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  1. Full sun and clear sky here now after some moderate rain happened around noon
  2. Got extremely ominous and dark here just for the line to split and miss me. Lol
  3. Impressive storm occurring at home right now. Tons of close CTG and heavy rain
  4. Just got caught in a crazy tiny cell up here in northern Rockland. Flooding and branches falling all around me while I was driving. So random.
  5. Wow central NJ has been doing absolutely amazing so far this year severe wx-wise. Meanwhile up here in the HV it’s hardly rained the past month or 2. Lots of areas with brown grass.
  6. Barely a drop so far up here as is always the case lately. Really dry past few weeks locally
  7. It is sleeting again for the second day in a row here. Mid May.
  8. Can probably drive a few minutes north of my back yard into the Hudson highlands and see some snow later on. Will have to go check it out.
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