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  1. Big timing differences right now too. Nam wants to snow by noon monday. Euro not until overnight
  2. agreed. I am very intrigued with Monday, esp for places northeast of NYC which hold on a tad longer in front end dump situations.
  3. nam starts off everyone as snow, but its super early, brings in precip by 15z monday.
  4. anyone north and west of white plain might not see anything more than flurries
  5. Nam Rgem HRDPS all look to have gone East at 6z. Seems to have been a trend to push this thing southeast. I wouldn’t expect much NW of NYC edit. Add the GFS to it, now I know why nobody is in this thread.
  6. He mentions awesome trends so far for Phillip area, would that include up by us too
  7. 287 in NY only. NY mets use it. because it runs horizontal in our state. Always the cutoff in marginal set ups
  8. is it me or is the nam going to come in non existent bone dry?
  9. I like the I 287 corridor for the best chance of 2-4 inches.
  10. Nam cut back to almost nothing. Euroish . 3km even worse. Hardly any precip.
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