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  1. From a buddy 20 miles north of Charlotte, mostly sleet. Says city wasn’t much more then some ice and rain
  2. Seeing Mets down in Charlotte calling this a huge bust for them. Only an inch or so and then just an ice fest
  3. This mornings GFS doesn’t cut the low for next Sunday’s storm. Nice low placement but no cold air in site. Does this have any shot?
  4. This happens every time. People search for positives that don’t exist. That’s just a lot of virga. Beautiful storm, sucks it didn’t work out. Just goes to show you how spoiled we’ve been. It’s hard to get snow on the coast at our latitude. The 80s are going to walk through these doors again
  5. Especially this time of year. A smidge of night life on the lake in the summer.
  6. Yikes, so many people forecasters had a warn wet December and switched, I wonder if that turns out correct. Lol
  7. It’s like weather forecasting has virtually become a sport. If the “game” doesn’t start good for our team we just start screaming at the TV and finding everything wrong with our team and then when they figure it out, it’s like the bad start never happened. I’ve noticed lately even METS let this raw emotion get to them when their forecasts encounter some resistance from the models in the beginning, very few stand by them wholeheartedly and many will succumb to the negatives because their scared to be wrong. I think it’s social media, every thought most Mets have are out their for the world to see and when people start getting on them on social media they start to slowly pull back from their initial call to quick. I’m def seeing a lot of people I’ve followed my whole life starting to find negatives in the pattern because they are too scared their initial 150-200 % of averages forecasts are going to be laughed at.
  8. Heavy snow

    Possible Elongated Squall Line this evening?

    Must be better on west side of river. As ominous as radar looks near Poughkeepsie it was nothing. Quick gust of wind that knocked over an outdoor chair, 45 second heavy spritz of snow and that’s it. More bark than bite
  9. Heavy snow

    Possible Elongated Squall Line this evening?

    Couldn’t help but notice those trees full of leaves. Don’t even look like the color changed. Weird.
  10. Does anyone know the tropical tidbits owner and when we can expect her back online? Feel like 33 and rain has connects to anyone in the weather business
  11. That or maybe Christmas 2002-2003 but I think Boxing Day takes the cake
  12. I have minimal meteorological evidence but Monday into Tuesday just has the feel of something that’s going to become a sneaky little big deal for atleast part of the area.
  13. Tidbits is killing me. Can people with other accounts please post all model runs until the site is back up from maintenance