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  1. Wow Nam. I was just ready to leave Poughkeepsie to go to my summer home near Binghamton. Maybe I stay here
  2. 3-6 Friday, would get NYC to 40, then we get rip 80s rest of April and may
  3. Gfs cuts it Montreal and the cmc has snow in North Carolina.
  4. Cmc? It cuts it to Montreal. Did I miss something?
  5. How many above average snow seasons had 0.0 in March? Seems like odds are in our favor for Atleast another small grassy event
  6. Back to back for the interior on the GFS
  7. Sleeting here in northern rockland county. Very shocked to see this.
  8. Not a fun snow blow tonight. 3.2 on the deck but about 2 inches of glop on the driveway. Took me longer to clean up compared to our largest events this year.
  9. It’s raining In most of rockland and Westchester at this point. Still light snow up here
  10. Best rates south of my region again. Light snow, big flakes, white rain. Oh well, another NNJ special.
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