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  1. You called it a couple of days ago. When it comes to science: mind over heart each and every time.
  2. Everything is white again. A heavy snow for the past 10 minutes in Kew gardens
  3. I wasn't expecting much so the light rain falling in Kew gardens now is not an occasion for sadness. Bring on the Wednesday snow squall
  4. Final flakes falling and safe to say one and a 1/2 on grassy surfaces. It was a "pretty snow"
  5. Unless this thing suddenly back builds this will end far quicker than projected, radar trends arent pretty.
  6. Finally, nearly heavy snow, makes it worth waking up at 430 for this
  7. Snowing moderately For the past half hour and all surfaces are now snow covered
  8. After little to no action, light snow has resumed. At this point it appears to be of the non accumulating variety
  9. Kinda stunning that when things start to go south & fast for vast majority of the metro that Upton ups the accumulations. I think official accumulations @ LGA & JFK will likely be under 2 in, meanwhile the latest from Upton raises the anti to 4-6 inches. Color me confused.
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