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  1. 38F and getting a moderate burst of snow here
  2. Around 4” total here before the changeover to a wintry mix. still no plain rain however
  3. Didn’t think it would be snowing nicely right now but it sure is and have picked up a good coating the past hour
  4. Just got home from work, really slick out there on the roads
  5. 3” total here now mixing with sleet, back edge about to push through
  6. just lightly snowing here, got around an inch earlier
  7. 30 here and roads were fine on the way home from work tonight, car was a little frosty however
  8. moon angle really hurts us going into this part of the season
  9. Looks wonderful. Glad I have to work on Sunday.
  10. do you think this has the chance of being a miller b?
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