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  1. The article says it’s minor blips and still overall on the decline
  2. 1.2 from a major thunderstorm. Grapefruit size hail. #2020
  3. love that model. went from no snow north of 84 to to NNE jack on one run 30 hours out lol.
  4. 1-3 for most? That would be absolutely historic and utterly impressive. I don’t think anyone sees 1-3 under 1000 feet. I can see the valley north of 84 seeing some slop on decks and car tops. Need to be over 1000 in Sullivan or ulster to see any true accumulation. It’s 60 today, it’s May 10, and the storm is now pretty much coming in later afternoon and not overnight. Too much working against it for anything more than some wet flakes.
  5. Ya, killing me. Nam and GFS tell me to stay home. Euro says make the drive to the southern tier. My wife wants plans by tomorrow morning lol
  6. 18 z nam now jacks the lower Hudson valley. crazy. I am so torn now between staying home here in duchess at 300 feet, heading to Sullivan at 1100 feet or broome county at 1400 feet.
  7. If Nam and euro have anything to say, you may only need to go to ulster, orange, Sullivan, Sussex area. My sister has a seasonal camper in Liberty Ny and I have a little lake bungalow in deposit NY.. hopefully I can head to either place and find some snow on the ground on May 10!
  8. If anyone needs a corona break go check out the 18z euro
  9. The 6z GFS is just brutal. Barely a 60 degree day in its entire 384 run. It really is depressing. I actually feel anxious after seeing it. Had such a great day yesterday and that’s now gone for the next 15 days. In freaking May. Give me a break
  10. Another disgusting long range GFS run. Barely a 60 in sight and no 70s outside of maybe Sunday. Still can’t plant as numerous nights in the 20s through mid May north of the city. So depressing
  11. I’m a teacher here who’s been given a bunch of grief for understanding, so it’s not all of us. I get it brother. I know my job depends on your ability to make money and pay your taxes. Most of us get it. Good luck to you
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