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  1. Cutter to Detroit and a track to Bermuda still on the table. Going to be a long week
  2. A lot of people had February as their only true wintery month of our season. It gives me hope that Some of you are still seeing positives in February
  3. I don't see any overwhelming data that keeps anyone in the Hudson valley ( not named hunter mountain) all snow. But what do I know, hopefully others will chime in for you.
  4. wow I messed up by saying april snowstorm. This is a may snowstorm. Might need to be on mount washington for this one.
  5. Shouldn’t become less hostile or should become less hostile?
  6. Agreed. I’m in eastern dutchess and I’m over it. My second winter in the mid Hudson valley has sucked just as bad as the first. Not sure I have 25 inches combined in 2 winters. You had that foot in December when I had 2. It’s been an absolute miserable winter up here. I thought moving 100 miles north of NYC was going to be magical.
  7. This is going to be an April snowstorm. Latitude won’t even save you. Elevation only. Airmass is so stale.
  8. No good on GFS for anyone south of Albany (unless at elevation). Low tracks right up the Hudson valley. No good.
  9. CMC is great for you too. Huge cutoff on the river. Nothing near the ct border to a major hit near port jervis
  10. Two pretty separate camps. We will see which way they drift towards at 12z. The ones clustered over NJ and NYC or the ones out near the BM.
  11. gfs is yet another I 84 paste job. Little better SE. instead of low passing over HPN, it’s now just of the SW coast of LI.
  12. E 49 was the first one I saw when clicking on the picture, decided to stop looking after that.
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