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  1. I just go into twitter, copy the link and paste it in this box.
  2. There’s more to it than snow maps that people insist on posting... its ZR and accumulating it as snow...
  3. Mehh.. the amplitude in which it pokes into Alaska is pretty weak. If it relaxes even more, we could easily see negative anoms into the west coast. Im not sold. There’s already compressed heights into the west coast , aka fast flow.. and nothing in the Atlantic to buckle the flow.
  4. Of course it does... just wait... it’ll turn into a convoluted mess @192 out., then we’ll say it’s just the models losing the storm, then it comes back as a rainstorm
  5. Need some wave spacing, and lotta luck with a phase to get some fresh northern stream involved. We see what happens when it’s just purely southern stream. There’s a lot of energy in that trough. we have a nice PNA ridge spike, the TPV is crawling back towards Hudson Bay. Long ways to go... we’ll see how it looks in a few days.
  6. Well the GFS was close to something really big there. Just misses the big phase there that run: Would of been an interesting solution if they Phased this run But fast flow , In conjunction with the ridge out west flattening out, and that’s what’s happens. jjst posting this bc nothing else of interest. I’d keep an eye on it. Any little PNA spike would open a small window.
  7. Needed some time to saturate the column, but vis is dropping and seeing first flakes here now. Nothing wild.
  8. Don’t let radar fool ya, heavy virga overhead right now.
  9. That’s why I used the actual 850 maps. It’s pretty “shallow” cold air. Yes, it’s a mean.. but it illustrates how the airmass is moderating. With the right track, something could work. But the op, and the eps, shows us how it could bad, quickly....
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