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  1. Out of curiosity what did the NAM say? I think its telling that it wasnt posted while the west leaning GFS is.
  2. If I had been in a cave for past 6 weeks all Id need to do would be to peruse this page of this thread to know the state of affairs. I havent seen a winter this ad in NY since 2001-2002. Unless we eek out something in March this will be the Snowless winter of our discontent.
  3. Keep seeing a strange 4 letter word beginning with S falling to the North and West. Can anyone tell me what that is?
  4. When the Euro Ens. bark I listen. Am wondering where that snow is coming from though? I know we might see a few flakes on Sunday. Where is this comin from?
  5. Look at this point I'm just grateful that we have something to track that's potentially more sizable than snow Squall in this snow Squall winter. Buckle up !
  6. I want to thank the GFS for the comic relief, in this dark winter of our discontent an occasional fantasy smile is need.
  7. You called it a couple of days ago. When it comes to science: mind over heart each and every time.
  8. Everything is white again. A heavy snow for the past 10 minutes in Kew gardens
  9. I wasn't expecting much so the light rain falling in Kew gardens now is not an occasion for sadness. Bring on the Wednesday snow squall
  10. Final flakes falling and safe to say one and a 1/2 on grassy surfaces. It was a "pretty snow"
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