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  1. nyblizzard50

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    Why hasnt the large pressure drop in the last 2 hours translated to an increase in surface winds?
  2. nyblizzard50

    Historic Category 4 Hurricane Michael

    Dear God! This is a surreal nightmare.
  3. That is a horrifying image. For those psychopathic enough to root this monster on for strengthening please remember the devastation, destruction and death Maria brought PR- 3000 dead. Here is hoping this thing winds down closer to 100 MPH and stalls far enough off the coast to limit the damage.
  4. I think I speak for millions in the metro area when I say Thank God this thing isn't coming remotely close to NYC. Yes we may get some leftover heavy rain and a bit of wind but the area, extremely gun shy after the Sandy monster, particularly the devastated beaches of NJ, but we are very lucky to be missing out on the core of this monster.
  5. Prayers for you & yours & everyone down in NC. Hope you get your evacuation plans in order ASAP.
  6. I am a snowbird hence my absence, like many others I am sure, but it's good to be back and see all the familiar names. Florence has me concerned. God help us all if the west trend continues
  7. nyblizzard50

    June 2018 Discussion and Observations

    Moderate rain for last 10 minutes Kew Gardens, seems to be a cell slowly making its way down from the Bronx I believe.
  8. nyblizzard50

    2018 Severe Season Discussion

    Very serious stuff: people trapped in Fairfield Co. , Ct per OKX At 4:40 PM, 2 ENE South Wilton [Fairfield Co, CT] TRAINED SPOTTER reports TSTM WND DMG. TREE ON CAR WITH PEOPLE TRAPPED ON ROUTE 300 NEAR NEW WINDSOR.
  9. nyblizzard50

    2018 Severe Season Discussion

    You KNOW this will go down as the The Lime Severe Outbreak now!
  10. nyblizzard50

    2018 New York Yankees

    We hit. We pitch. We Win. When you are soaring, it is THAT simple.
  11. nyblizzard50

    2018 New York Yankees

    We beat two to a pulp we should and must if we are to take the next step. Angels and Astros coming next. The first real test, and we have Sevy going in game one, exactly who you want to answer that bell. Another positive note : we will be playing in warm weather or in a dome, the Home run as a weapon will be able to shine further as there is no doubt, though we lead the majors in homers, that the cold weather affects the long ball. Bear in mind this 6 game win streak, for the most part, has been without help from Stanton ( that infield single yesterday says he is engaged and his average is creeping up). If his big bat heats up then watch out!
  12. nyblizzard50

    2018 New York Yankees

    We may be down 3 nothing but the good news is Mother Nature is coming to the rescue with a 90-minute rain delay. Have to keep those two runs on second and third from scoring now
  13. nyblizzard50

    2018 New York Yankees

    High percentage of that came when he got cold last year after the Home Run Derby. If he can avoid weeks-long slump it's a virtual certainty his strikeout rate will decrease. He is showing good Signs by hitting up the middle, now if you start seeing him hit the ball to the opposite field with consistency then watch out
  14. nyblizzard50

    2018 New York Yankees

    Even though the Boston 1-5 is well composed, ours borders on legendary ( when Hicks n Bird get back it becomes 1-7) , our confidence in the brawl reflects that knowledge. No way to know what happens, even tonight but Ill tell ya this: with signs the Big Three are all getting on track simultaneously we will humiliate some teams.
  15. nyblizzard50

    2018 New York Yankees

    Big BIG mistake by the Red Sox. 2 months from now we'll be looking at this game as a turnaround game. I'm a certain of this as I am of the likelihood of the Yankees winning the division