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  1. interesting, down south here in rockland co I’m basically all snow (pretty heavy too) maybe some sleet mixed in. Lost some accumulation earlier this morning due to the lull we had but probably around an inch total so far.
  2. Ripping massive flakes here at the moment. Looks like around half inch here maybe a little more.
  3. Moderate snow here with a coating so far
  4. Full ground stop at all NY airports. https://twitter.com/jonostrower/status/1241421392962183168?s=20
  5. 40 cases in my county yesterday up to around 100 so far today, assuming due to increased testing
  6. I work in a stop and shop P/T and my co worker thinks she might have it and is getting tested asap Keep in mind she handles people’s food all day long and has close contact with everyone
  7. I work at one of my counties main supermarkets (college job) and it’s been extremely busy the past few days but suddenly today there was hardly anyone venturing out especially after about 5pm which is of course not normal for Sunday, which is usually the busiest day. Most of those few that came in were wearing masks. Combining that with the aisles wiped out of products and no idea on when the next deliveries will be (warehouses are currently empty too apparently and some companies are simply just not sending trucks out) makes for such an eerie feeling personally
  8. They are setting up a drive in testing location around 5 minutes north of me. Anthony Wayne recreation area parking lot right on the rockland/orange border if anyone is familiar.
  9. @33andrain I noticed that too, just about everyone that I know as well as most of my family and myself have some sort of minor cold symptom by now.
  10. source? Curious since I attend a SUNY and haven’t been notified of that just yet
  11. Number of cases in my county continue to rise. I actually personally know a couple of people that are being directed to self quarantine due to exposure. Speaking with one over the phone right now and she said she is getting tested tomorrow just in case.
  12. Sort of off topic to this discussion but my county (Rockland) had its first few confirmed cases yesterday. What’s amusing is that there is a movie being filmed right down the street from my house that literally has a theme which is about some sort of contagious disease. They have a bunch of sealed up military type tents put up and biohazard signs as well as some medical vehicles on the set (basically trying to make it look like some sort of pop up CDC center). This is all in a parking lot right off one of the most busiest roads in the county. No one in the area was notified about it so of course people are so worried it might be something related to the coronavirus. Talk about horrible timing.
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