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  1. Yes but in 15-16, it was saved by 1 big storm. Without it, it would have closely resembled 97-98. The same thing happened in 1982-83. Saved by the Feb blizzard. Very little else went on. If we could sign up for a big 25 inch blizzard next winter with not much else occurring, I think I would have to sign.
  2. Let's hope it's at least west based like 2009-10 so we have a decent chance on the east coast. If it's raging and east's ruh roh!!!! (1997-98).
  3. it! I believe that period featured 3 straight days below freezing which for that time frame is very impressive by itself let alone the sun angle involved. I think we bottomed out at 21 degrees in the park. Man would I would do for an instant replay. 9.6 inches accumulating on all paved surfaces. I was only 9 but I clearly remember it. Temps in the 20's are a must in April to pull that off in the urban and coastal corridors. Otherwise it's just grassy areas and cars.
  4. At least we are within 100 days of having the days start to get shorter. That is indeed the first step towards next winter.
  5. As epic as March 2018 was for NYC, there wasn't one single day that stayed at 32 degrees or below. That is a truly remarkable statistic. March 2019 has already featured 3 such days. Although it's always possible (April 1982), it's unlikely there will be anymore daytime highs that don't Crack 32 in the park.
  6. Today marked the 13th day this season that Central Park stayed at 32 or below for a high temperature. The breakdown is as follows: Nov.....2 days Dec.....0 days Jan......5 days Feb.....3 days Mar....3 days (very unlikely to have anymore) It is interesting to note that last winter we surpassed that during that one stretch of epic cold which spanned from Dec 25th to Jan 8th despite that there weren't many following that period. Also, this winter, we could almost double the number if we counted all the 33, 34, and 35 degree highs. Does anyone know what the official number of below freezing days for Central Park which is considered the norm? On the flip side, for summer, I believe the average number of 90 degree days is 18. Perhaps Don or someone can enlighten us to the number of sub freezing days number.
  7. You are correct from an "over all" perspective but their were some highlights within those 3 duds. Feb 2017 featured a solid 6 to 10 inch snowfall a day after temps were in the 60's and Feb 2016 delivered a minus 1 degree reading in the park making it the first time it happened since 1994. About 3 inches also fell as the scouring process was underway to remove the Arctic air. The month also opened with 2 to 3 inches. But yes, when all totaled up, the last 3 Feb stunk!
  8. Well I sure hope not......the summers of 1991 & 1993 were both brutal. I certainly would not enjoy a summer like that on the way!
  9. What was March 1937 like? And how much snow did Central Park wind up with total for that winter?
  10. Man, is it 25 years ago already! Great period of weather. First storm on Feb 8th came in like gangbusters around 9am.....temps crashed to the mid teens. It was all over by 5pm even ending as sleet with temps in upper teens. About 10 inches. Then blast of fresh arctic air set the stage for another 10 inches arriving before dawn on the 11th. It helped cure the snow blues having just endured a month of a series of ice storms. Hoping we'll get a week like that to salvage this winter!
  11. Today is the ninth time that NYC stayed at or below 32 degrees for an entire day this winter. There have also been several 33 and 34's aside from these nine. My questions are as follows: 1) Is there a set number of days that is considered the normal for 32 degree or lower days in NYC for a whole winter Season? I can add that for the summer, there is a criteria for # of 90 plus degree days which I believe is 18. 2) What is the record in Central Park for the most days 32 or below in a given winter? And what is the least? In summer, I believe the most 90 plus days was 39 in 1993. And the least was 1 in 1904. Perhaps Uncle W, Don Sutherland, or Earthlight can provide the answers. Or anyone else for that matter.
  12. Indeed.....similar to the V-day storm in 2007 but the warm layer was a bit thinner resulting in sleet. It was very difficult to scour out the Arctic air in 1994, even down to the coastline. Unlike this winter, those arctic outbreaks had major staying power.
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