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  1. I live pretty far north of you but here in the Poughkeepsie area there is tons of color and leaf drop. My dad said it’s the earliest he ever remembers seeing peak color. I think with all the early summer rain, trees are ready for hibernation early. I have some trees almost completely bare after today’s storms n wind.
  2. On CMC and GFS, looks like a very beautiful average week, a very warm weekend, mid to upper 80s and then back to normal afterwards. Think the call for an exceptionally warm fall is a bit much. Def no signs of below average but average to slightly above vs exceptionally above feels right. I love fall so I dread the call for heat in fall
  3. Looks warmish in the long range but I’m not seeing the raging Sauna that NOAA is forecasting. Looks pretty damn cool and gorgeous this week. Next week does look like we’ll bake for a day or two. Maybe I’m wrong but I was pleased with the 12z guidance compared to expectations.
  4. You are really underestimating what still could happen with this storm. Just because the complete mass casualty event is off the table doesn’t mean a cat 3 50 miles off shore of an area that sits practically below sea level won’t cause tremendous flooding for cities like Charleston
  5. Ya I guess I was exaggerating a bit to make it sound better but still cool to see blue so soon
  6. Gfs turns dorien into an early season snowfall for novia scotia.
  7. To think it’s even remotely possible this thing could miss the entire southeast, unreal
  8. Monday morning looks like it drops into the low 20s. Any advice on how to save some annuals I already planted?
  9. When you say interior snow storm. Are you saying Poughkeepsie or lake placid?
  10. Well 6z GFS looks very warm. Was showing a very cold and raw extended range for multiple runs in a row and now has flipped to a pretty warm pattern. I hope it’s right!
  11. Snow sleet mix in Danbury CT. Slushy car topping. Cold air seems to be stronger to the east. 33 here
  12. GFS has a nice front end thump north of city Friday AM
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