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  1. Mod/heavy snow fresh coating everywhere
  2. Snow mixing in now. Not expecting much more as far as accumulation but nice to see.
  3. Moderate rain, 33.... 33andrain.
  4. Been getting only light snow for the past hour or so here, will probably cut down my total a bit but still looks to be roughly 6” out there so far.
  5. Snow picking up again after about a 30 minute lull, sister has been stuck on route 59 for around 4 hours now.
  6. Snow has lightened up considerably here the past 15 minutes or so.
  7. Down to 24 degrees and heavy snow here, must be pushing 6 inches currently
  8. Absolutely horrible out there travel-wise, was supposed to work in new city tonight... not happening.
  9. Heavy snow, must have gotten 2 inches within the past hour. Beautiful out.
  10. I will try my best to this winter! Currently 29 and snow just beginning here.
  11. LHVwx

    April 2018 Observations & Discussion

    80 here.. loving it
  12. LHVwx

    4/6 April Snow Quick-Hitter

    snowing, dusting on colder surfaces
  13. LHVwx

    Little Storm that could ( April 02 Threat)

    looks like 5-6” otg now, heavy snow.
  14. LHVwx

    Little Storm that could ( April 02 Threat)

    4” and still snowing nicely
  15. LHVwx

    Little Storm that could ( April 02 Threat)

    30 and heavy snow here, around 1-2 inches so far everywhere even the roads.