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  1. Looks like around 2-3 on the ground this morning. Approaching 10” for the season and it’s only 12/11
  2. Mostly a nuisance event while we’re sleeping, outside of the higher elevations N & W.
  3. Nothing more than a stray flake or two reaching the ground here
  4. Has snowed every day so far this month here
  5. Can’t see it holding together much after passing through PA. But looks decent for maybe a quick surprise coating for SE PA and central NJ.
  6. Just about made it to nearly 6” here before some compaction
  7. Some good heavy stuff pushing SSW through the mid Hudson valley right now. Hoping it holds together. Around 6” on the ground here and currently in a bit of a lull.
  8. Closing in on 6 inches here, 2-3 inches here the past 2 hours
  9. Still ripping here, around 4-5 otg. A lot of that has fallen within the past hour or so.
  10. Special weather statement here for bands rotating in throughout the night
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