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  1. If I were in the city.. I’d be concerned. Warm nosebleed over performed down here in SEPA. Even the “jackpot” areas on models are switching to sleet. Good luck!
  2. I’d be very cautious about what’s about to happen: Warm nose making headway into interior SEPA easily...
  3. There’s sleet all into philly metro up to 276
  4. Don’t underestimate the warm nose .. philly is at 2-2.5”, was calling for 4-6”.
  5. Yep... never underestimate WAA... forecast is for 4-6”.. I’d be lucky to break 3” me thinks
  6. Good lord those maps are awful. This is the height of the storm...
  7. The NAM is an American Model... nam & euro in same boat with other global, (themes profiles vary) while gfs remains weak.
  8. Euro had this a few runs in a row, (frozen). EPS supported a small threat, limited in coverage of course. Gfs adjusting. We’ll see where it goes.
  9. What’s not to like on the 384 hr ensemble?! Theme of this winter.but seriously, Let’s see how it plays out under day 10. We’ve gotten our hopes up before with these fantasy land looks.
  10. Fully Prepared to have our hopes and dreams crushed by it
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