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  1. Yes it would. Unfortunately there are none in sight
  2. I thought people here were forecasting below average temps and chances for snow. This map doesn’t look like they agree.
  3. From the NOAA. Why are they not seeing what everyone on here sees? Sad.
  4. As long as it’s not me I’m ok with it.
  5. Hearing how the pattern is gonna get good after the 15th etc...is this legit or will this be pushed back every few weeks until it’s too late like the winter of 18-19 around here. I still have PTSD from that winter
  6. This looks terrible for cold and snow around the NYC doesn’t it?
  7. We really need a Tundra Torque event. That will save us.
  8. Snowing moderately in northeastern Queens. The rate of intensity has varied but we’ve stayed mostly snow throughout this whole storm so far. I feel very fortunate. Hopefully can wring out a few more inches.
  9. Well now that this storm is yet another kick in the nuts bust for NYC I guess we can start looking for when our next soul crushing bust will be. Anything on the horizon?
  10. Nice to get a storm where sun angle isn’t a concern. The last few years in my area (NYC) the storms have been mostly in March and the March sun has always been an impediment twords totals. Also, even if there was accumulations it would be gone the next day because of that sun angle. Haven’t had a good December storm in a long time. Don’t have to deal with that nasty yellow thing for once lol.
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