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  1. How will they organize the groups of kids? Alphabetically by last name?
  2. Would you be running to get the vaccine or would you wait to see what happens to those that rush to get It? I would be hesitant. Maybe round 3? Maybe! Or maybe Never!
  3. I am seeing water temperatures along the Jersey Shore at 80 degrees. I am thinking this will have a major impact during the winter, especially in Nov/Dec with those borderline rain/snow storms. Meaning the coastal plain will very likely switch to rain rather easily with any easterly component wind involved. And it will take what seems like forever to cool those water temperatures down. Not good for those of us hoping to finally get a cold and snowy December on the coast.
  4. The Park missed 90 today. Got to 88 so the heatwave will have to start fresh tomorrow!
  5. At least 1944 is on the list. I am shocked that 1988 didn't make the cut. That summer was absolutely brutal as I recall and its what really got all the hype started about global warming. I used to read Discover magazine and I remember the headline "Endless Summer". Over the past weekend, there were two women in a grocery store complaining about how all this heat was because of global warming. I shouted out to them "oh my God, we're having heatwave in the middle of the summer, how surprising"! It's so shocking!
  6. Oh wow, thank you for clarifying that. Never would have guessed 1953. Also am shocked it occurred so late in the season!
  7. Do you happen to know what the record is for Central Park regarding the most consecutive number of 90+ degree days are? I think there has been a 12 pack but don't know for sure. Summers of 1944 and 1988 may be up there!
  8. Just like 3 days of 90 or higher in a row constitutes a heat wave by definition, does the same thing hold true in the winter where it takes 3 consecutive days of 32 or below to comprise an arctic outbreak (cold wave)?
  9. Looks like the Park hit 91 yesterday. It must have been very brief though because I looked constantly line a neurotic person every 15 to 30 minutes and only saw 88s and 89s back and forth a few times. The heat wave is a lock now. Yesterday was the wild card because had we fallen short of 90, we would be playing weather roulette again on Tuesday trying to make it to 90 to complete the heatwave. And Tuesday isn't a lock for 90. The good news is things look much more tolerable beyond mid week and for a nice stretch.
  10. I saw the Park at 89 before and now dropped back to 88. Can anyone verify that the park touched 90 today?
  11. Do you think the sea ice will make a decent recovery later in the year with a La Nina looming?
  12. What I can't seem to comprehend is why some people at outdoor sidewalk restaurants are having their meals with a mask on. Literally shifting it with one hand while using the other to insert a fork fill of food. Shifting the mask between every bite. IMO, this is one of the stupidest things I have seen during this pandemic. Even when indoor dining resumes, it would be ridiculous to see. Why do some people choose to eat constantly shifting a Mask? I know it's not a requirement because I see others not wearing one. If it became a requirement, I wouldn't dine out. I would take everything to go or have it delivered.
  13. Perhaps but it will make it better for most folks on this forum!
  14. Still no heat waves.......that is by definition 3 consecutive days of 90+.
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