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  1. Since it’s pretty clear this winter is a complete dud we might as well look ahead to the winter of 20-21. I know it’s super early but any predictions out there? I don’t think I can take a 3rd horrible winter season in a row lol.
  2. Joe Benigno is known for saying “oh the pain” which is more accurate with how this winter has gone so far.
  3. True, I’m happy with the 2 inches or so. I’ll take it considering how bad this winter has been
  4. You kid I know but I’m sort of afraid of that idea. I just hope we aren’t going into a warmer/snowless long term pattern like much of the the 80s were. I need my snow lol
  5. Was nice for the 7 minutes it lasted . I’ll take the dusting though, it’s the most that us in Northern Queens have gotten all season
  6. This is where I live and I can confirm those totals.Pretty much the only place on the map that got under an inch. Im gonna go cry now lol.
  7. Yeah same here in Queens. It was a white rainstorm for us. Very frustrating. Zero accumulation.
  8. Total bust here in Northeastern Queens. It ain’t happening. Wet snow all day now just drizzle. Zero on the ground. Sad.
  9. White rain here in northeastern Queens and not particularly heavy. The ground still very green. Not particularly promising at the moment that we’ll get the 3 to 5 inches the NWS is forecasting
  10. For all the people describing their situation outside where they live by saying “snowing here” or “doing xyz here” or whatever could you at least describe where here is. I know you know where you are typing from but I don’t have ESP so I have no idea where you are typing from. Thank you.
  11. Same here living in northern Queens. These storms that crush just north of here but screw the coast are particularly painful so I’m trying not to get too invested especially since it looks like we are getting almost nothing. It sucks especially with nothing in sight after this . Sorry I’m very whiny lol.
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