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  1. Had a 5 minute spurt of light flake action about 10 minutes ago in Kew Gardens. Hello winter, cant wait for our next meeting!
  2. Yeah, Was watching when they called it, I'm somewhat concerned about tomorrow too. here's hoping day but good both games in
  3. Any chance we can get these babies any her by 4 and outta here by 7 so the Yankees can get their game in?? I have a strong feeling the answer is no but worth takin a shot
  4. Paulie Oneill is giving a weather forecast regarding a cell that popped up above the stadium. Im dyin here .LOOOl
  5. Light rain , with thunder in the distance in Kew Gardens, this round is a full miss. Lets get this outta here in time for the Yankees PLEASE!
  6. A natural lake by my house in Kew Gardens. I believe we will have broken an inch at the top of the hour in only 3 hours
  7. Thought we could live vicariously through Denver: .15 vis, , wind at 44 blowing to 62, heavy snow with thunder. severe Blizzard! 3 11:53 N 44 G 62 0.15 Thunderstorm in Vicinity Snow Freezing Fog and Windy VV002 31 31 39 30 100% 14 NA 29.12 985.3 0.08 0.47
  8. Goodbye winter. A big thanks to this weekend for scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th to make a 10-1 game a 10-3 game, was hoping to make it 10-5 but a loss is a loss! Still appreciate seein the flakes
  9. Well something definitely has happened with the storm the last 20 minutes or so the snow rates went down then now in a total low picked up in intensity as a little light rain in Kew Gardens, I honestly don't get it where the heck did the Swarm nose come from?
  10. Eyeballing 3 and 1/2 to 4 in in Kew Gardens with a large flakes starting to mix in again after some sleep having mixed in for about 10 minutes or so for the only time during the storm by the way after some insane rates for 90 minutes preceding that. What kind of end time are we looking at with this thing about 5 am?
  11. Even though rates have stepped up in the last 20 minutes to moderate to nearly heavy it still effectively white rain nothing is sticking not even on cars
  12. beautifully, no mix or rain to start. just straight light snow in Kew Gardens even though temp was 40 at top of the hour. sweet!
  13. The 5 boroughs Don, incredibly iresponsible , ironically enough, the scroll below was announcing the Winter storm warning in effect for the 5 boroughs.
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