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  1. Its flaking , It wanted to be a snow squall, but its a snow squall's young 5 year old instead in Kew Queens.
  2. nyblizzard50

    Snow/Sleet/ZR/Kitchen Sink 2/10-2/12 Event

    Forecast was for 2-4 inches. .5 an inch otg , snowed heavily for 10 minutes then the sleet started to mix in, fully expect to be sleet by top of the hour. Winter of 2019 continues.
  3. nyblizzard50

    Snow/Sleet/ZR/Kitchen Sink 2/10-2/12 Event

    I just checked outside my window and there are things falling out the sky, I'm beginning to panic, they are white things, and there are lots of them oh, I'm not quite sure what to make of it, who do I call folks, this is really scary, I repeat there is white stuff falling out of the sky can anybody tell me what it is? My grandparents told me about this amazing thing called snow, could this be it, could it possibly be?
  4. Found a video on my Facebook memories from 2 years ago, Feb 8 2017, S++ '' This is what 3 inches an hour looks like, 5 inches on the ground and snowing to beat the band''. so apparently it can snow in NY in February - who would have thunk it. I had forgotten!
  5. Extremely interesting Don, thanks.
  6. Meanwhile while we try to squeeze out an inch or 2 from the models, Seattle which averages 1.7 inches of snow in Feb. Will have its second snow storm of the week and be at the 1 foot mark for the week thereby doubling New York's output for the season in 1 week- in 1 week!
  7. The 10 days away winter continues. Surreal, particularly when you consider the most of us had half a foot in our snow column before Thanksgiving. Just some perspective on a 50 degree Feb evening.
  8. nyblizzard50

    Rant N' Rave (Banter) Thread

    I wish I understood 1/1000 of what he said without a translator.
  9. nyblizzard50

    [Eastern US] 1/29 - 1/30 Snow Event + Squall Line

    snow started five minutes ago, legitimately snowing at 4 in an hour, blizzard blizzard conditions, maybe 1/16 of a mile visibility. Absolute Heaven .if this would only last for an hour
  10. nyblizzard50

    [Eastern US] 1/29 - 1/30 Snow Event + Squall Line

    From flakes to moderate snow in about ninety seconds in Kew Gardens. Wins relatively moderate still 15 to 20 miles per hour
  11. nyblizzard50

    [Eastern US] 1/29 - 1/30 Snow Event + Squall Line

    That's a blizzard ladies and gents I'll take that , thank you very much
  12. nyblizzard50

    [Eastern US] 1/29 - 1/30 Snow Event + Squall Line

    Consistent clouds winking and whispering "no snow " in Kew Gardens.
  13. nyblizzard50

    [Eastern US] Jan. 2019 Pattern & Forecast Disc. #2

    when you got nothing you lose nothing
  14. nyblizzard50

    [Eastern US] Jan. 2019 Pattern & Forecast Disc. #2

    Gotcha, that stretch has long been targeted for both cold & potential. seems we are currently light on potential and heavy on cold- let us hope that changes. Days be dwindlin!