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  1. Some real deep cold anomalies on EC 00z: Most of the falls aren’t for the East Coast, but certainly not the worst setup to have leading into December.
  2. It got the Aleutian Low however. Which is the critical part of this pattern anyway. Don’t worry about the CONUS 500mb maps, look at the driving forces more generally.
  3. If you want. It definitely has its uses for teleconnections IMO, if you are going to just take the 500mb maps for face value, you are going to find problems. Base state is the base state. It is important to see these antithesises to the base state like the current eventuating pattern and diagnose what happened. Rather than just assume that the base state is changed and base your perspective upon that, particularly if it is good. Again, the tropics will prove important here, we shall see what happens, as it is obvious that the RMMs are unreliable.
  4. One thing that interest me with this pattern is the origin: The Siberian High strengthens and brings us a positive East Asian Mountain Torque, strengthens the Aleutian low, extends the NP jet. And quite possibly has favourable results for the Eastern side of the CONUS. But what isn’t answered is why it would subvert the very Nina-esque oceanic pattern. One possible conclusion could be drawn from this chart. A very sudden increase in snowfall in November could create the conditions needed to see a sudden increase in the Siberian High, which then
  5. Not really news that RMM indexes don’t really deliver great results. Looks like the tropical signal is unlikely to make the trip back to the Pacific, per the EC 46. Looks like we should see a Indian Ocean dominant December, heading into Xmas.
  6. Reality is that the US wants change. Clearly it is not the Trump brand of change.
  7. Guns. No climate change response. No coronavirus response. Denying the right to healthcare Marijuana Pushback against higher minimum wages.
  8. But it will help them with the people who actually voted for Biden and pushed him across the line. That’s a perception problem, not an actual policy problem.
  9. Not sure about that, Republicans have lost the popular vote for 5 of the last 6 elections. There is plenty of polls that will tell one that a majority of Americans want action on climate change and stricter gun control. The modern day policies of the GOP are just not equipped for modern day America. Hence why they have to now dispute the democratic process.
  10. Senators represent what they are meant to represent, the states. Arguably DC and Puerto Rico have met the threshold to become states. No offence, but yes a bit. But then again, Aus already has plenty of things from the Democrats vision, Medicare for all, strict gun laws, a non-partisan judiciary, etc. So we are biased.
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