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  1. Sun angle.... I assure you, it will
  2. Crazy morning here. Where I’m at in southern Delco. (Sepa), I have like 2-3” of now/ip.. 10 miles nw they have 9.5”!
  3. My only caveat is look at the DGZ. All the way up by 500mb. We may get some snow growth below that, but not dendrites, especially outside of any fronto band. Then, they have to fall almost 15-17k ft with a stout wind profile, could smash flakes and limit the fluff factor even more. (And rimming, although that profile isn’t too scary looking).
  4. Ehh; this should be warmer. Less confluence pressing here, ridging along coast is greater. (Than 18z)
  5. Just making demdrites from 500mb down to just above the surface lol. 17’k feet of snow production ... filthy
  6. Just enough offset in the H5 evolution to get a sneaky warm punch aloft, not by much though. Shortwave was stronger, and TPV took a touch longer to get overhead, so heights were allowed to rise a little more along the coast early on. Can swing either way.. but man, the source region over top is unreal, and the antecedent airmass is solid. Let’s see if it holds...
  7. Some decent hitters in there. Some warm, some mix, some real nice ones. What a 2 week period we entered..l (basically whole month). The fatigue is real lol
  8. A fair amount of whiffs on the eps for the Thursday Friday system. Nam is in those camps. All we can do is watch for trends. I don’t know think we can use the rule of if always comes north, but we’ll see
  9. Nice to see that whole TPv shift east and temper the SE RIDGE
  10. I dunno. There’s a decent signal for a strong h7 frontogenic band. Outside of that will be some stronger subsidence.
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