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  1. Man, I just missed it......the April 1982 storm. Now that you mention it, I think I do recall you showing the Feb 1983 storm video out of Brooklyn. Great stuff!
  2. You are an incredible source of knowledge with statistics as is Don and it is a huge addition to this forum. For Central Park, can you give one of your classic general descriptions of the 3 summers for 1947, 1923, and 1891? And the winters before and that followed (ex 1946-47 & 1947-48). Any clear Trends? Probably not but it's fun to look at. And in that famous collection of tapes of all the classic snow events of your Benson Hurst Brooklyn days, do you happen to have the one of the April 6th, 1982 storm? Can't remember if your videos go back that far. Would love to see it before I am forced to go into warmer weather mode.
  3. Perhaps Central Park has a shot at a record for a minimum high temp today or any day for May! Does anyone know what the lowest ever high temperature for May is for Central Park? Still only 44 at the park at 1pm.
  4. I think the Arctic air is still advecting in at the moment. If we can flop a bit on the highs today, perhaps with clear skies and light winds tonight we can make another run at some exciting low temps.
  5. I know how brutal the summer of 1977 was. Awful....would not want a repeat of that, even without the black out. But I don't know anything about the summer of 1946. 1944 was brutal and the 11 year progression of super hot summers took off meaning summer 2021 would be next per the streak. Can you shed light on how the summer of 1946 turned out in the park?
  6. I really wanted to get down to 31 and break the all time record in the park. Still, having the lowest temp in almost 130 years is damn impressive to say the least. I wonder what AL Gore thinks lol.
  7. In your opinion, as a general outlook, what kind of summer are you expecting in the NYC area? I know I have been hearing mixed feelings about this but what started out as a brutally hot summer has trended down somewhat? I believe the normal average of 90 degree days is about 18 for Central Park. Over? Under?
  8. Rolling 'N' Roaster and Brennan and Carr are nice options. And you can top it off at Carvel on Ave Y and Coney Island Ave.
  9. Hey Don, just out of curiosity, do you know what April 1940 ended up averaging for the month as a Whole? Was it less than the 50.3 degrees this April Averaged? I suppose now the goal is to see if we can avoid an 80 degree reading in Central Park during the month of May. I would think it's happened before but probably not often.
  10. If I could get away with just enduring one heat wave that gave us 80% of our 90 degree days for the whole summer, I would sign up now. It's those endless summers I can't stand. 1988, 1991, and 1993 were especially difficult to get through. Relentless heat. I really can't wait to get to late June so I can watch the days start to shorten which is the very first step in the long journey to next winter.
  11. It will be interesting to see if the upcoming summer resembles it as an analog.
  12. Do you know what kind of summer NYC had in 1940? Not saying it will happen again however it was but just wondering. I know summer of 1944 was a sizzler.
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