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  1. SmithsNYI

    2018 New York Yankees

    Jimble Kimbrel
  2. SmithsNYI

    September 2018 Discussion and Observations

    Rain/Freezing drizzle likely wtf???
  3. SmithsNYI

    August 2018 Discussion And Observation

    Any ideas when this wretched pattern will end ?? I know it’s summer and all but damn it’s been nasty with the heat and humidity. Seemed relentless. I saw next week more of the same ?. Any signs of a pattern change in near future?
  4. SmithsNYI

    July 2018 Discussion and Observation

    I would be pulling my hair out if this was snow. That would mean we would have gotten horrendously shafted here in Queens where we have basically gotten very little precip after predictions of a 5 day deluge.
  5. SmithsNYI

    Wfan Sports Radio Discussion Nyc

    Can we see if the guy is guilty or not first?
  6. SmithsNYI

    2018 New York Mets

  7. SmithsNYI

    2018 New York Mets

    We rule
  8. Here in Northern Queens even though the radar says snow it has mostly been sleet for at least the last 3-4 hours. Will this go back to snow as the low develops? Otherwise very underwhelming considering the forecasts by the NWS.
  9. What snow? Getting a whole lot of sleet right now in northern Queens.
  10. Hi, What is the name of your Facebook page?
  11. SmithsNYI

    Winter 2017-2018 -- The Encore

    Does any of this actually accumulate as snow here in the city. The sun angle has killed us the last few storms.
  12. Yeah it’s snowing at a decent enough clip but barely sticking. I don’t even have an inch in Queens. Dusting at best.
  13. Yeah light snow not sticking particularly well. Maybe a half inch out here in Queens ?
  14. Not exactly sure how we’re going to reach these gaudy snow totals here in northern Queens. Currently there is a slushy half inch on the grass and basically everything else is wet. Not particularly snowing that heavy either.
  15. 37 degrees and a light rain/snow mix here in northern Queens. Getting a bit antsy lol ?