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  1. After 20 mins of moderate snow it’s back to sleet in NE Queens near the Throgs Neck bridge. Way more mixing then I was expecting according to the maps. Assuming it will hold down final totals.
  2. Yeah as soon as I said it it started going back to snow. Not totally there but better than a few minutes ago.
  3. Changing to sleet now in northern Queens. Not cool I thought we were safe from the rain/snow line
  4. Rain/Snow mix in northern Queens. Still 37 degrees
  5. That’s the good news. The bad news is that still only means 2-3 inches
  6. After all the storms in the long range that never panned it’s hard to get excited about any forecast 4+ days out. It could show 7 feet and I’d yawn at this point.
  7. My question is what would make this different then all the busts we’ve had this winter? Serious question, I’m not trying to be a smartass. Just seems like we’ve heard this story a billion times so far this winter with nothing to show for it.
  8. I could smell the smoke here in northern Queens pretty strongly.
  9. Lol yeah these 14 day maps have been “saving winter” since November
  10. So now that this winter is pretty much over, any early forecasts for winter 19-20?
  11. Well this storm is yet another giant FU to those living in NYC. So when’s our next disappointment coming?
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