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  1. It peaked at 102.5. Not for several days although she maintained a low grade fever throughout and felt slightly better when taking tylenol. Although felt crappy for a week. Heavy fatigue throughout. Heard a few cases of j and j causing bleeding on the brain. I don't care if it's just a few out of thousands. It still sounds very scary.
  2. Mine had 102.5 but it was 4 or 5 days with severe chills. She even said she regretted doing it. I certainly didn't push her to get it. I told her it's up to her. The funny thing is she wanted me to get it and now she told me to hold off. She is 71. I am 48. They say under 50 resolves. I don't believe that is set in stone either but who knows at this point. Did you get any of these vaccines?
  3. Moderna has had the worse side effects compared to Pfizer. My mother got quite I'll from the 2nd shot in west palm beach Fla. And her 2 sisters had similar results as well her brother in California. I am wondering if genetics has something to do with the reactions. If that's the case, I would likely get strong reactions from if if I did it. While I was softly considering the J and J vaccine, I have abandoned that idea after hearing about what has just happened to many. I am definitely not doing Moderna. If I do it, it will be Phizer bit I am not running to get it right away. I will not
  4. Even worse, the report included fake vaccines themselves being offered to people. Its thought to be a saline solution in lieu of the real vaccine but can lead to some adverse effects.
  5. Lol.... You're too funny sir! It's all over the news already. Heard it on 1010 WINS this morning. It was just a matter of time!
  6. Eventually, we will find out if these vaccines are as effective as they are claimed to be. We just need a much larger sample space. Also, a scanning system will need to be deployed to effectively insure that everyone that says they are vaccinated really is. Without it, there will be mass fraud with people obtaining those cards to show they are vaccinated when they indeed aren't. The scanning systems can also be hacked and fooled as well but it would be much harder to do. I don't see the scanning system in place for more minor places like ballgames or restaurants any time soon, if ever. T
  7. Of course not! Like in the early stages of the pandemic, if someone walks into a public place and deliberately coughs to spread germs whether they have covid or not, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. If we get to 80% vaccinations completed, it won't matter anyway. We can achieve herd immunity. I am still not convinced these vaccines are as effective as they are being made to be. Only time will be able to answer that question, not somebody's guess, educated or not!
  8. Although this doesn't apply to me directly, there are people out there declining this vaccine simply because they are afraid of needles. If an oral vaccine would be introduced, you would substantially increase the number of fence sitters to take it. It can be done! It should seriously be looked into.
  9. I disagree with this, at least for a few years to make sure there are no long term side effects that cannot possibly be known at this lead time. Just because THEY say it's ok doesn't mean it is regarding potential unknowns down the road. As I recall, THEY also told everyone the air was safe to breathe in the weeks following the 9/11 attacks. Well guess what, there are more people dying now from the long term effects of that air that THEY said was safe to breathe. In fact, I think there are now more dying than from the attack itself. Bottom line, I have no issue with anyone that wants a vac
  10. I would be interested to know if April cooled back down a bit or if the park reached 32 again. I can't recall off the top of my head but I do remember that the summer of 1999 was more brutal than the one that occurred in 1998. Also, I also think I recall the park hitting the single digits in March 1990 shortly before that hot day on the 13th? It was like the mini bookend to Dec 1989 which was awesome for its endless cold but yielded to an awful Jan and Feb.
  11. 4 straight days over 80 in the park has to be the record for consecutive 80+ days in March.
  12. Just looked into it and it appears 76 was the best it got to in the park. Still, this was one of the warmest March's on record in many places in the eastern third of the country. Numbers were skewed warmer at both Kennedy and LaGuardia airports.
  13. Sure, why not? For the last 20 plus years, it has been constantly said that our grandchildren and beyond would never get to see what snow is. While there are some arguments for both sides, I still believe AGW is a money making industry in the end!
  14. Until about 2 years ago, I would meet up with some folks from Weatherbell at Chadwicks steakhouse in Brooklyn NY every year in mid August to discuss the upcoming winter. Imagine having 6, 8, or perhaps 10 people at a table enjoying a nice meal with everyone of them fanatical about the weather. The head guy DT Mogan who was from Chicago had a stroke 2 years ago and we never were able to get it going again. Hoping it will happen again soon. The time of year was the perfect time to have it because the days were already noticeably getting shorter and you knew the fun times were ahead.
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