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  1. Thought we could live vicariously through Denver: .15 vis, , wind at 44 blowing to 62, heavy snow with thunder. severe Blizzard! 3 11:53 N 44 G 62 0.15 Thunderstorm in Vicinity Snow Freezing Fog and Windy VV002 31 31 39 30 100% 14 NA 29.12 985.3 0.08 0.47
  2. Goodbye winter. A big thanks to this weekend for scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th to make a 10-1 game a 10-3 game, was hoping to make it 10-5 but a loss is a loss! Still appreciate seein the flakes
  3. Well something definitely has happened with the storm the last 20 minutes or so the snow rates went down then now in a total low picked up in intensity as a little light rain in Kew Gardens, I honestly don't get it where the heck did the Swarm nose come from?
  4. Eyeballing 3 and 1/2 to 4 in in Kew Gardens with a large flakes starting to mix in again after some sleep having mixed in for about 10 minutes or so for the only time during the storm by the way after some insane rates for 90 minutes preceding that. What kind of end time are we looking at with this thing about 5 am?
  5. Even though rates have stepped up in the last 20 minutes to moderate to nearly heavy it still effectively white rain nothing is sticking not even on cars
  6. beautifully, no mix or rain to start. just straight light snow in Kew Gardens even though temp was 40 at top of the hour. sweet!
  7. The 5 boroughs Don, incredibly iresponsible , ironically enough, the scroll below was announcing the Winter storm warning in effect for the 5 boroughs.
  8. NY 1 News doing huge public disservice " Mets are split about this incoming storm, while a winter weather advisory went in place an hour ago , we are sure whether we will see any flakes, a mixed bag is in forecast and drivers are being conservative and staying off the roads'' The producer who wrote that script should be fired as it could cost lives. literally
  9. Fine with me, I actually like starting fresh, it gives the incoming storm's power its due, especially since it has the potential to be the storm of the season for many of us.
  10. Interesting tidbits NWS is reporting that Islip is still raining at 33 degrees this late into the ball game that's very seriously going to cut into the their accumulations
  11. To put in perspective the snow rates for you over the past hour I went for a job walk about 20 minutes ago and I'm standing looking outside the window now over my footprints looking for them, they're no longer there
  12. Oh BABY! I'll cut that in half thank you very much and take my 4 to 8 to the bank. if that happens we can actually break a foot for the week in March. Unbelievable
  13. almost up to an inch and a half on the ground , snow rates down to an inch and a half an hour from an earlier 2 in an hour. If we snow till 5:30 simple math will crack 4 inches and could possibly hit 5. Beautiful overperformer despite an hour of sleet
  14. the observations of the top of the hour for CPK and JFK are ridiculous 1 mile and 4 mile visibility and light snow being reported. Please give me a break this is the heaviest snow of the Season by far and has been sold for at least 30 minutes during which I will bet the vast majority of the metro area has accumulated in in that 30 minute time period.
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