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  1. Fauci literally said the other day. Life will be different but in a better way. There will be concerts. NFL stadiums will be packed again. We will find a vaccine and life should return close to normal but not completed normalcy because this threat will always be there. I don’t get the hate on fauci And I am one the guys who freaked out in the beginning. Fauci has been calming
  2. I don’t understand the hate toward Fauci. He’s actually been extremely positive the entire time. The only person I watch and I feel like my life is over is Bill Deblasio. Cuomo gives hope, fauci gives hope, Murphy gives hope, trump is false hope but hope.
  3. Hanging in. Going stir crazy but I guess it’s nice getting to be home with my 6 month old. The weather has made it easier the last few days but I’m worried about the next 10-14 day cold stretch coming up
  4. Since nobody has really posted on the weather threads I’ll come here. Anyone else thinking the interior could see some snow with this below average period coming up. I really think the 84 corridor might see a white ground at some point
  5. Where have you read this? I just read a Forbes article saying today was the first day many people were advised to leave their houses
  6. They said however you received your most recent return is how you’ll get this
  7. Only if you don’t have direct deposit. They said 80 percent of people do and that’s coming April 13
  8. Now my wife is a nurse and she said it happens. Every year they have a random healthy person or two succumb to the flu and an pneumonia too. Not normal but it happens. So I guess, it is what it is at this point
  9. The 30 year old baseball coach was a real scare for me. 77 percent of deaths are still in people over 65 but why are there still a handful of “very healthy” young people dying is confusing. What is in their bodies, what is different in those strains that is randomly killing some random young and healthy people.
  10. Totally agree. I just want a date. Lol. I don’t care how far away that date is, I just need to mentally prepare myself.
  11. Is there any rhyme or Reason to who gets really sick? I have one friend 30 years old, skinny cross fit guy, no prior medical history. He said it was the worse he’s ever felt sick. Just starting to recover after a 12 days of contemplating should he go to the ER. Then my 67 year old obese boss who is in awful health has tested positive but has no symptoms. Only was tested because his wife came into Direct contact With someone. I’m seeing many stories of people in poor health recover or not experience any symptoms and I’ve seen people as strong as an ox be taken to their knees.
  12. Right but so many havent so I would think there has to be a uniform policy. How could they possible know what my wife and I jointly made unless they use a tax return and for half of the country, 2018 is the last one they have
  13. So many conflicting reports about what year tax return they plan to use. IDK how it could be anything but 2018 since many (like me) havent filed yet.
  14. Idk if the checks are still in the cards? It looks they have just agreed on full salary unemployment for 4 months
  15. If you pass the stimulus and give a family of 4 3,000 dollars, you might get people to relax for a few weeks as they know they can trust the government to keep them afloat. My 2 cents
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