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  1. Had a nice video off my cars dash cam of me driving into the squall this afternoon. Unfortunately won’t let me post here as the file is a bit too large.
  2. Already down to 16 degrees here and snowing again. Pretty impressive start to the season here locally so far this month, even more-so just to my north.
  3. Intentionally drove into the squall... was pretty crazy while it lasted
  4. Sky got ominous here at the rcc campus and now having a quite burst of moderate snow. Hoping for more throughout the rest of the day.
  5. 30 and drizzle here. Almost looks to be brightening up a bit
  6. Looks like around 2-3 on the ground this morning. Approaching 10” for the season and it’s only 12/11
  7. Mostly a nuisance event while we’re sleeping, outside of the higher elevations N & W.
  8. Nothing more than a stray flake or two reaching the ground here
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