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  1. These posts are great, but man... depressing if you’re looking for cool weather
  2. BL74


    I imagine the forward speed of this contributes to stronger look going into long island. Less time to weaken... edit... ghosted by CCB lol
  3. what about this: 1. Continue to monitor . people who are symptomatic stay isolated. If they become symptomatic while on vacation, get home back to their residences immediately. I’m sure that’s manageable, given that I don’t think people wake up sick needing to go to the hospital. Seems like there’s a window there. 2. still practice social distancing best as possible. 3. elderly & at risk population probably shouldn’t be taking the risks to go on vacation. just saying, I think there’s some middle ground that can be worked on.
  4. It’s absolutely vile he said that. These people would rather bail out banks, cruise ships, airlines than the American people. I don’t have enough words to describe how I’m feeling right now... scumbag
  5. https://web.archive.org/web/20200405061401/https://medium.com/@agaiziunas/covid-19-had-us-all-fooled-but-now-we-might-have-finally-found-its-secret-91182386efcb anyone know anything about the author of this? Seems pretty scientific. Explains a lot about the virus. Just trying to see if it’s reputable?
  6. Japan’s been under reporting/testing for a while now due to the fear of losing the olympics. They’ve only just recently ramped up testing and reporting after they lost it. My brother lives outside of Tokyo. He’s been giving me the scoop there.
  7. First off, awesome job in here everyone. Haven’t posted much, but appreciate all the info being passed on here. second of all, and probably the most important, stay safe for all those on the front line. (I’m there with you). Work as a FF just outside Philly. I know how stressful it can be just dealing with 1 “bad” Day at work with a couple major incidents, but usually limited to 1 day every now and then. Seems like the hardest hit areas, those on the front line are dealing with it day after day., week after week.. keep your heads up, we all need each other.
  8. I just go into twitter, copy the link and paste it in this box.
  9. There’s more to it than snow maps that people insist on posting... its ZR and accumulating it as snow...
  10. Mehh.. the amplitude in which it pokes into Alaska is pretty weak. If it relaxes even more, we could easily see negative anoms into the west coast. Im not sold. There’s already compressed heights into the west coast , aka fast flow.. and nothing in the Atlantic to buckle the flow.
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