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  1. Wonder what happened to @Snowman11? Haven't seen any posts in a while. As an NYPD officer, he probably needs to be on guard and likely has some good additional info on the latest regarding this virus to offer us. Hopefully, he resurfaces soon.
  2. Did Central Park surpass the 5 inch mark for the winter Yet? What is the current total snowfall to date?
  3. Perhaps you can post some of those great storm videos from your Benson Hurst Brooklyn days to take the edge off of this nightmare real world crisis we are now faced with. You had some great ones from the 80'same and 90's.
  4. C'mon now, you know you would much rather have a snowstorm and temps in the teens!
  5. These are times when I look to YouTube for videos and news coverage of all the past great snowstorms. Just watched one with great footage across NYC for the Feb 1983 blizzard. That winter was similar to the 2015-16 winter. Both featuring that one bomb of a snowstorm with little or nothing else to show for. There are plenty of other nice videos of other great storms....1993, 1996, 2003, 2010, 2016, and even some older ones like 1978. Helps ease the sting of what we are currently enduring and getting ready to leave behind.
  6. Does anyone think the major volcano eruption that occurred earlier this winter will have any effect on next Winter? Perhaps somewhat offsetting the potential strong LA Nina that could be coming?
  7. Hey, a few inches on the grass would be nice if nothing else. It all counts in the totals for the season regardless.
  8. As I recall, summer 1989 was on the cool and rainy side (opposite of summer of 1988). I assume the sample space is too small but is there any correlation on summers following super strong polar vortexes......or a summer sandwiched in between 2 strong polar vortex winters?
  9. December 1989 was a cold weather lovers dream with NYC averaging as cold as what is typical for Northern New England. Still not sure how that month was able to happen with the vortex as it was. 5 out of 6 of the core winter months over that 2 year span were quite warm though so perhaps it was a fluke.
  10. A mild snow less winter or two will do this every time! Never fails. The opposite occurs after a few brutal winters as well although not to the same extreme unless you go back to the 1970s as someone mentioned earlier.
  11. All I am trying to illustrate is that weather is cyclical. Once the AO and NAO go strongly negative, typical and at times severe winter weather will return. Our SUV's won't be able to stop it because in the end it is mother nature who gets the final word, not man. During the 1990s, all we ever heard was that our grandchildren and so forth would never get to see what snow is in mid latitudes and snow would be a rare occurence or a thing of the past. It's obvious how that turned out. The alarmists thrive on a winter like this one. Show me 15 to 20 of theses winters in a row and maybe I'll be convinced. We are 2 years removed from one of the most brutal stretches of cold in NYC from Dec 25th 2017 to Jan 8th 2018 of below freezing temps both by day and by night. So one dead winter is hardly enough to sway me to buy AGW.
  12. On Record? You mean since 1869 when weather records began. I would bet it's happened prior to the last 150 years so I would be hesitant to drink all the kool-aid that gets served. There are stretches of great winters and awful winters. It's the way weather works. It's not a question of will there ever be another major snowstorm in NYC again. It's just a matter of when....regardless of the possibility that we may be in the midst of a bad streak which can potentially last a few more years. After the splendid 1995-96 winter, it would take 7 years before we returned to fun and games in 2002-03. Not much in between although it doesn't mean a big snowfall can't occur. Dec 2000 was just one. Hopefully, we don't suffer too long a drought this go around.
  13. Also, would like to add that every time we encounter a dead abnormally warm winter like this, the talk always starts about how global warning is arriving and it's automatically assumed that this will be the new norm. And that the great cold and snow filled winters will become a rare occurrence or even a thing of the past entirely. Happens every time. We could be in for a tough stretch of winters. Hopefully not but keep in mind that it's happened before and the great winters have always managed to return again at some point. And they will return again....whether it's next year or further down the road. If there are some tough seasons ahead for us to bear, hopefully some of those down years can pop at least one good storm as many of the crappies winters have. This current winter is likely to be the exception to that.
  14. Yes, November surprise got the city out of the gate fast but the park did indeed record over 20 inches for the season including 5 straight days of measurable snow in late Feb-early March. And March reeled in over 10 inches. So yes, the meat of winter was dead snowfall wise but I don't think it compares to how bad this year has been. It was a classic textbook bookend winter. I think we would all joyfully accept a March surprise this year but it just isn't likely. Still praying and tracking though!
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