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  1. snowing, dusting on colder surfaces
  2. LHVwx

    Little Storm that could ( April 02 Threat)

    looks like 5-6” otg now, heavy snow.
  3. LHVwx

    Little Storm that could ( April 02 Threat)

    4” and still snowing nicely
  4. LHVwx

    Little Storm that could ( April 02 Threat)

    30 and heavy snow here, around 1-2 inches so far everywhere even the roads.
  5. Continued snowing overnight, now maybe 4” everywhere except roads.
  6. Congrats to everyone that did well with this one. Will finish with around 1.5” here. Nowhere near the 12-18 predicted. On to spring.
  7. Biggest bust since juno here so far. Only a coating on colder surfaces with just light snow falling currently. Had a warning for 12-18.
  8. Heavy snow now here now. Heaviest of the day so far.
  9. Yup, sun poking through here as well on the other side of the river.
  10. Cold and dry late March afternoon here. Oh well.
  11. Moderate snow, not really accumulating much. Northern edge getting too close for comfort although Upton still insists I see 12”+ even up here.
  12. Been snowing lightly here for a while now, light dusting on colder surfaces. Not expecting anything more than 3” up my way.
  13. Reduced my area from 15” to 11”.
  14. Reminds me of the January 2016 storm, maybe around 6 inches up here (if I remember correctly) and around 2 feet 25 miles south of here in the city.