scorcher in 1999 and 2001. Same thing happened with the very wet cool summer of 1992 between the searing heat of 1991 and 1993. The cool summer 2009 was followed by 3 scorchers. Can't recall how the summer of 2008 was though. I think it was about average. I think it got off to a quick start in May/June if I am recalling correctly.
  7. 2001 was a very hot summer......2004 was cool......2003 on the cool side as well. 2000 very cool also.
  8. Stick ball was fun. To eliminate the arguments over balls and strikes, we bought large aluminum dish pans and cut them out to fit exactly over the box right to the inch. We used double sided tape to secure them over the box. Therefore, if it was a strike, you would clearly hear the pinging sound. No arguments on border line pitches........I am not too optimistic for additional measurable snow in Central Park but it's not impossible. However, I believe the park needs 4 or 5 more inches to reach normal and I doubt that will occur. I certainly won't complain if it does though.
  9. I am assuming non paved surfaces only (grass, car tops, etc)???
  10. You must be a lefty lol.....It sucked playing the OF when another game was being played on the field behind you. Still holding out the slimmest of hopes for one more measurable snow event, even if it's only a dusting/coating. Anything more is gravy at this stage.
  11. Bensonhurst, not Bay Ridge. Very close though. Played softball for years in the dust bowl on 65th and 8th Ave. I remember asking you to post the video of the Jan 22nd 1987 snowstorm and the one a few days later. You had said that you lost the tapes of that storm. Before you know it, we'll be preparing for next winter. I personally start getting excited when August arrives because the earlier sunset times start to really accelerate, some days lose 2 or 3 minutes in the evening. Only about 4 months away to that point.
  12. I remember watching those great videos of all those classic storms you would post when you lived in Bay Ridge. Not many people out there have such a vast collection of footage from snowstorms. I think most of what you showed were from the 80' and 90's. Do you happen to have any from 1978? I suppose it would be 8mm film if you did.
  13. I would take a coating.....anything. My greatest weather worry is the threat of living through another 1997-98, 2001-02, 2011-12 type winter. Even a 1972-73 winter although at least that one had a few cold shots if I recall reading about it accurately. A raging east based Nino would be a disaster for lovers of severe winters. The only thing is that they usually feature one nice storm as the highlight of the winter but that was not the cage in 1997-98.
  14. So, we still have hope......not counting on it considering we had more than 5 inches last April and I doubt there have ever been two consecutive April's that had a storm of that magnitude. Still, it's nice to think about it when the forums are slow.
  15. Anyone know what March 1982 featured leading up to the classic April 1982 ten inch dump in NYC? Uncle W. probably can enlighten us on that.
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